Deputy ambushed when responding to “shots fired” call, man found dead after 9 hour standoff


SUPERIOR TOWNSHIP, MI –A deputy with the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office has been shot in Superior Township, Michigan.  The suspect then barricaded himself in the home.

Police say that after nearly nine hours, the standoff between the armed man and police in Washtenaw County has ended.

According to officials, the suspect was found dead inside the home. 

During the afternoon of September 16th, members of the Washtenaw Sheriff’s Office responded for a report of shots fired just before 2pm. 

A neighbor advised that there was some type of dispute between he and the shooter that resulted in the shots being fired.  What exactly that dispute was has not been released at this time.

Derrick Jackson, the Director of Community Engagement for the Washtenaw Sheriff’s Office said:

“Something happened, and one of the neighbors pulled out a weapon and started firing.  That’s when we got a call from the neighbor.”

Law enforcement officials advised the shooter ambushed one of the deputy’s by shooting through a bedroom window twice.  The injured deputy was rescued out of the scene by a fellow deputy who transported him or her to a nearby hospital. 

The deputy, thankfully, is reported to be in stable condition.

As a result of the shooting, multiple SWAT teams were contacted and requested to respond to the scene since the suspect had barricaded himself into a home.  Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, Ann Arbor Police Department also responded to assist. 

WCSO: UPDATE: Barricaded gunman incident is still active and the neighborhood is still locked down at this time. There…

Posted by Washtenaw Sheriff on Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The shooting incident took place at a condominium in the 8300 block of Lakeview Court.  People who live in that area were requested by law enforcement to stay inside for their safety while the situation plays out.

As of now, the residence is surrounded and a hostage negotiations team has been dispatched in an attempt to get the gunman to surrender without any loss of life or further violence.  Police are advising that they do not know if there is anyone else in the residence with the alleged shooter.

Jackson said:

“Fortunately, our deputy is alive.  We’re a pretty safe community, pretty safe community, but what officers do every day is put their lives on the line.”

A person in the area reported that the shooter had been staring at he and a resident in the condo area prior to deputies responded to the scene.  He reported that he saw the man yelling at the neighbor and threatening that man with a gun. 

Shortly after the threats were made, deputies arrived on scene and were walking toward him when the gunman opened fire, striking the deputy.

Neighbors report seeing a SWAT team in the area along with Michigan State Police, Washtenaw Sheriff’s Office, Ann Arbor Police as well as three ambulances on standby.  In addition, there is a police helicopter which is keeping track of things while in the air. 

A local resident, Julie Jongeward, lives in the area and said that officers had told the residents that a deputy had been shot.  She said:

“They told me someone shot the sheriff deputy and we’re thinking the gunman either took off because they won’t let anyone move, or he’s still there.  They said this area would be blocked off until the rest of the night.”

Jongeward advised she has lived in the area for the last seven years.  Typically, she says the area is calm and peaceful, but this day was not the typical day.  She said:

“I usually go walking around this time, lots of bike riders and a quiet neighborhood.  Especially, in the newer subdivision.  I don’t hear of anything.  This is not typical.”

Police have not yet released the man’s identity.

“For us, it’s a loss that he was deceased. We don’t know how he was deceased but it’s loss of a human life and that, for us, is distressing. The upside for us is our deputy who was shot, with a significant injury, but praise to God he is healthy from that perspective that he was able to go home,” said Washtenaw County Sheriff Jerry Clayton. 

Earlier on Wednesday, the president for the National Fraternal Order of Police issued an alert to police officers nationwide to remain vigilant in the wake of increased and deadly attacks and ambushes against law enforcement this year.

There are many videos in this article that contain graphic language and images, so viewer discretion is advised.


In a Sept. 15 press release, National Fraternal Order of Police President Patrick Yoes issued the following alert to all members of law enforcement:

“Brothers and sisters, as our nation becomes increasingly divided during this unprecedented time, law enforcement officers are the keepers of the peace and stand firm on the thin blue line, placing themselves between order and anarchy.

“For this reason, our officers are targets and may be subject to attack at any point—without warning and without reason. Therefore, I am urging all of our nation’s law enforcement officers to be vigilant.

