Biden's "executive order"? Revealed Border Patrol memo tells agents to continue to release illegals into the country

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SAN DIEGO SECTOR- A jaw-dropping revelation shows that Border Patrol agents in Southern California have been ordered to admit illegal aliens from far-off countries to the U.S. rather than put them into removal proceedings, a move that goes opposite last week’s alleged White House ban on those seeking asylum, the Washington Examiner reports. 

According to a federal document provided to federal law enforcement agencies in San Diego following Biden’s executive order which is allegedly designed to keep illegals from seeking asylum in the U.S., it mandates that illegals from all but six of the over 100 countries in the Eastern Hemisphere be released into the United States as opposed to being deported. 

Last Tuesday, Biden administration officials told reporters in a phone call that anyone from Eastern Hemisphere countries who traveled through multiple countries to reach the U.S., referred to as “extra-hemispheric” migrants, would be deported. The above document contradicts what reporters were told. 

“Extra-hemispheric migrants have always been a challenge. They will be subject to these rules, provisions,” a senior administration official said. “We’ve also been working with governments all over the world to enhance our ability to repatriate individuals to countries that have historically been challenging. We have, for example, operated repatriation flights to India, to China, to Uzbekistan, to Mauritania, to Senegal over the last few months, and those are all countries that historically would have been more challenging for us to return individuals to and we anticipate we will continue to enhance our ability to return migrants to the Eastern Hemisphere.

“So, we do think that the rules measures will allow us to impose an immediate and fast consequence to migrants no matter what country they’re coming from,” the same official told reporters at the time. 

Last Tuesday, Biden blamed Republicans for obstructing efforts to control the border, and announced he was “using executive authorities available to me as president to do what I can on my own to address the border.” 

What Biden didn’t say in his address is that it was he who had reversed Trump-eral border policies that had kept the border pretty much in check during his administration, policies which included building a border wall at the southern border. During Biden’s first days in office, he reversed every Trump border policy, which has resulted in a foreign invasion at our southern border with estimates putting the number of illegals who have crossed into the US in just under three-and-a-half years at nearly ten million. 

The new memo, also obtained by Fox News and first reported by the Examiner, told agents that all single adults from the Eastern Hemisphere are to be processed via “NTA/OR,” which means Notice to Appear/Released on Own Recognizance, except for migrants from Russia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Moldova and Kyrgyzstan, which are “mandatory referral” countries. 

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin reported that despite Biden and DHS’s threats of consequences for illegals entering the country and promises to remove illegals who cross into the US illegally, an overwhelming majority of illegals in the San Diego sector are being released into the U.S. 

Fox News video also showed Border Patrol buses releasing hundreds of illegals at a trolley station in San Diego on pretty much a daily basis. 

In addition, there are a number of countries which the U.S. defines as “recalcitrant,” or in other words will not cooperate with efforts by the US to return their citizens back to their countries.

On Friday, the Department of Homeland Security conducted a call with reporters and acknowledged that it is difficult to remove certain Eastern Hemisphere country citizens, however they are working with those countries, which includes China, to gain cooperation. In short, catch and release, which has been widely criticized by Republicans and border control advocates, continues unabated. 

Biden claimed when he announced the executive order that it would control the border, however, the devil is in the details. Allegedly, crossings into the US would be suspended once the daily average of border encounters exceeded 2,500 a day for seven days. So, if 2,499 illegals per day cross the border, that would allow nearly one million illegals into the country per year without consequence. The executive order would also allegedly increase the standards for claiming asylum. 

There are, however, numerous exceptions. 

For example, the new order doesn’t apply to legal immigrants, unaccompanied children, or to those judged to be “victims of severe forms of trafficking.” It also does not apply to those who utilize the DHS-provided CBP One app to schedule an appointment at a port of entry, where approximately 1,500 illegals enter the country per day. 

One other loophole is an exception for those who are permitted entry into the U.S. “based on the totality of the circumstances, including consideration of significant law enforcement, officer, and public safety, urgent humanitarian and public health interests that warrant permitting the noncitizen to enter.” 

The over 100 countries in the Eastern Hemisphere include countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia. 

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection official authorized to speak to the Washington Examiner told the outlet that under Biden, the government has carried out repatriation flights to more countries in the Eastern Hemisphere than any other. They claim the Department of Homeland Security conducted 36 repatriation flights last week, and has allegedly flown illegal aliens back to 15 countries in the Eastern Hemisphere. 

Asked to provide the number of removals or the percentage of Eastern Hemisphere illegals the DHS claimed to have removed, the CBP official refused to disclose that number. 

The same official told the Examiner that agents in the San Diego sector would “continue” to put illegals “of all nationalities” into expedited removal proceedings despite the instruction given to agents last week. The official also indirectly blamed Republicans for not funding the removal per Biden’s order, claiming a “lack of funding.” 

Under expedited removal, adults from select Western Hemisphere countries are to be returned to their home country. This process exempts illegals from going through the lengthy legal process of having their cases heard in immigration court, which leads to their being released into the U.S. and waiting for between five to ten years before appearing before an immigration judge. 

Basically, adult illegals from anywhere in the Caribbean, South America, or Central America (other than Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua and Venezuela) will be let into the U.S. and placed in immigration proceedings (NTA/OR).

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democrats are destroying America and supporting terrorists


Why does Biden tell us one thing, then does the opposite? This man has lied so much to the American since he's been in DC. I don't he knows his right foot, from his left foot.


s Biden tell us one thing, then does the opposite? This man has lied so much to the American since he's been in DC. I don't he knows his right foot, from his left foot.




s Biden tell us one thing, then does the opposite? This man has lied so much to the American since he's been in DC. I don't he knows his right foot, from his left foot.


May God bless the USA that Biden and the Socialist Democrat party are trying to destroy by creating a permanent voting block after a future amnesty grant that I expect next. This is designed to bring us to tyranny with one ruling party and ultimately the destruction of our sacred Constitution. This is further meant to lead us into tyranny. Why do so many citizens not care about the Constitution so many of us have gladly sworn on oath to protect? We need President Trump back in the sacred Oval Office.


The only reason they hired more agents was not to cut down the illegal immigration but to help in-process illegals and give leftist political candidates something to campaign about doing to secure the border. The border is no more protected than it was prior to hiring them. My state has Senator Tester running and that is his campaign's only claim, "he worked with Republicans to hire more border agents." They seem to think nobody will remember he voted with Biden on everything border related until it was time for him to answer to the voters during this election. Now he cares but that will change as soon as he starts receiving his backdoor money again.

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