Deputy murdered, killed by shooter while chasing suspect who took off during a traffic stop


KALAMAZOO, MI – A Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s deputy is dead after a pursuit of a suspect earlier in August where officials say the 35-year-old suspect fired at deputies’ vehicles pursuing him.

Officials also confirmed that the suspect was fatally shot after the suspect crashed his vehicle and fired at deputies a second time.

The deputy killed during the August 15th pursuit was identified as Deputy Ryan J. Proxmire.

Authorities say the deputy was fatally shot while inside his cruiser pursuing 35-year-old Kyle Goidosik.

Officials said that earlier in the evening of August 15th, Portage Police officers attempted to pull Goidosik over for an unknown infraction, which led to a brief pursuit when the suspect refused to pull over.

At an unspecified gas station, Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Deputies made contact with the suspect. Goidosik reportedly brandished a gun at deputies during the confrontation and then fled southbound on MN Avenue.

The suspect opened fire on the deputies within a few minutes into the chase, shooting Deputy Proxmire near the intersection of MN Avenue and 38th Street in Climax Township. Deputy Proxmire’s then veered off of the road.

Other units were reportedly oblivious to Deputy Proxmire being shot, according to officials, and continued pursuing Goidosik. However, a passerby found Deputy Proxmire injured inside of his cruiser on the side of the road and called 911.

Sadly, Deputy Proxmire was pronounced deceased sometime before 6:00 p.m., according to officials.

The pursuit of Goidosik continued for roughly another 4.5 miles, until he wound up crashing near the intersection of 44th Street and Q Avenue. Officials say that Goidosik exited the crashed vehicle and opened fire on deputies again, with deputies returning fire and fatally striking the suspect.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel released a statement regarding the passing of Deputy Proxmire:

“Deputy Proxmire’s death earlier today from wounds suffered in a shooting last night should remind us of the danger law enforcement officers face every single day on the job. Like his colleagues in uniform, Deputy Proxmire pledged to protect and serve his community.”

“Today he paid that commitment with his life – the ultimate sacrifice. His family and friends must live with that sacrifice for the rest of their lives. Deputy Proxmire served his community with honor and dignity and will always be remembered for his courage.”

Portage Acting City Manager Adam D. Herringa also released a statement the day after Deputy Proxmire’s death:

“On behalf of the Portage City Council and City of Portage employees, I offer condolences and sympathy to the family, friends and colleagues of slain Kalamazoo County Sheriff Deputy, Ryan J. Proxmire. We are all shocked and deeply saddened at the events that took the life of Deputy Proxmire in the line of duty.”

“At this difficult time, we reflect on the sacrifices that law enforcement officers everywhere make every day as they put their lives on the line to protect our safety. Deputy Proxmire gave his life to serve and protect the people of Kalamazoo County and he will forever be remembered for this ultimate sacrifice.”

During Deputy Proxmire’s time with the sheriff’s office, he worked alongside the road patrol, having also served as a field training officer, Taser instructor, and subject control/defensive tactics instructor.

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Fire captain’s last words on radio before being killed battling blaze: “Tell my family I love them”

(Originally published August 14th, 2021)

IJAMSVILLE, MD – According to reports, a Frederick County Fire Rescue Captain’s final words on his radio were “Tell my family I love them”, before being airlifted from a house fire he was trapped inside of, where he’d sadly later pass after arriving at an area hospital.

On August 11th, Frederick County Fire Rescue Captain Joshua Laird passed away after being among those who responded to a housefire that occurred at 9510 Ball Road in Ijamsville.

According to reports, that afternoon, a severe line of thunderstorms swept into Frederick County, bringing heavy rain and lightning. The home in question was reportedly struck by lightning during the storm.

Neighbors reported seeing black smoke pouring from the 5300-square-foot home’s rooftop within minutes.

Eileen Rice, who lives directly across the street from the residence that caught fire, said she’d at first heard crackling noises after her electricity went out – later seeing the black smoke rising from the home. She said that by the time she got through to 911, “the entire sunroom was full of flames.”

Around 4:48 p.m., Frederick County’s 911 Center rushed upwards of a dozen fire units to the location, which was isolated on a rural, two-lane country road with no water hydrants.

