Attack planned? Arrests made after deputies find guns, drugs and replica law enforcement vests and badges


HESPERIA, CA – Deputies with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s High Desert Regional Gang Team made two arrests earlier in September after a search warrant served at a motel room in Hesperia reportedly turned up guns, drugs and even mock “Sheriff” vests and law enforcement badges.

On September 14th, deputies served a search warrant at a motel located within the 14300 block of Main Street.

That’s where deputies made a startling discovery consisting of numerous firearms, extended magazines, tactical vests emblazoned with the word “Sheriff”, Sheriff patches with “DEA Task Force” on them, replica law enforcement badges, methamphetamine, and marijuana.

Items found in search warrant - San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office
Items found in search warrant – San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office

At the time of the discovery, the occupants of the motel room, identified as 34-year-old Bobby Bohannon and 19-year-old Kayden Cotter, were not at the motel. However, deputies later caught up with the two suspects during a vehicle stop.

Officials say that an examination of Bohannon’s truck, a silver Ford F-150, resulted in discovering that the truck was allegedly fitted with “an audible siren and law enforcement style, forward-facing lights.”

Image of suspect's truck fitted with mock police lights - San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office
Image of suspect’s truck fitted with mock police lights – San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office

Investigators have reason to believe that the two suspects may have been involved in recent home invasion robberies where the two were impersonating deputies to further enable their alleged exploits.

Officials did not disclose any details as to what led them on the trail of these two suspects.

As of this time, Bohannon and Cotter have been charged with possession of a controlled substance while armed, felon in possession of a firearm, manufacturing large capacity magazine, and possession of marijuana for sale.

Officials are urging anyone who may have been stopped by Bohannon or Cotter in the mock police vehicle or have any information relevant to the case in general, to please contact Deputy J. Zeman with the Sheriff’s Gangs/Narcotics Division at (909) 380-8400.

Those wishing to remain anonymous when delivering tips on the case can also call the We-Tip Hotline at 1-800-78CRIME (27463) or leave the information on the We-Tip website at

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Man arrested for impersonating officer and assaulting responding cops

(Originally published July 1st, 2021)

CENTREVILLE, VA – A 36-year-old man is facing a series of charges after police allege that he pretended to be an officer while trying to enter two of his neighbors’ homes and also fighting responding officers. 

Fairfax County Police say the incident started after the suspect left his home following a “domestic incident.”

According to reports, police responded to a residence located within the 15000 block of Olddale Road on June 23rd at approximately 4:14 a.m., after reports of a suspect, later identified as 36-year-old Carl Calabrese, was trying to “force entry into two nearby homes while identifying himself as a police officer.”

Police say that Calabrese had left his home following a “domestic incident” prior to allegedly pretending to be a police officer and make his way into his neighbors’ homes. 

One of the residents that was allegedly victimized by Calabrese spoke with WUSA9 about the incident

“It was scary. Very scary. One of the scariest things in my life.”

The victim, who asked to remain anonymous when speaking with the news outlet, said that he at first heard a commotion and later saw a man in pajamas breaking the glass on his front door: 

“I just heard a loud bang on the door first. Then I came down the steps and then I heard a shatter, which was the front door. And so I took a quick peek. And there was a guy just punching at my glass looking to get inside.”

Calabrese reportedly told the homeowner he was a police officer…while also saying that he was running from police. The victim said that he opened the door, and that’s when a physical confrontation ensued: 

“That’s when I opened the door, and then he took a swing at me, and then I sort of hit him, knocked him down the steps here, into that plant right there, then I hit him again.”

By the time officers arrived on scene, they found that the suspect was “being held down by a homeowner” and moved in to take Calabrese into custody. 

Reportedly, Calabrese had fought with arresting officers, but was eventually was taken into custody. 

Calabrese has since been charged with burglary, assault on law enforcement, two counts of destruction of property, simple assault and impersonating a law enforcement officer.

Court documents show that Calabrese is currently out on bond for the aforementioned charges, which local Samantha Fisher expressed concerns over him being free: 

“I don’t know what I would even do, I mean it’s absolutely terrifying and you can’t feel safe in your neighborhood.”

As for the victim who had the physical confrontation with the suspect, he told the local news outlet that he’s glad it was his home that was breached out of the other homes Calabrese allegedly attempted to break into: 

“I don’t know what he was trying to accomplish but he was definitely out to hurt somebody.

“So, luckily it was me. And he attacked a couple of their houses down the street, luckily they didn’t make it inside of them, but they had small children so it’s a good thing he came here.”

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Proposed bill in New Jersey would allow illegal immigrants to obtain professional and occupational licenses

This isn’t the first time we at Law Enforcement Today reported on a suspect allegedly impersonating a police officer.

However, a report we shared back in October of 2020 detailed the alleged exploits of a suspect that was certainly up there in the bold scale of impersonating an officer – as the suspect was alleged to have dressed like a cop while shoplifting all over Florida. 

Here’s that previous report. 


VOLUSIA COUNTY, FL – Police in Florida say that a 47-year-old man was engaged in a rather daring series of thefts in several counties throughout the state.

According to police, he allegedly disguised himself as a police officer while nonchalantly taking about $50,000 in merchandise from various home improvement stores.

