Not all heroes wear capes – but some scale buildings: Deputy Sheriff saves baby from burning apartment


ORLANDO, FL – William Puzynski, a deputy with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, climbed into the third floor of a burning building and rescued a one-year-old baby girl.

The deputy removed his body armor where his body cam was attached in order to climb the outside of the building. However, the camera was still able to record what was happening.



Deputy Puzynski said,

“When I got here, we saw the building fully engulfed.

It was chaos everywhere.

And then I saw on the third balcony there’s a 1-year-old baby that the mom was trying to get over.

At that moment I knew I had to save the baby.

And then I just climbed up to the third, grabbed the baby and then again I handed the baby down to my partners and they helped me down.”

The deputy said he saw families on each floor and that he also saw people hanging on balconies.

It was then that he heard a baby screaming.



Soon after, Fire Rescue arrived. Those on the scene said that seven more people were trapped in the fire that engulfed the building

OCFR Battalion Chief Steve Sherrill said,

“They threw ladders to the building and they were able to get everybody safely.”

Fire rescue remarked that it took approximately one hour to put the fire out.

Three people were hurt in the fire and one of them was a child. Two members of the fire rescue were also injured.



OCFR Battalion Chief Chris Henesy stated,

“The State Fire Marshal comes out depending on the extent of the damage or if there’s suspicion of illegal activity.

At this point, that’s under investigation.”

The cause of the fire is unknown at this time, but an investigation is ongoing.

Puzyknski said about his involvement in the rescue,

“It’s a different feeling.

Some nights you go home, and you don’t really know if you’ve made a difference, but in situations like this you feel it.”

Is a reward due for the heroic actions of the deputy?

Deputy Puzynski replied:

“Afterwards when the mom came and found me, she actually gave me a hug, so it was rewarding.”

Governor DeSantis has been a champion of the hard work of all that law enforcement does in the state of Florida. In response and in gratitude, he has signed off on improvements for police.

Officers from out of state who choose to relocate to Florida will be eligible for a bonus.

Also, current law enforcement will see a rise in their base pay to $50,000.00 per year. Additional benefits for law enforcement who adopt children will be included as well as tuition benefits for the children of law enforcement.


These are all part of the Freedom First Budget proposed by Governor Desantis.

The Governor remarked,

“In Florida, we have put Freedom First – protecting Floridians’ freedom to earn a living, to operate businesses and to choose educational options tailored for their children.

As a result of our commitment to freedom, Florida’s economy continues to thrive and Floridians are better able to provide for their families.

Today, I am proud to announce my budget proposals that will build on our foundation of freedom by investing in priorities that matter to our residents.

This budget puts Floridians and their freedoms first, keeps taxes low, and addresses key priorities – all while maintaining record budget reserves.”


Not all heroes wear capes: Florida deputies rescue two women in sinking car

PORT CANAVERAL, FL – Two deputies with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office in Florida are being recognized for their heroic actions after jumping into a body of water and saving two elderly women from a sinking car.

Brevard County Sheriff’s Deputies Craig Carson and Mike Allred responded to the Beachline regarding a vehicle driving erratically.

The caller began following the vehicle when it exited the Beachline and headed toward Port Canaveral, Florida. That’s when the vehicle suddenly accelerated and drove right into a retention pond.

The caller said:

“It looks like it’s [the vehicle] going to go right into the lake. Oop, it’s in the lake. It’s occupied…Two elderly with a dog. Can’t get the passenger’s side open, it’s sinking.”

As the deputies arrived on scene, they saw the car in the water and immediately acted. Deputy Carson said:

“When I saw the car crash into the water, I jumped out, swam out there. I could hear them screaming. I got to the car, [they were screaming] ‘don’t let me die, don’t let me die.’ And God told me in the back of my heard you’re not going to let them die.”


The two deputies were able to make it to the sinking vehicle and retrieve both women and the dog and bring them to safety. After they reached the shore, deputies learned that the elderly driver was having some type of medical emergency.

Canaveral Fire Rescue responded and dealt with the emergency. The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office reported that both women and the dog are in good health.

