Deputy and her brother shot and killed in horrific attack – where are the Black Lives Matter activists?


COVINGTON, GA – An off-duty Fulton County Sheriff’s deputy and her brother were shot and killed in Newton County.  The incident is apparently related to a domestic violence situation.

New Fulton County Sheriff’s Deputy Shakeema Jackson was off duty when she was shot and killed allegedly by her husband, Jaquavia Jackson.  Jackson’s brother, Lavoy Brown, also was shot and killed. 

Thankfully, the Jackson’s 17-month-old child was unharmed.  Police reported that they responded to the residence and made the grizzly discovery.

Newton County Sheriff’s Office reported that Jaquavia was arrested and charged around 5 pm on the 29th for the murder of his wife and her brother. 

Jaquavia was charged with two counts each of murder, aggravated assault, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.  Jaquavia is currently being held without bail at the Newton County Detention Center.

The Sheriff’s Office is not releasing many details regarding what led up to the shooting or any type of possible motive.  The only information they have released so far is that the incident occurred on the 27th around 10:30 pm. 

There are unconfirmed reports on the scene that Jaquavia was still on the scene when deputies first arrived and he was detained.  Channel 2 Action News reported that there was a police K9 that was being used to search the backyard of the residence. 

What the dog was searching for and if they located anything has not been released.

On the Newton County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, they released a statement regarding the incident:

“Sheriff Ezell Brown and the Newton County Sheriff’s Office send their condolences to the victims’ families and to Sheriff Pat Labat and his staff members.”

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office released its own statement regarding the incident.  They said:

“The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office is mourning the loss of Deputy Shakeema Brown Jackson. Deputy Jackson was killed overnight, in an alleged domestic incident.

Deputy Jackson has been a treasured member of the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office since 2018, when she joined the agency as a Detention Officer. She became a Deputy Sheriff just over a month ago. Deputy Jackson is remembered as eager to learn, and always having a positive disposition.

Coworkers say she was bubbly, and, no matter how disrespectful inmates may have been, always greeted them with “Good morning,” earning their respect.

“This is a heartbreaking loss for the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office,” says Fulton County Sheriff Patrick “Pat” Labat. “This is a hard time for the Sheriff’s Office, and we ask for your continued prayers.”

 “The Newton County Sheriff’s Office is leading the investigation into the incident. If anyone has information regarding this incident, please contact Investigator Joshua Hicks at 678-625-1455 or [email protected].

 “The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office is providing peer support, and chaplain services, to agency members, as we mourn this loss. Services and arrangements for Deputy Jackson will be announced when confirmed.”

 One of Jackson’s neighbors, Lawanda, spoke to 11Alive news about the incident.  She said:

“I spoke to her on Monday and everything seemed fine or what not.  I never see anything kind of out of the ordinary or anything.”

Sadly, many people are victims of domestic violence and there are many people who are either unable or unaccepting of help.  According to

“On average, every 1 in 4 females and every 1 in 7 males experience physical assault by their partners…In the US, as many as 24 people a minute become the victims of stalking, physical attack, or rape.  That makes up to 12 million victims a year.”

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, please reach out for help.  

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Florida man arrested in death of his 12-year-old son after reporting that the boy ‘died in his sleep’

PALM BAY, FL – Six days ago, 33-year old Jason Godleski went to the Palm Bay Police Department to report the death of his 12-year old son, Noah. He didn’t specify the cause of death to police, originally saying that he had died in his sleep.

Officers responding to the scene found the boy dead in the laundry room of the home. 

Earlier today, Godleski was arrested in connection with the death of his son.

We were able to obtain the arrest affidavit through a public record search. It detailed that the child was presumably deceased for a “lengthy” period of time and showed evidence of trauma.

Police believe that there is a history of abuse and are working to confirm that suspicion. 

According to Fox35 in Orlando: 

“They say in 2013, the girlfriend was possibly arrested for abusing Noah. In 2020, there was an allegation made by a teacher to the Department of Children and Families suspecting Noah was being abused by his father and girlfriend.”

Godleski now faces charges of aggravated manslaughter of a child and failure to report death. 


Chief Nelson Moya stated:

“What we discovered was horrifying. We found a body of a 12-year-old boy. The subject in question immediately invoked his right to remain silent.

He would not provide us any additional information regarding the whereabouts of his remaining family, which included three other children and the father’s girlfriend.”

Godleski told police he knew he was going to jail, but would not answer any questions without a lawyer present. 

Florida man arrested in death of his 12-year-old son after reporting that the boy 'died in his sleep'
Screenshot of public records

Investigators were able to track down the girlfriend, Samarial Dubose, and the other three children in Connecticut. It is believed that Godleski drove them roughly 20 hours away, dropped them with family and returned home. 

Police were able to get a sworn statement from Dubose. What she detailed to police is beyond shocking. 

Dubose said that on or about October 17th, 2021, Dubose observed the victim misbehaving.

She states that to punish him, Godleski forced his son into the laundry room, where he remained isolated from the rest of the family.

That same day, she says she witnessed Godleski enter the laundry room, where she heard him yelling at him and what she believed were the sounds of him beating the child severely, before he left the laundry room, again leaving the child inside alone. 

Dubose said that around the 20th, Godleski informed her that he was driving her and their other children to Connecticut so they could get a break from Noah.

They left the home and made the drive to the home of her family. Godleski returned to Florida. Dubose said that a friend, Michael Maloney, was supposed to come to the home to “babysit” Noah until Godleski returned from Connecticut. 

Police interviewed Maloney, who stated that he was never instructed to babysit and had no intentions of ever going to the home. 

Police found multiple inconsistencies in Dubose’s statement.

They have now issued an arrest warrant for her and expect to have her in physical custody at some point on Thursday, the 28th. Police believe that not only was she party to the abuse at some point,  but she coached her other children to say to authorities. 

The three other children, ages 9, 3, and a toddler under 2, have been removed from her custody and have been placed in the care of Child Protective Services in Connecticut. 

The affidavit also showed that Godleski made a phone call to a family member that was being monitored by law enforcement. On the call call, police say he made admissions surrounding the punishment he enacted and to leaving him deceased inside the family home.  

He told his mother that he had hit his son too hard, but had no intention of killing him. He thought about taking him to a hospital, but decided to wait until the next day to see if he was still unable to walk. 

The detective who filed the report, then writes:

“The defendant (Godleski) and Dubose rehearsed the story they would tell law enforcement to give the appearance of Dubose’s innocence. The defendant stated that he was taking the blame to where Dubose could take the remaining children. The defendant indicated that Dubose would for him until his release from jail.” 

The affidavit also detailed that Godleski made suicidal statements to his mother during a phone call. He was then placed under involuntary evaluation under the Baker Act, which addresses mental health care for individuals who cannot determine their own need for treatment. 

We were also able to obtain the minutes from Godleski’s initial court appearance.

While he was instructed to have no contact with witnesses or his other children, he was also denied bond on the aggravated manslaughter of a child charge, which is a first-degree felony. He was allowed $500 bond for the first-degree misdemeanor charge of failure to report a death. 

Florida man arrested in death of his 12-year-old son after reporting that the boy 'died in his sleep'
Screen shot from public records search

The court found that Godleski was indigent, and as such, assigned a Public Defender to provide continuous representation for him. 

He is scheduled to appear for arraignment on November 30th. 

Law Enforcement Today will continue to provide updates as they become available. 

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