Detectives said that they have identified and charged the man responsible for the thefts from numerous “The Home Depot” and “Lowe’s Home Improvement” stores in seven counties.

The suspect, identified as Callvester Smith, had allegedly engaged in these brazen thefts over a 90-day period. Smith would allegedly stroll into one of the home-improvement stores while attired in a get-up resembling a police officer, load up what he wanted and just waltz on out.

Florida man arrested for impersonating police officer during shoplifting spree
Smith dressed as police officer while exiting Home Depot – FDLE screenshot

Detectives with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office were finally able to identify Smith as the suspect in four thefts that occurred in their county, and obtained a warrant for his arrest. He has been charged with felony retail theft and impersonating a law-enforcement officer during the commission of a felony.

The Sheriff’s Office noted that Smith has quite the criminal history, reporting:

“[Smith has a] criminal history that includes 41 felony charges and 20 convictions – including armed burglary, armed robbery, aggravated battery on a person 65 or older and resisting an officer with violence – with nine state prison sentences and two escapes.”

Florida man arrested for impersonating police officer during shoplifting spree
Callvester Smith – Orange County Sheriff’s Office

However, it was the Orange County Sheriff’s Office that wound up effecting the arrest of Smith, nabbing him on Oct. 20th as he returned to his apartment on Oak Ridge Road in Orlando.

After appearing before a judge on the most recent charges, Smith was ordered to wear an ankle monitor if he is released on bond.

This alleged crime shall certainly cement Smith’s name into the infamous hall of fame that is known online as the chronicles of “Florida Man.”

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LET Unity

Officer moonlighting at Walmart nabs man impersonating federal agent

(Originally published October 3rd, 2020)

GLEN BURNIE, MD – A police officer for Anne Arundel County, Maryland, noticed something unusual while working a moonlighting job at the Walmart in Glen Burnie. What caught his eye was a man shopping in the store with a pistol holstered on his hip.

The man gave his name as Bree Jones, but that was just one of his lies, according to charging documents. Jones, later identified as Renul Barnet Forbes, had fooled a lot of people — friends, neighbors and even some police officers — into believing he was a federal agent.

According to Capital GazetteForbes was in the Walmart when the unidentified off-duty officer noticed him carrying a handgun on his hip. When he was confronted by the officer, Forbes claimed to be a U.S. Marshal. The officer sensed otherwise and detained Forbes and called for backup.

In charging documents released by authorities, it was discovered that Forbes had convinced an acquaintance to lend him a handgun, had made friends with police officers and would walk around his apartment complex dressed in law enforcement attire. He had a lot of people fooled.

Forbes was charged with a number of offenses, from impersonating a police officer to illegal possession of a handgun, according to court records. Additional charges are possible. He posted a $5,000 unsecured personal bond Sept. 26.

County police officers arriving at the Walmart for the “check subject” call met the off-duty officer in the parking lot with Forbes, who was carrying what appeared to be a Glock handgun. Police said in their charging documents that Forbes refused to show the off-duty officer his badge when asked to produce his ID.

When the responding officers asked him the same question, he “lifted up his sweatshirt and said, ‘Oh, this badge?’ ”

When he pulled up his sweatshirt, the officers saw the firearm, a pair of handcuffs and additional magazines tucked in his belt. He also had a badge pinned to the belt, however officers initially couldn’t determine whether it was real or fake.

Forbes repeated the lie that he was a U.S. Marshal, while noting that people in the area of Glen Burnie had seen him out in the community in his uniform.

Prior to the arrival of county officers and after the initial encounter, Forbes had apparently called another county officer to advise him of the encounter.

Forbes had befriended a number of officers who work out of the Northern District Station in Brooklyn Park. The officer Forbes called had text messages on his phone that proved Forbes had indeed claimed to be a federal agent.

Authorities grew suspicious of Forbes’ tale because his license had been suspended and he was reluctant to show his law-enforcement credentials.

The officers contacted their supervisors and two sergeants and a lieutenant responded to the scene.

The officers then asked to speak with Forbes’ supervisor. Forbes provided a number but the person who answered gave Forbes up, saying that he was not a federal agent.

One of the supervisors on scene contacted a supervisor with the U.S. Marshals Service, who advised him that Forbes was in fact not a U.S. Marshal, and requested he be placed under arrest for impersonating a federal agent. The feds said they would pursue additional charges against Forbes.

Police confiscated the handgun, which turned out to be a realistic-looking air-soft pistol that resembled a Glock, while also confiscating real magazines with hollow-tip rounds loaded into them, according to court records.

Police towed Forbes’ vehicle upon the request of Walmart management and inside police found further evidence of Forbes’ scam. His black Ford Taurus was outfitted with police lights and a siren rigged through USB ports that plugged into the cigarette lighter. There was a control for the setup on the driver’s side visor.

Officers also discovered a brown backpack, in which they recovered a Springfield handgun and a single, loose hollow-point round. When officers contacted the Maryland State Police Gun Center, they were told that Forbes was prohibited from possessing guns and ammo.

The Springfield pistol was registered to another man, whom police then contacted. The man told them that he felt comfortable loaning the handgun to a “U.S. Marshal.”

Thankfully, Forbes the fantasist hadn’t done worse in the guise of being a federal agent. 

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