Despite now offering sex changes, U.S Army closes out fiscal year with a 25% shortage in recruiting new soldiers


UNITED STATES – According to a report from Fox News, the United States Army fell 25 percent short, about 15,000 soldiers shy of its recruiting goal for this fiscal year.

On Friday, September 30th, officials confirmed that despite their best effort to make up the widely expected and anticipated gap after a year where all the military services struggled in a “tight jobs market,” they were unable to find young people willing and fit enough to enlist.

The Army was the only service that did not meet its recruiting target, but all the other branches had to dig deep into their pools or delayed entry applicants, which will put them behind as they begin the next recruiting year.

According to officials, the Marine Corps, which usually goes into each fiscal year with as much as 50 percent of its recruiting goal already locked in, has only a smidge more than 30 percent as of Saturday, October 1st.

The Air Force and the Navy will only have about 10 percent of their goals as of the first day of the new fiscal year. Officials speaking on the condition of anonymity, provided details on the recruiting totals that have not yet been publicly released.

Army Secretary Christine Wormuth said in a statement to The Associated Press:

“In the Army’s most challenging recruiting year since the start of the all-volunteer force, we will only achieve 75 percent of our fiscal year 22 recruiting goal.

The Army will maintain its readiness and meet all our national security requirements. If recruiting challenges persist, we will draw on the Guard and Reserve to augment active-duty forces, and my need to trim our force structure.”

Officials stated that the Army brought in close to 45,000 soldiers during the fiscal year that ended on September 30th; their goal was 60,000. The Air Force was able to pull enough recruits from its delayed entry pool to meet its exact goal to bring in 26,151 recruits this past fiscal year.

Head of the Air Force Recruiting Service, Maj. Gen. Edward Thomas, said in a statement at a conference:

“Using Air Force lexicon, I would say we’re doing a dead stick landing as we come into the end of fiscal ’22, and we’re going to need to turn around on the first of October and do an afterburner takeoff. We’re going to be starting 2023 in a tougher position than we started 2022.”

In an effort to build their numbers this past fiscal year, military leaders used increased enlistment bonuses and other programs, but said it is getting more and more difficult to compete with private industries in the tight labor market.

Two years of the COVID-19 pandemic shut off recruiters’ access to schools, public events, fairs, and other youth organizations where they often find prospects. Although the Army used online recruiting while in-person meetings were down, those were only marginally successful.

At the same time, companies like McDonalds are now using perks like tuition benefits and other things that for several years made the military and attractive profession Military leaders claim that they are suffering from the same labor shortage that has restaurants, airlines, shops and other businesses desperately scraping for workers.

Shortly after taking office, President Joe Biden announced that the Department of Defense’s policy on transgender individuals was updated to allow again for recruitment, retention, and care of those who may be seeking gender affirmation surgery.

However, even with this “change in policy,” the Army still fell short of its recruiting goal as many seem to feel that free surgery prior to the possibility of going into World War III with Russia was not enough to woo them into joining the military.

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Retired U.S. general sounds the alarm, warns Biden administration deliberately weakening our military

September 17th, 2022

USA- While Russia flexes its muscles in Ukraine and China saber rattles over Taiwan, the United States military has devolved into an experiment into wokeness.

This all came after the debacle during last year’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. Both countries had to have seen the complete ineptness of the Biden administration in handling a 20-year-old conflict and clearly both have been emboldened. They got the message loud and clear.

Now, the Epoch Times is reporting that a recent panel discussion about America’s role on the world stage led to a question from Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council (FRC) during the event held at the Pray Vote Stand Summit in Atlanta hosted by FRC Action, the legislative arm  of the Family Research Council.

“ I think that will go down in history as the worst foreign policy failure in U.S. history. Every decision that was made was wrong,” said Lt. General (Ret.) William Boykin, executive vice president at the FRC.

“What did that say to the rest of the world? IT said that we have weak leadership. And you have to ask yourself, why did Vladimir Putin refrain from attacking Ukraine during the Trump administration? And then he went in with barrels blazing, under the Biden administration, and I will tell you, I think a lot of that goes back to the weakness that people—both our adversaries and our friends—recognized in the Biden administration.”

A number of other countries have also come aware of the administration’s weakness and indecisiveness on a number of issues, Boykin continued, aside from how the U.S. exited Afghanistan.

In particular, Boykin focused on Biden’s approach to the Paris climate accords and the attempt to give Iran a pathway to nuclear weapons through the previously named Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

“What’s the value to the United States? And what’s the value to our allies, to put Iran on a pathway to nuclear warheads,” Boykin continued.