Carson thanked God for putting everyone in place so that the two elderly women were able to be saved. He said:

“Thank God for putting all the people in the right places and thankful those people get to go home and have dinner with their family. And then show up to work the next day.”

Acts of heroism like this happen often in law enforcement and a similar incident occurred on December 10th just after 1 pm in Maryland.

There, the Hartford County Sheriff’s Office responded to Flying Point Park Marina to check on the wellbeing of a woman inside of a vehicle.

When the deputies arrived on the scene, they observed the vehicle on a boat ramp and partially submerged. Deputies tried to get the woman out of the vehicle before it entered the 40-degree temperature water with no success.

Hartford County Sheriff’s Office reported:

“It was at that time, four Hartford County Sheriff’s Deputies, Corporal Sanchez, Senior Deputy Mothershed, Deputy First Class Tatum, and Corporal Frederick, made the quick decision to risk their own personal safety and enter the water, to attempt a rescue.”

The deputies entered freezing waters and had to wade waist high to reach the woman and get her out of the vehicle. Once she was safe, the deputies and the woman were transported to a nearby hospital for exposure to the cold water.

Thankfully, all recovered from the freezing water exposure.

Hartford County Sheriff Jeff Gahler took the time to publicly laud his deputies and their efforts at saving a life. Gahler said:

“Deputies put on a uniform and go to work everyday to make a difference in the lives of citizens. I am proud of the work these men did to act quickly and save a life.”


Former police chief: Sen. Blumenthal helps CT Communist Party celebrate anniversary of Communist Party USA

Not all heroes wear capes: Moment a New York State Trooper saves choking toddler caught on camera

BINGHAMTON, NY – Regardless of what the mainstream media would lead some to believe, law enforcement officers nationwide save far more lives than they take every year.

And this year is no different, especially when it comes to recent reports of a New York State Trooper who saved a 2-year-old who was choking.

Any parent will tell you that their worst fear is one of their children dying, especially when it happens right in front of them.

Oftentimes, parents are known for checking on their young ones several times of the day and night just to ensure they are breathing and all is well.

Sadly, in Central New York, a frantic parent called for help when her two-year-old began choking on a pancake and was no longer responsive. Someone in the home knew that they needed help and called 911.


New York State Trooper David Draudt heard the medical call being dispatched and knew that he was close to the residence. Without delay, Trooper Draudt responded straight to the residence in hopes that he would be able to get the toddler breathing normally again.

When Trooper Draudt arrived, he jumped out of his patrol vehicle and put on gloves as he rushed in knowing he was going to have to save the toddler.

Running towards the door, Trooper Draudt is met by the toddler’s grandmother who quickly shows him to the kitchen area where he finds the mother and the young boy on the floor.

Trooper Draudt had little time to decide what steps to take to ensure that the toddler survived.

Jumping into action, the Trooper went directly to his first aid training and tried to do a finger sweep of the child’s mouth, a maneuver which is designed to knock out any food particles that are inside blocking the airway.

Trooper Draudt said his attempt was unsuccessful because the toddler’s jaw was locked.

Trooper Draudt then went on to the next step which is called body blows.

Body blows are when a person with first aid training begins to basically knock on the back of the child/person in hopes of knocking whatever is closing off the airway to move.

Trooper Draudt said that he continued to do the black blows until he noticed the child was beginning to breathe again.

The back blows done by Trooper Draudt were enough to knock the pancake loose which allowed his airway to open back up. Trooper Draudt was then able to use his finger to sweep the inside of the mouth and remove the piece of pancake.


The young boy will make a full recovery thanks to the quick actions and thinking of Trooper Draudt. When asked about how he felt, given the situation, he was humble and said:

“I’m just happy that I was in the right place at the right time, and I was able to go in there and safely make it happen.”

On the New York State Police Facebook page, the video of Trooper Draudt’s heroic actions taken from his body-worn camera was posted for the world to see. Along with the video, the New York State Police wrote:

“Meet Trooper David Draudt, SP Binghamton. He recently responded to a call for a child choking and not responsive. The boy’s mom says they are able to be with their son today because of Trooper Draudt. Job well done.”

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