Desperate far-left PAC fails miserably at trying to smear Rep. Lauren Boebert, accuses her of being an escort and having abortions


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WASHINGTON, DC- The Democrats have a number of conservatives they are targeting with false information ahead of the November mid-terms because they are clearly afraid of them being seated in the majority.

Even CNN has been forced to “fact-check” some of the allegations made, in this case against Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert (R).

According to CNN, a Democratic Party-aligned super PAC has made a number of false claims against Boebert, including unproven allegations that she has previously had abortions as well as formerly worked as an escort. Boebert vociferously denies the allegations.

The left-wing super PAC, “American Muckrakers” was forced to acknowledge through co-founder David Wheeler that the group had been “sloppy” (code word for LIED) and had published “inaccuracies” (another code word for LIED) on its website, which specializes in disparaging Boebert. Wheeler however claims to be confident in the “main points of the story,” CNN reported.

Wheeler’s comments came after CNN discovered at least five statements attributed to the group about Boebert, as well as a number of uncorroborated statements the firebrand freshman representative says are false, however which CNN was unable to immediately confirm or debunk.

Among the claims which Wheeler was forced to admit were bogus, in both emails as well as an interview on Thursday, was a photo of a woman posing on a bed which they claimed was a photo of Boebert.

He also admitted they lied when claiming Boebert had failed to disclose a campaign contribution to Boebert’s campaign, they wrongly suggested Cruz had made large contributions to her campaign after she started running in her first primary, lied about a motor vehicle accident Boebert was involved in and also misled the public when it claimed she had an abortion “in the fall of 2004”—which would have been about six months before she gave birth to a son in March 2005.

Wheeler, who had previously run as a state senate candidate in North Carolina, told CNN that the super PAC “needs to be better” in gathering details prior to publishing them. In other words, they need to get their facts straight before publishing inflammatory, misleading and false information about someone.

He indicated some of the PAC’s sources may have had “foggy” memories (code word for LIED) and he said the super PAC would be willing to apologize to Boebert for the “inaccuracies” (code word for LIES) it had published to date.

However he continued to insist, despite assurances that they had gotten much wrong, that they stand by “the major thrust of the information” that was published and went viral on Twitter last week. You know, the so-called “misinformation” we always hear about from leftists.

One of the so-called pieces of information” the super PAC is standing by includes an allegation that Boebert had met escort clients through a page on a “sugar daddy” website—even though the site told CNN there is no record of her ever using it.

Wheeler also stood by the assertion that Boebert has had two abortions, which would seem to contradict her strong anti-abortion stance. Of course the sources were three anonymous “Jane Doe” sources whose names were not published as a basis for those inflammatory claims. It’s unknown if the “Jane Doe” sources were from the far-left “Jane’s Revenge” lunatic pro-abortion group, but the allegations would seem to fit that group of unhinged nuts.

Boebert’s spokesman Ben Stout told CNN the congresswoman has never had a profile on a so-called “sugar daddy” website, had never been an escort, never had an abortion and that basically every claim from Wheeler’s super PAC is a lie.

Boebert, running in a Republican primary to defend her House seat that ends on Tuesday, told the Washington Examiner that the allegations were “completely baseless and disgusting.”

In a statement to CNN Thursday, Stout said:

“Wheeler’s baseless and slanderous claims have been proven wrong time and again with facts and evidence. Congresswoman Boebert has instructed her legal counsel to pursue all legal remedies to stop this outrageous behavior.”

In response to the super PAC’s claims, Boebert sent a letter to Wheeler vowing to file a defamation suit over the claims, which Wheeler says the super PAC are willing to defend in a legal fight.

He does claim however he is “not interested in a lawsuit” and doesn’t believe the number of lies told by the group are defamatory. Wheeler says all the anonymous sources have indicated they are willing to come forward for depositions and/or testimony if Boebert pursues legal action.

Getting involved in pushing defamatory information based on lies is nothing new for the super PAC, co-founded by a retired Air Force colonel and former congressional candidate Moe Davis of North Carolina. Earlier this year, the super PAC revealed unflattering information about another Republican, freshman congressman Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina, who had unseated Davis in 2020.

In that case, the super PAC was able to produce some carefully produced videos and other evidence to bolster claims against Cawthorn, who eventually lost his House primary earlier this year.

Thus far however, they have not released any evidence substantiating their ridiculous claims about Boebert and her personal and medical past. CNN said the material thus far released by Wheeler’s group has proven far from convincing.

For example, one photo the super PAC released which they claim is Boebert posing on a bed in a tight dress is in fact someone else. That woman confirmed to CNN earlier last week that the photo is in fact her and had been posted as a profile on a modeling website.

When CNN confronted Wheeler with that information, h continued to insist he had confirmed “8 times” with an “absolutely confident” source that the photo was indeed Boebert—however later conceded to CNN in a Thursday interview that the photo was indeed not Boebert.

“I will concede that. I think somehow our source mixed that up with something else [clearly]. I don’t know how she mixed it up,” Wheeler said.

That’s easy…she lied.

Last week, the super PAC published the bogus photo as part of a text message transcript whereby the alleged source…”Jane Doe 3”…said the photo was from Boebert’s page on the so-called “sugar daddy” website.