Engine 251 was the first one to arrive at the scene, arriving four minutes after the initial dispatch. The truck was parked in the driveway, between the garage and the front entrance of the house.

Radio traffic caught one of the Engine 251 members telling dispatch what they happened upon:

“On scene. Large, two-and-a-half-story single family. We do have a working fire. Go ahead and start the RIT [rapid intervention team] and probably a tanker task force.”

Captain Laird entered the burning home through the front door, according to Frederick County Fire Rescue Deputy Chief Steven Leatherman. Shortly after making his way into the home, Captain Laird found himself trapped in the basement after falling through the ground-level floor.

By 5:08 p.m., a mayday was issued over the fire radio, with command staff later requesting that Maryland State Police send a medevac to airlift Captain Laird to the hospital.

Sadly, after being airlifted, Captain Laird succumbed to his injuries while at MedStar Washington Hospital Center.

Officials stated that they believe there were no other people inside of the home during the fire.

Captain Laird had been with the Frederick Fire Department for more than 21 years at the time of his passing. During a press conference regarding the fire and captain’s passing, Fire Chief Thomas Coe said that Captain Laird’s death creates a “void” that “will never be filled”.

Career Firefighters Association of Frederick County, MD Local 3666 issued the following statement about Captain Laird’s death:

“Local 3666 is deeply saddened to announce the passing of Captain Josh Laird. Brother Laird was injured on a house fire in Ijamsville this evening and later succumbed to his injuries sustained at the fire. Please keep Captain Laird’s family in your thoughts and prayers as well as our DFRS family, as we mourn the loss of our colleague.”

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Fundraiser set for murdered officer’s family: ‘She was the epitome of a good Samaritan’

(Originally published August 13th, 2021)

CHICAGO, IL — The Fraternal Order of Police Chicago Lodge #7 has partnered with the National 9-99 Police & Sheriff Foundation to raise money for Chicago Police Officer Ella French’s family.

The fundraiser is on the “Help a Hero” platform, which was originally created for first responders according to the website.

On Aug. 7, Officer French, 29, was shot and killed around 9 p.m. while she and her partner conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle containing three subjects near the intersection of West 63rd Street and South Bell Avenue.

French and her partner pulled over a vehicle for expired plates that were not registered to the vehicle.

During the traffic stop, one of the subjects opened fire, striking Officer French and her partner. Despite their wounds, the officers were able to return fire.

Both officers were taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center where Officer French was pronounced dead. Her partner was admitted in critical condition.

All three subjects in the vehicle fled the scene. Two of the subjects were arrested shortly after the incident, and a third subject was taken into custody the following day.

Two brothers from Chicago were arrested and charged with the murder of French. According to CWB Chicago, both brothers are convicted felons on probation.

Emonte Morgan, 21, is charged with first-degree murder, as well as attempted murder and other charges. He reportedly fired several shots at both officers, striking them both, then fired at a third officer, who returned fire and shot Emonte Morgan in the abdomen.

Eric Morgan, 22, faces charges of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, unlawful use of a weapon by a felon and obstruction of justice.

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said at a press conference that the young woman in the car with the Morgan brothers has not been charged, due to lack of evidence, New York Post reported.

Brown said that investigators are focused on the brothers for Officer French’s killing and the injury of her partner:

“There’s one reason that this happened. One reason. These two offenders killed Ella French and tried to kill [the second and third officer] there.

“That’s the only person we’re pointing the finger at today. I won’t entertain finger-pointing at anyone or anything else. They need to be fully held accountable for her murder.”

However, federal prosecutors have charged another individual, who allegedly purchased the weapon that was used during the incident that killed Officer French and wounded her partner.

On Aug. 9, federal prosecutors charged 29-year-old Jamel Danzy for reportedly buying the gun that was fired by Emonte Morgan during the Aug. 7 incident.

The gun was allegedly bought in Hammond, Indiana, in March and then later provided to an individual in Illinois who Danzy knew could not buy or possess a firearm.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Chicago confirmed that the weapon connected to Danzy was recovered from the scene where Officer French was killed and her partner severely injured.


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