SYRACUSE, N.Y. – An Onondaga County sheriff’s detective conducting surveillance outside Springfield Garden Apartments in DeWitt was injured Monday night from glass that shattered as two males opened fire on his vehicle, Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Jon Seeber said.


The on-duty, plainclothes detective was sitting in his unmarked vehicle in a parking lot. He was located on the north side of the apartment complex on Caton Drive. It was 6:28 p.m. Monday when two “unknown male suspects” approached him and began firing at his vehicle, Seeber said.

Bullets Fly

Glass shattered as bullets sprayed the detective’s vehicle, police said. They believe the rounds came from a handgun, reported

“When you have two figures walking up to your car and it’s dark out, it’s hard to make out the suspects,” Seeber said. “The incident was very quick.”

The unnamed detective was alone in the vehicle at the time, according to Seeber.

He wasted no time calling for help. He told the dispatcher his vehicle had been hit about ten times by the gunman.

Fortunately, the rounds narrowly missed the Special Investigations Unit detective. Yet the shattering glass caused injuries.

Detective Rushed to Hospital

Two patrol cars escorted the ambulance rushing the detective to Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse. His injuries are minor, reported Sgt. Seeber.

“We’re very fortunate he wasn’t seriously injured,” he said.

Searching for Suspects

The suspects were last seen running south through the parking lot, behind building 24 on Caton Drive, according to police.

Police established a perimeter around the Springfield Garden Apartments Monday night searching for the suspects. They scoured the area for about three hours. Nearby Le Moyne College was alerted to the incident, and asked students to remain inside.

Police broke down the perimeter about 9:30 p.m. They did not have success finding the suspect.

“We’re still investigating,” Seeber said. “No one has been taken into custody.”

Sheriff Eugene Conway said Monday night that deputies will not stop investigating until the suspects are found.

“We don’t take shooting at a law enforcement officer lightly in the county or in this area,” he said.

The sheriff’s office is asking anyone with information about the shooting to call detectives at 315-435-3081 or send a tip via Tip 411.