“Exercise caution at all times.

“Be aware of your environment and surroundings.

“Maintain constant situational awareness.

“Be prepared.

“Take every reasonable precaution when engaging with the public.

“Watch your back—and that of your partner.

“Do not take unnecessary chances and call for backup when needed.

“Keep yourself and your communities safe by being vigilant on duty and off. There are individuals who are motivated solely by a desire to hurt or kill a police officer, so do not let your guard down.

“Be safe and may God protect us all.”

In June, we reported on David Ware, 32, who police say shot two officers during a traffic stop in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Both officers were shot, and one died.

Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum recently released the following statement:

“The body camera footage from the murder of Sergeant Craig Johnson and the attempted murder of Officer Aurash Zarkeshan is being released this morning. As the CEO of the City government, I felt a responsibility to watch it. I just did, and can’t say this strongly enough: if you do not have to watch this video for your job, don’t watch it.

“I have to watch a lot of body camera footage as part of my job. I can only think of two times in my life – upon the death of family members – when I wept like I did watching the conclusion of this video. It is terrible.

“I understand the legal reasons for its release. I respect the citizens’ right to see the actions of their officers.

“But if you revere these brave men as I do, then don’t watch this video. Don’t share it. Just say a prayer for them, their families, and all who risk their lives to keep us safe.”



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In the Compton section of Los Angeles, two Los Angeles County Sheriff deputies were shot multiple times on Sept. 12 by a gunman who ambushed the officers sitting in their vehicle.

Authorities announced a $100,000 reward on Sunday in connection with the manhunt of the lone gunman responsible for shooting both deputies as they sat in their patrol vehicle at a Metro rail station in Compton.


Without provocation, surveillance video shows the suspect approach the patrol car and open fire. The suspect fled on foot. He was only described as a dark-skinned male, between the age of 28-30, wearing dark clothing.

After the shooting, the female deputy can be seen on surveillance video struggling to place a tourniquet on her partner even as she herself is bleeding from gunshot wounds. Sheriff Alex Villanueva explained:

“She helped the other wounded deputy, got on the radio, provided medical care, got him to a place of safety ’cause they didn’t know if there was another attack coming their way.”

Witnesses to the ambush laughed instead of helping the officers.

Then once the officers were rushed to a hospital for treatment of their serious injuries, protesters blocked the emergency room entrance and chanted, “We hope they die!”

Both deputies incurred multiple gunshot wounds and are reported as recovering from surgery in stable condition at St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood.

A GoFundMe account has been established by a department deputy working with the union to raise funds for the wounded deputies and has raised $555,978 as of this writing.


In Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a man with a criminal history of stabbing people attempted to stab a police officer with a large knife on Sept. 13.

Police were called for a report of an in-progress domestic disturbance when Ricardo Munoz lunged at the responding officer while brandishing a knife over his head.

Bodycam footage shows Munoz charging out the door of a home, knife in hand, and chasing the police officer who is forced to draw his firearm and shoot the suspect.

Police initially stated that Munoz was armed with a knife at the time of the shooting and promised to release bodycam footage, which they did at 11 p.m., but it wasn’t fast enough for Black Lives Matter protest organizers who claimed that Munoz was a victim of police brutality.

In 2019, Munoz reportedly stabbed four people after a fight, according to CBS 21. The four stabbing victims were found inside and around the home.

A 16-year-old male was found in the back of the property, with multiple stab wounds to his face, right thigh, left ankle and right side of his torso.

A 22-year-old woman suffered a slash wound to one of her hands, a 26-year-old man suffered a slash injury to his head and another 26-year-old man was stabbed in his arm.

Despite Munoz’s extensive criminal history, BLM protesters took to the streets of Lancaster on Sunday night to protest the shooting, and rioters damaged police vehicles and set fires.


In St. Louis, Missouri, nine officers have been shot in the line of duty since June 1. In August we reported that two officers were ambushed and shot.

One of those officers, Tamarris L. Bohannon, 29, died, leaving behind his wife and three children.

His partner was shot in the leg and was released from the hospital.

Police reported that the suspect was taken into custody around 5 a.m. on Aug. 30 after being barricaded in a residence for almost 12 hours.


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