The super PAC removed the photo from its website last week after a number of outlets, including The Daily Beast, said it was not a photo of Boebert. It wasn’t until Wheeler’s Thursday admission, however that he conceded it was indeed not a photo of Boebert.

Indeed, the actual woman in the photo was able to provide CNN with additional evidence proving the photo was definitely her, evidence which included an old hard copy of the photo and another photo of her wearing the same dress, described by CNN as “distinctive.”

Then there is the issue of the alleged abortion. A woman called “Jane Doe 1” told the super PAC she had driven Boebert to and from a clinic “in the fall of 2004” for the purposes of securing an abortion.

However that timeline makes zero sense when one considers that Boebert delivered her son Tyler on March 21, 2005. In other words, it would have been impossible for her to have had an abortion “in the fall of 2004.”

Once Wheeler was provided information on Tyler’s date of birth, he then claimed there must have been a “typo by our social media guy” and the date of the alleged abortion was changed to “the fall of 2005.”

This flies in the face of claims Wheeler’s PAC had made in which they claimed the allegation had been “reviewed” by its source prior to publication. Some review.

There were a couple of other factual errors in addition to the above. One concerned an accident Boebert had allegedly been in which the super PAC said occurred in 2020, however the actual date was 2019. Wheeler said the PAC stands by the rest of its account, however Boebert denies their claims (unaddressed by CNN in the reference material).

Then there is the issue of yet another fake abortion story, which the super PAC claimed occurred in 2009, however that year Boebert gave birth to yet another son. Yet again, Wheeler was forced to admit that “maybe our source had the date wrong.” Clearly. Or the “facts” wrong.

He once again however said he stands by the claims Boebert had abortions and said that is accurate, however Boebert has vehemently denied the allegations.

Then there is the issue of campaign donations allegedly made by Cruz to Boebert’s initial congressional campaign. Wheeler’s super PAC claimed she was introduced to Sen. Cruz by a “wealthy and politically connected escort client” before she ran for Congress in 2019. Wheeler’s group claimed, “When Boebert announced her campaign for Congress in December 2019, Senator Cruz donated at least $136,250.00 to the Boebert Campaign.”

Stout debunks that claim as yet another lie, saying that the congresswoman never had an escort client, and never spoke to Cruz or met the senator until after she won the 2020 primary. CNN reached out to Cruz’s office, however they declined to comment.

Either way, the timing alleged by the super PAC as to the timing of a donation from Cruz’s 20 for 20 Victory Fund is misleading. That Fund saw Cruz back more than 20 Republican House candidates in 2020, donating money to Boebert’s campaign not during the primary but in the lead up to the November election, in September 2020, two months after she won the Republican nomination.

The super PAC said: “….When Boebert announced her campaign for Congress in December 2019…” it implied that Cruz’s donation came about when she was an obscure candidate running in a party primary, which wasn’t true.

Wheeler was also forced to admit in the Thursday interview with CNN that statement was disingenuous as well:

“I agree that was not an accurate way to put it. It should’ve said ‘subsequently’ or ‘in September’ or ‘the summer of 2020 instead of—yes, it does sound like it was immediate, but it wasn’t until, as you pointed out, ‘til the fall of 2020.”

American Muckrakers also claimed that Boebert hadn’t reported a $70,500 campaign contribution from Cruz, however that too was a lie. The donation was promptly reported in Boebert’s quarterly finance report in October 2020, the month after the contribution was received.

There was correspondence sent to Boebert’s campaign in a November 2020 letter which reminded the campaign that they had not disclosed on another form that the Cruz fund was a “joint fundraising” partner of Boebert’s campaign. That information was subsequently added to information on another form. However the FEC acknowledged that the Boebert campaign had disclosed contributions it received from the Cruz 20 for 20 fund.

Once again, Wheeler was forced to admit that the super PAC had lied once again about Boebert’s alleged failure to report the Cruz contribution. “I’ll concede that point as well,” he said.

CNN said Wheeler told them what the PAC was “very haphazardly or sloppily” “trying to intimate was that it’s very odd for a freshman, or a first-time candidate in a congressional election, to get $136,000 from a sitting member or sitting senator.”

However Cruz’s donation to Boebert wasn’t unique. He donated over $136,000 the same month he made the Boebert donation to Burgess Owens of Utah, plus over $132,000 to first-timer Troy Nehls of Texas, and over $117,000 to first-timer Wesley Hunt of Texas, according to public filings.

Finally, a representative of the “sugar daddy” website,, backs up Boebert’s claim that she never used the site. In an email to CNN, they said an internal search of their records found “no record of Congresswoman Boebert using this website.”

Wheeler claims evidence exists with “Jane Doe 3” allegedly having images of Boebert’s old profile and says he has seen the images. He said he does not, however, possess them himself therefore couldn’t provide them to CNN. He also acknowledged “Jane Doe 3” was the same source who falsely claimed the picture of a woman in a slinky dress sitting on bed was Boebert.

When asked by CNN if he was sure the woman in the SugarDaddyMeet page was indeed Boebert, Wheeler hedged.

“Well, it’s a picture that I’ve seen before, but I didn’t verify that was her picture.”

Yeah, right. Wheeler claims he is relying on his “sources” (such as the clearly confused “Jane Doe 3”) who had allegedly seen Boebert’s profile on that page in the past.

Boebert’s spokesman Stout claimed repeatedly the congresswoman has never had a profile on that site.

Nice try, folks.

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