Deny Parole for Cop Killer Robert Gray

On August 17th, 1989 . . . my life changed forever. I lost my hero, my uncle, and my best friend. I am the niece of a fallen LEO. My name is Sara Janey, and here is my uncle’s story. . .

It was a normal muggy August evening in West Virginia in 1989. My uncle, Putnam County Sheriff’s Deputy John D. Janey was hired, along with other deputies, to stakeout a property suspected to be the next target of fraudulent arson. My uncle had his normal routine before every shift. He’d go to my grandmother’s house to eat, visit a little, and then he’d go to work. Unbeknownst to him, his very last words to his mother that night would be “piece of cake mom.” My grandmother always sent him off with some food, a hug, and a kiss.

John was positioned near an A-frame house out Cow Creek in Hurricane, WV. He saw a vehicle pull up and a man exited the vehicle carrying two one-gallon milk jugs of a clear fluid. John watched the assailant enter the residence with no hesitation. John approached the residence to investigate the situation. The assailant, also known as Robert M. Gray, was seen dousing the house with what was then confirmed as an accelerant. Gray also had fans running full blast to circulate the fumes, he was a professional arsonist. John radioed for backup with the information that if Gray lit a match the whole place would go up in flames.

Gray took off out of the back of the residence and into the woods. Needless to say, my uncle gave chase and pursued him. John got one handcuff on Gray and then a struggle ensued. Gray broke free and stunned my uncle with the dangling handcuff that was never fastened. While John was trying to get his bearings back, Gray produced a .357 Magnum revolver from his waistband and began shooting. One shot went into John’s side traversing his body and severing his aorta. Another shot was almost point-blank range to his chest. The bullet remained lodged in his back until it was removed later during the autopsy. The last and final shot, was “extremely close range” at the junction of his left jaw/ear, which exited behind his right eye.

Gray took my uncle’s radio as well as his service revolver and escaped into the woods. He was later found crouched down beside a busy road wearing a blood soaked t-shirt and a dangling handcuff. He was arrested, tried, and convicted of 1st degree murder. Gray was sentenced to life with mercy. So, every three years, I get to see the man that took my uncle from me. I get to see the man that destroyed my grandparents and my family. I get to see a cold-blooded cop killer. I get to fight the release of this despicable and deplorable human being.

I am asking for your help. Please sign this petition. I gather every single signature and personally hand-deliver them to the parole board. With every signature, it is saying that you believe that Gray has not paid for his crime. It is saying that you do not believe he is entitled to the very same rights a law-abiding citizen should have. It is saying that he should not be released so he could possibly cause another family this heartache. Please help me in my fight to keep this man behind bars! Many thanks from the bottom of my heart for your support!! The Janey Family 💙 #OHC #NoMercy2017

– Sara Janey