“I think we’re going to continue to see the consequences of not only the pullout of Afghanistan, but stupid decisions that have been made by the administration, one of which is our president shut down our pipeline, and then turned around and went to the Saudis.”

Boykin reminded the audience of the fact that on September 11, 2001, it was a number of Saudis who engaged in the attack on America and also the fact that Saudi Arabia is a major sponsor of terrorism. He noted that despite all of this, Biden crawled on his hands and knees to Saudi Arabia, as well as (initially) Russia to beg for oil after he eviscerated U.S. oil production.

“Does that make sense to anybody? It’s the most foolish thing,” he said.

“They see that kind of decision making, and they see us as being weak, and they see this as a time when they can take advantage of us.”

More disturbing, Boykin doesn’t believe the view of a weak American military is only a perception among the international community and instead believes some of this may be a deliberate effort on behalf of the Biden administration to purposefully weaken the American military.

He cited several examples, including the removal of servicemembers who refused to get the COVID jab, as well as being more focused on critical race theory and “inclusion” tolerance instead of focusing on how to keep our armed forces in a state of readiness for war.

“All of these things that have nothing to do with the mission and everything to do with the agenda of the administration—you are doing them an injustice and ultimately you’re going to pay the price for that,” Boykin said.

“At the same time, they’re turning around and writing to old generals like me, saying, ‘We need help recruiting because we just can’t recruit enough people.’ Well, let me explain to you how this thing of mathematics works. You get rid of them all, and then those who are watching from the outside say, ‘I don’t want a part of that.’ And those on the inside, many of them leave on their own.”

Boykin laid the blame for much of this on former President Barack Obama, noting that much of the military leadership currently in place got started under the former president.

“If they’re compromised—if they lack focus, the question we need to ask as a nation is, who’s mentoring the next generation of leaders? Who’s bringing up the warrior leaders for the future? The answer is, nobody,” he said.

He noted that was the “hardest thing to fix” in order to restore “the Navy, and the Army, and Air Force and the Marine Corps.”

Perkins then circled over to the threat from China and asked panelist Gordon Chang, author of “The Coming Collapse of China,’ how China views the current administration.

“We don’t have to speculate. The Communist Party propaganda was very clear,” Chang said.

On the very day that Kabul fell to the Taliban, Chinese newspapers announced that China would indeed invade Taiwan at some point, making the point that Taiwan would face the same fate as Afghanistan and would fall within hours with zero support from the U.S.

“What they saw in Afghanistan confirmed in their minds, their long narrative, that the United States was in terminal decline,” he said.

While Chang doesn’t personally believe that the U.S. is in decline, he said that is how our primary adversary, China, feels about us after the bungled Afghanistan exit, he said.

“The one thing that I’m most concerned about is that there will be some sort of accident in the international airspace,” Chang said, speculating that such an incident could start a war.

“We have seen incredibly dangerous aerial maneuvering on the part of the Chinese. They almost brought down an Australian reconnaissance aircraft on May 26 because the Chinese jet flew so close to it and released flares. That’s something that’s never been done before, and I’m afraid that is going to be the trigger of war in East Asia.”

“Not only is China involved in the world’s  fastest military buildup since the Second World War. It is preparing the Chinese citizens for war,” Chang continued. “That mobilization of citizens is an ominous sign.”

But fear not America. Biden and his administration say the greatest threat to our national security are elderly people wearing red MAGA hats and a guy wearing a Viking hat and entering the Capitol. China? Pffft.

For more on the recruiting crisis in our service branches, we invite you to:


WASHINGTON, DC – A woke military is a beautiful thing. That could be the services’ new slogan, since it’s the agenda being pushed by top brass. Funny thing is, though, the kids aren’t buying it.

Young men and women are staying away in droves from the military as a career, and some analysts say it is the push for “wokeness,” accelerated under the Biden administration, that is sending recruitment into a nosedive.


Every branch of the U.S. military is struggling to recruit members as the Biden administration races to indoctrinate minds and implement wokeness. As the radical leftist social agenda spreads, the Pentagon admits it is scrambling to meet its fiscal year 2022 recruitment goals.

The U.S. Army, the largest service, has hit only 40 percent of its recruiting goal for fiscal year 2022, which ends Sept. 30.

NBC News reports that military recruitment has plummeted and the Pentagon is struggling to find ways to reverse the decline, including recruiting on TikTok, the social media site that is owned by a Chinese company, and welcoming illegal aliens into the ranks of U.S. forces.

Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, said President Joe Biden’s woke policies are squarely to blame.

Traditional families, who constitute the military’s core recruiting market, have been alienated through diversity quotas, refusing religious exemptions for COVID-19 shots and teaching critical race theory at military institutions. Together, the push has contributed to a growing unwillingness to enlist, she said. Donnelly noted:

“The culture of the military has been eroded by several years of social engineering and woke polices.” 

She added:

“It’s been accelerated by the current administration.”

The military has not dealt with such a serious drought in recruiting since 1973, when the United States pulled out of Vietnam and the military draft ended.

As a result of leftist meddling in the military and the resultant recruiting shortfalls, the U.S. Army has lowered its standards, dropping requirements for recruits to have a high school diploma or GED to enlist, and allowing tattoos on hands and neck without a waiver.

These two decisions will result in a less-capable force fraught with discipline issues, but at least they will know their pronouns. The Army is even offering enlistment contracts as short as two years — barely enough time to learn the basics of modern warfare.

In addition, the DoD is reconsidering more than 250 disqualifications for service, such as asthma and ADHD. With only 23 percent of Americans aged 17-24 qualified to serve in uniform without a waiver and 9 percent of those eligible to serve interested — the lowest since the Iraq War troop surge in 2007 — some experts are suggesting that a draft might be needed.

Biden’s defense officials might hope throwing money at the problem will magically pump up recruitment, but they’d be better advised to understand that they are the source of the problem.

Consider this, as have our young men and women: When you openly accuse the military of being rightwing and harboring white supremacists, insist on schooling them in transgender pronoun usage, and then force them to get vaccinated for a Covid-19 virus that’s less threatening than the flu for the young and healthy military demographic, you shouldn’t be shocked that they don’t want to enlist under a leadership they neither trust nor admire.

The Biden administration is prioritizing transgender, LGBTQ and race issues, which is turning many young Americans away from service, Donnelly reiterated. She added that pushing social justice agendas sends a “poor message” that discourages people from supporting their country. Donnelly said:

“It sends a message that if your son or daughter joins the military, if they’re not of a certain skin complexion or sex, they might be investigated for extremism.” 

She added:

“They alienated their constituency.”

A February report from Senate Republicans showed the U.S. Department of Defense spent nearly 6 million man-hours implementing Biden’s “leftist social agenda” across the military.

Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, requested data on the total number of hours and money the DOD spent on new training regarding climate change, extremism and diversity, equity and inclusion, which Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley responded to in a Jan. 6 letter.


Milley revealed that more than 5.3 million hours and $535,000 was spent on extremism “stand downs,” or discussions about extremism in the ranks, which had ben ordered by Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin in February. Milley wrote:

“This averages to just over 2 hours per Service member in a total force of 2.46 million members and is comparable to other Joint Force periodic training requirements.”

Milley also revealed that about 530,000 hours and $477,000 were spent on new DEI training and more than 1,000 hours and $5,000 were spent on coordinating the DOD’s Climate Adaptation Plan.

Inhofe and 11 other Republicans on the Armed Services Committee accused the DOD of targeting military members while relations with Russia and China deteriorate. The senators said:

“We face real threats across the world, yet the Biden administration is more focused on promoting its leftist social agenda in the military instead of countering China, Russia and Iran or creating an effective counterterrorism plan.  


“Our military is not an extremist organization, and our service members, by and large all good people, are dedicated, faithful patriots.”

The lawmakers also noted a December report by the DOD that revealed “fewer than 100” military members were found to have engaged in prohibited extremist activity over the past year. That meant, they said, that for each instance of extremism found in the military, service members spent roughly 54,000 hours in training on extremism.

“We are alarmed that so much training time and taxpayer money was devoted to a partisan, political agenda instead of recruiting, training and equipping the lethal force we need to defend this country.

“The Department of Defense’s primary task is to protect Americans from foreign threats. If the Biden administration doesn’t make this a priority moving forward, we will use all tools at our disposal, including the annual defense authorization bill, to ensure that it does.”

In addition to Inhofe, the letter is signed by Republican Sens. Roger Wicker of Mississippi, Deb Fischer of Nebraska, Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Mike Rounds of South Dakota, Joni Ernst of Iowa, Thom Tillis of North Carolina, Dan Sullivan of Alaska, Kevin Cramer of North Dakota, Rick Scott of Florida, Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, and Tommy Tuberville of Alabama.

With the world in turmoil, Biden administration continues kicking countless members out of military

March 5, 2022

The following contains editorial content which is the opinion of the writer. 

