Deputy ambushed, shot in the face by man who then managed to escape the state


MILNER, GA – We’re told he didn’t see the attack coming.

On August 8th, Lamar County Sheriff’s Deputy Justyn Weaver responded to a suspicious person call in the city of Milner. 

Police are not releasing much of what happened during the incident, but what is known is that at some point the suspect, identified as Donald Gordy, opened fire on the deputy in what is being called an ambush. 

The coward then fled and was later apprehended in Alabama.

Deputy Justyn Weaver continues to recover in an Atlanta hospital.Deputy Justyn Weaver responded to a call of a…

Posted by Lamar County Georgia Sheriff's Office on Sunday, August 9, 2020

Lamar Sheriff’s Office says that Weaver arrived on scene and initially did not locate anyone regarding the suspicious person complaint. 

It seems that as he was preparing to leave, Gordy fired on him with what Sheriff Brad White is calling a “shotgun blast.” 

Gordy then fled the scene in a white truck.  Weaver was struck several times with what is believed to have been buck shot in front of 109 Moore St in Milner.

White said that Weaver sustained injuries from the gun shot(s) to his left arm, right eye, and the right side of his head.  Weaver was airlifted from the scene to an Atlanta hospital for medical treatment. 

Police say that the injuries that Weaver has sustained do not appear life threatening at this time.

White said:

“He’s [Weaver] doing well.  He does have injuries to his face and his arm, so we’re waiting to hear back from that.  He was in good spirits and was talking when I was up there.” 

After the shooting, investigators turned their focus on Gordy and how to locate him.   Police are not definitively saying how he was identified, but it did not take them long to do so. 

Shortly after the start of the investigation, investigators were able to issue a BOLO, (be on the lookout) which would have been sent via police radio and National Crime Information computers. 

When these bolo’s are issued out through NCIC, they are sent to ever police computer that is powered on in the areas in which the police are searching.  The bolos are also often given by on-duty law enforcement over the police radios. 

Officers were able to obtain an arrest warrant for Gordy and learned through tag readers that he was heading into Alabama.  Law Enforcement authorities between Georgia and Alabama began actively looking for him on the interstate.

St. Clair law enforcement were able to locate Gordy on I-20 in Alabama.  Officers were able to take him into custody without incident.

At this time, there has been no information released revealing any possible motive behind the shooting of the deputy.  Gordy will be held in Alabama until the extradition process takes place.  Once he is cleared for extradition, he will be sent back to Georgia to face the criminal charges.


The Lamar County Sheriff’s Office posted an update on their Facebook page:

“Deputy Justyn Weaver is recovering from his injuries to his face and left arm.  We ask that you continue to pray for Deputy Weaver and his family.

Deputy Justyn Weaver has been employed with the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office for 3 years.  He recently received an award by Community Ambulance for his heroic acts in saving a man’s life.  We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Sheriff Daryll Dix and the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office for sending the cavalry to assist us last night. 

“We would also like to thank the Barnesville Police Department, Miner Police Department, Butts County Sheriff’s Office, Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, Georgia State Patrol, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigations for their assistance. 

We would like to thank our colleagues at the St Clair County Sheriff’s Office for their quick response in the arrest of Mr. Gordy.” 

Early Sunday, an off-duty officer was shot in Washington D.C.

The deadly shooting broke out at a large block party in the southeast section of the capital early Sunday, killing a 17-year-old father and leaving at least 20 people injured, including an off-duty police officer.

At least three people fired weapons shortly after midnight at the party, where teenager Christopher Brown was killed, D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham said at a Sunday press conference:

“What happened was it was some kind of dispute. Multiple weapons were produced and multiple shots were fired.”

Newsham said the D.C. police officer who was shot is now “struggling for her life.” The officer was off duty at the time, and Newsham said it’s unclear why she was at the social gathering, which took place at the 3300 block of Dubois Place.

The injured officer has not been identified by name, but Newsham said she has worked for the department for a year and is part of the Metropolitan Police Department’s 1st District.

The rest of the shooting victims are believed to have suffered non-life-threatening wounds, Newsham said. The injuries ranged in severity, police said, with some victims suffering graze wounds.

The police chief condemned the event for having “way too many” people during the Covid-19 pandemic, saying “hundreds” were present. He said music was played there and that there are indications food was served.

Posters were distributed to promote an annual cookout/block party, and it was advertised as a drama-free event with food and liquor provided, according to WJLA.

