TARRANT COUNTY, Texas – A deputy constable known for helping deliver a baby roadside suddenly died after tactical training Thursday. Constable Ruben Garcia of the Tarrant County Constable’s Office, Precinct # 5 in Texas sadly reports the death of Deputy Constable Mark Diebold.

Deputy Constable Mark Diebold

Constable Diebold, 48, was participating in the agency’s Tactical Team qualifications when he suddenly collapsed. As a result, partners at the scene immediately commenced CPR and other basic life support measures.

Consequently, medical care was summoned and he was transported to the Alliance Medical Center in Fort Worth where advanced life support measures continued. Sadly, Diebold could not be revived.

Diebold was finishing qualifications when it appears that he had a heart attack. Yet the official cause of death is still unknown, reported the Star-Telegram.

Deputy Constable Known for Roadside Delivery

Moreover, Diebold became part of a national news story two months ago. It began in July 2016 when he stopped a vehicle for speeding. But the occupants, Destiny and Caleb Hall, were about to deliver a baby.

“Caleb told me, ‘You’re going to have the baby in the back of the ambulance, isn’t that exciting?’” Destiny Hall said. “I replied, ‘No, I’m having her NOW.’”

The couple recalled Deputy Constable Diebold flagging them down earlier for speeding. But when he discovered the nature of their urgency, things changed. He followed them until they pulled over when he fully discovered the emergency.

So the constable then stepped in to help deliver the couple’s second daughter, Evelyn.

“Caleb pulled my pants down, and they didn’t even make it to my knees before she started coming!” she said.

Diebold called an ambulance but the baby would not wait, so he worked with the husband to complete the delivery.

The Most Beautiful Sound

Diebold was there again when the baby had her first birthday in 2017 and shared an imaginary tea-party with the child. Diebold was among the first to hear the new child’s cries in 2016.

“It was an amazing moment,” Diebold said last year. “It’s probably the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard.”

“Lately, everybody’s hearts have been down, with all that has happened” with the Dallas police shooting, Diebold said. “This was really uplifting.”

Mark Diebold Praised

Hall recalled one year later to WIS-TV that Diebold’s willingness to help the couple out along the way was “beautiful.”

“How it has changed me was seeing his reaction to it. Evelyn’s birth was a sign to him that he was exactly where God placed him to be,” Destiny Hall told WIS-TV.

“He is serving in a role which is his calling. The pure joy I saw in his face is a look I will never forget,” she added.

One year later, she photographed Diebold and Evelyn, who have become great friends, to illustrate the special bond they share. You can see pictures here.

“The tea party was definitely a bonding moment for her and Uncle Mark,” Hall said. “She thoroughly enjoyed clinking her tea cup with him and she continued laughing with him after the photo shoot. It was fun to watch!”

Gentle Giant

Justice of the Peace Sergio De Leon called Diebold a gentle giant. Diebold, who worked in De Leon’s office, was the type of law enforcement officer who could face down the baddest of bad guys one moment and the next moment, help bring a child into the world, which he did.

Never Forgotten

“We are all one family,” said Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn, who was asked to speak for the family. “No matter what happens, we have our brothers and sisters to rely on for support. Not only to support each other, but to rise up and support Mark’s family. They need us more now than ever. Mark was an amazing person, and his light will be missed.”

Mark Diebold served the Tarrant County Constable’s Office for nine years. He previously served the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department 14 years.

Diebold is survived by his wife and three daughters.

Constable Mark Diebold is gone, but will never be forgotten. EOW: Thursday, September 7, 2017.

(Photo Tarrant County DA Twitter)