KANSAS CITY, Ks. – A deputy from the Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Office in Kansas City was found dead in his home on Saturday night.

And investigators say that his son is the one who pulled the trigger.

On Wednesday, Kansas City authorities announced that they had arrested 22-year-old Zachary Arnold and charged him with the killing of his father, Captain Chris Arnold.

ABC 13 reported that Arnold has been charged with second-degree murder. Investigators noted that a domestic altercation escalated, leading to the deputy’s son getting ahold of a gun and using it against him. 


Captain Chris Arnold


Captain Arnold was off-duty at the time, sources said.

Neighbors are still trying to figure out what happened in their quiet neighborhood. They remember Captain Arnold as a good man, raising his son in the house that he grew up in with his parents.

When CBS 5 interviewed people living on their street, they told reporters that they rarely saw Zachary, and when they had asked Captain Arnold about his son, he had seemed to be very protective of him.

Details behind the fatal shooting have not yet been released by authorities, but no one living nearby seemed to have heard anything, with one resident saying that no one saw it coming.


Deputies arrested Zachary Arnold and placed him into the Johnson County Jail ‘for his own protection’, according to CBS 5.

According to sources close with the family, Captain Arnold would have turned 59-years-old on Monday. He now becomes the fifth law enforcement officer to be fatally shot in Wyandotte County in the last four years. 


The Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Office has been relatively quiet about the tragic death of one of their deputies, but they did take to Facebook to ask for prayers over the weekend.


Sheriff Don Ash called Arnold a “man of integrity who loved his family, especially his son Zach,” in a Facebook post on Monday.

“I don’t think I will ever forget Chris Arnold and those of you that knew him, even for a short period of time, probably won’t forget him either,” Sheriff Ash said. “Let’s pull together in this difficult time and bring honor to Chris’ life and service.”

Services for Captain Arnold are set to take place on Friday, October 11.


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Additionally, the sheriff’s office posted a link to a GoFundMe campaign aimed at raising funds for the family.


Just hours after the fatal shooting of Captain Arnold, Kansas City authorities received calls that two men had opened fire inside of a bar, killing four and wounding five more.

Rest in peace, Captain Arnold. You are gone, but your memory lives on. You will never be forgotten. 


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