Newsham confirmed during the press conference that no permit was issued for the cookout.

Police have not named any suspects, nor have they released a motive. Newsham said he believes there were “probably more” than three shooters at the scene and said it appeared handguns were used.

“We had a lot of people that were in a dangerous situation last night, and sadly several people who have no regard for human life opened fire,” Mayor Muriel Bowser said during Sunday’s press conference, which took place near the scene of the shooting.

Councilman Trayon White tweeted:

“When you don’t love yourself and don’t know who you are, it is easy for you to bring a machine gun to a peaceful event and instantly take someone’s life. That ain’t gangsta, that’s a coward! It’s very sickening.”

He also posted on Instagram a similar message:

“📍When you don’t love yourself and don’t know who you are, it is easy for you to bring a machine gun to a peaceful event and instantly take someone’s life. That ain’t gangsta, that’s a coward❗️It’s very sickening that over 80 people are piled in hospitals because their love one didn’t make it or waiting to see if their family member will come home again. Most of these innocent people got kids at home. 🙏🏿💔It has to stop. 😡”

Deputy ambushed, shot in the face by man who then managed to escape the state
Councilman Trayon White’s Instagram post.

Brown’s mother told reporters on Sunday that the family is not handling the news of his passing well:

“I really don’t understand how my child’s life is gone; 17, my oldest, I have five boys. Just an innocent kid’s life is taken for whatever the reason.”

Brown’s aunt told reporters that he has a 1-year-old son and another child on the way.

In addition to the teenager who was killed, another 17-year-old was injured in the shooting. The rest of the victims are adults, Newsham said.

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Pop-up parties are also spreading throughout the country. On Sunday, New Jersey’s Howell Township Police Department responded to a residential home in the Ramtown section, where 300 people were attending a pop-up party that charged admission.

Deputy ambushed, shot in the face by man who then managed to escape the state
Howell Township Police broke up a pop-up party that had 300 attendees.

New Jersey has banned indoor gatherings of more than 25 people due to Covid-19 concerns.

The police department posted an update on Facebook:

“UPDATE: 2008 hours.

“Most of the mutual aid departments have been released. Attendees left without incident. Host was arrested. Further investigation will continue.

“Several patrol units will remain in the area to prevent others from arriving and/or returning and to monitor surrounding streets as there’s been reports of stragglers urinating on people’s property and vehicles.

“A majority of those who attended are not local.

“We thank all for their assistance and patience.

“Wilson Drive (Ramtown section)

“Howell Police has requested mutual aid from Wall, Brick, Jackson, Freehold, Monmouth and Ocean County Sheriffs and State Police in response to the dispersal of approximately 300 people in attendance at a ‘pop-up’ party.

“Most of the attendees are compliant. Others are hesitant and are directing their anger towards the host who charged admission.

“Roadways leading to Wilson Drive are blocked by police to prevent the steady flow of vehicles attempting to attend. Only residents will be allowed.

“Further updates will be provided.”

Two other pop-up parties were recently broken up in nearby towns in New Jersey.

Approximately 20 teenagers tested positive for COVID-19 after a house party in Middletown on July 11.

In Jackson, a party was attended by approximately 700 people on July 26, and police spent nearly five hours breaking it up. The owner of the house, Yaakov Weiss, 40, was contacted, and he told officers that he had “rented out the residence on Airbnb and was hosting a large party,” according to Asbury Park Press. As the crowd continued to grow, police said the homeowner left the area, as “200 additional people arrived at the residence and the party began to expand.”

Word of the party grew on social media platforms.

A flyer advertised on Instagram billed the event as a Liberian Independence Day party complete with a twerking contest and free food and jungle juice, according to Asbury Park Press.

Videos on Instagram reportedly show people dancing, drinking and smoking what appears to be hookah inside the mansion.

Weiss and two party organizers, Patience Guanue, 23, and Alicia Hinneh, 22, both of Newark, were issued summonses related to the party for violating Gov. Phil Murphy’s executive order limiting the number of people who can gather in one place, according to Asbury Park Press.

State Police Superintendent Colonel Patrick J. Callahan said:

“I do think the fact that bars and restaurants are closed then creates this quote-unquote underground situation, which is certainly not one that we want because young people — even if you’re asymptomatic and you’re positive — the fact that you can transmit that [to] your family members is certainly one that concerns us.

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