WASHINGTON, DC – Wonder if Vladimir Putin is booting members of his military over ridiculous vaccine mandates?

At a time when the U.S. faces the possibility of having to possibly engage in military action, the feckless Biden administration continues to virtue signal by focusing our brave warriors on bullshit such as emphasis on gender pronouns, critical race theory, and the self-loathing underpinnings of critical race theory.

Moreover, as the chains appear to finally be coming off the American people in the way of mask mandates, vaccination requirements and vaccine passports, the administration continues to clutch on to an ill-advised vaccination mandate put in place over our military last summer.

According to Red State, nearly 1,500 members of our military—members who will be sorely needed in the event of a U.S. military intervention in Ukraine or otherwise—have been kicked out of the military due to refusal to subject themselves to the experimental jab.

These service members, as a reminder, are not among the most “vulnerable” of the population to COVID-19…those who are elderly or otherwise possess comorbidities which make them susceptible to the coronavirus.

Rather they are by and large young, healthy, able-bodied young men and women who are at little to any risk of getting seriously ill from COVID.

Over the past several weeks, we have heard the Biden administration caterwauling about the Ukrainian border, and rightfully maintaining that Ukraine has the right to its sovereignty.

Meanwhile, our own southern border with Mexico has been rendered invisible by a Biden administration that has let millions of foreign invaders cross into our country unabated for over a year.

In addition, not only has the Biden administration allowed these people into our country, they have facilitated their transportation throughout the contiguous 48 states through mysterious middle-of-the-night flights to destinations near and far within the United States.

We recently saw Biden ignore the fact during his State of Confusion speech that he had been responsible for thirteen brave American service members losing their lives in Afghanistan during our ill-fated exit from that country last summer. In fact, he never mentioned them at all because, as his mouthpiece Jen Psaki admonished us, he “didn’t have time.”

Biden has repeatedly refused to stand up to either Russia or China, which emboldened Putin to attack Ukraine and will likewise embolden Chinese President Xi Jinping to invade Taiwan now that the Olympics have ended.

Yet with all of this facing the U.S., 1,480 service members have been discharged for refusing to comply with Biden’s ridiculous vaccine mandate for service members, according to sources released by the military this week and reported in Breitbart News.

The Marine Corps announced Thursday it has discharged 873 Marines as of March 1. Only six religious exemptions have been granted. At least three of the Marines were already in the process of leaving the military.

The Navy announced this week it has separated 419 sailors. The service has not approved any religious exemption requests.

The Air Force said it has separated 188 active-duty Airmen. It has approved 17 religious exemptions.

It should be noted that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employment discrimination based on religion. This includes refusing to accommodate an employee’s sincerely held religious beliefs or practices unless the accommodation would impose an undue hardship (more than a minimal burden on operation of the business). [emphasis added]

It should be noted that an employee’s “sincerely held religious beliefs” are defined by the employee, not the employer. It is highly unlikely that the Defense Department can make the claim that by refusing to grant such exemptions, it places an ‘undue hardship” on the services.

According to Breitbart, there are thousands more service members in the que awaiting their requests for exemptions.

In addition, the figures cited by Breitbart do not include the United States Army, which hasn’t released any discharge figures since it was announced in early February it would begin to separate unvaccinated soldiers, which seems bizarre.

All of this of course comes as the “State of the Union Miracle” as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) called it came about this week, when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced the day before the State of Confusion that the mask mandate in Congress was being dropped. Also among those dropping mask mandates this week were the White House and the Pentagon.

The reason? As reported by NBC News, Biden’s chief pollster suggested the administration declare victory over COVID and move on—apparently with the exception of the armed services.

The visual of members of Congress wearing masks at the SOTU would have painted the administration in a negative light, since Biden had said numerous times that he was going to “shut down COVID.”

Instead, with three vaccines and a number of therapeutics at his disposal, Biden has seen more COVID deaths under his watch than those which occurred under former President Trump.

Biden has been attempting to change the messaging on COVID for several weeks now, with the White House saying last month that the coronavirus was “no longer a crisis.” They might want to pass that on to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, who imposed the ill-conceived vaccination mandate last August for members of the military.

One good result did come about out of the courts last week, when an appeals court denied the government’s petition to stay an injunction which prohibited the Pentagon from punishing 35 elite Navy SEALS for religious objections to the experimental jab.

At a time when the world is an uncertain place, sidelining nearly 1,500 of our best and brightest seems to be a fool’s errand. However when the fools are in charge, what else is to be expected?

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