Tucker Carlson: We’re facing ‘the most sweeping and audacious assault on civil liberties in American history’


WASHINGTON, DC – Sir Winston Churchill once said, “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Perhaps, a better statement would be, “Those who know history are doomed to watch it repeat.”

When one political party was consolidating power inside their own country, they had to overcome some obstacles. First, they had to win an election. They put on an intense election campaign to increase their share of power over other parties. They did not want to share power, they wanted to rule all the houses.

As the election ran into its final days. The government building, known as the “people’s house,” was targeted as an act of rebellion against the fascists” inside the governing body.

Sensing the fear created in the hearts of the citizenship, the party used that fear to convince the public that the opposing party was plotting an uprising to overthrow the Republic.

The new cabinet immediately started restricting the press and suppressing dissent and political gatherings. The president signed unilateral decrees and executive orders, creating limits to freedom of speech and the right to assembly.  

The executive orders bypassed the normal checks and balances of the party system and created “laws” with one man’s pen.

If all of this sounds recently familiar, the United States is in real trouble. What is described above is how the Nazi Party took hold in Germany, however, one would be forgiven if they thought it was about the Democratic Party in the United States.

Following the 2020 election, a poll conducted by McLaughlin & Associates found that 46 percent of Americans believe the 2020 presidential election was stolen by the Democrats. That shocking figure is even more unsettling because McLaughlin surveyed more people who voted for Biden than Donald Trump.

With almost half the country seeing the party in power as illegitimate, the Democrats have made moves to consolidate power and protect themselves from the people they govern. Their citizens have become their greatest enemy. Democrats have begun that consolidation since President Biden took the oath of office.

President Biden has created a commission to study reforms to the Supreme Court. The move centers on breaking a conservative 6-3 hold on the court. One side holding the majority in the court is not new, but the President wants people to think it is an emergency that needs to be dealt with.

Remember, the Nazi Party wanted to “rule all the houses.” Democrats now have a majority in Congress and control of the White House, but they want more. They want the Supreme Court so that they can carry out their agenda without opposition.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson described the Democrats’ power grab during his show Saturday:

“On the most basic level, of course, it’s a power grab. We said that from the first day and it remains true. The Democratic Party doesn’t exist to serve some abstract principle, liberty, and justice or the Bill of Rights. No. Nor is its primary goal improving the lives of its voters. If you’ve been to Detroit, you know that’s true.

“No, the Democratic Party exists to accumulate power, all of it. Some is never enough. The impulse is to control everything. So that’s what they’re trying to do now amidst the chaos and tumult.”

Then came January 6, the day the U.S. Capitol was attacked by a large group of radical, angry, and criminal insurrectionists.

The attack on “The People’s House” became a rallying cry for the Democratic Party, declaring an all-out insurrection had been launched against the United States. They claim the rebellion was cheered on by Republicans.

Using the fear felt by the public stoked by misinformation, the Democrats militarized the Nation’s capital city and placed a standing army between the government and its people. 

While telling the world that the National Guard is there to protect the U.S. Capitol from another attack, the truth is that they are there to protect elected officials from the people. And Democrats are considering making the fencing permanent.

Now Democrats in Congress are going after their own Republican Colleagues.  Open verbal war has broken out in the halls of the Capitol, with Democratic voices expressing fears of open violence brought on by Republicans.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the other side of the aisle “the enemy” at a Thursday news conference:

“We will probably need a supplemental for more security for members when the enemy is within the House of Representatives – a threat that members are concerned about in addition to what is happening outside.”

There have also been calls from Democrats to punish Republicans who voiced concerns about election fraud and those who spoke out in support of former President Donald Trump.  Carlson explained the situation:

“They denounced Republicans even the fairly moderate establishment figures who pose really no conceivable threat to anyone. They denounce them as dangerous terrorists, they linked them to ISIS and al Qaeda, and anyone who complained about this or fought back in any way, was threatened with expulsion from Congress.

“In other words, it doesn’t matter what voters decided in November, in the name of democracy, you can no longer serve in the Congress. That’s what they said. Nor are dissidents permitted in the federal bureaucracy. No one who disagrees with our beliefs, Democrats have announced, can work in the U.S. government.”

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President Biden has started his term by signing 24 executive orders thus far. These orders take governing from the two-party system and place it on the desk of the President. The actions include climate change policies, reforms to police limiting their powers, and costing thousands of jobs by shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline.

The more ominous executive actions involved immigration enforcement.

President Biden has placed a hold on most deportations and has ordered the termination of federally contracted private prisons holding criminal immigrants. He is also considering a ban on privately held immigration detention centers and facilities that house the vast majority of illegal immigrants.

Democrats claim they are trying to show compassion for immigrants and compare the 11 million illegal aliens inside the United States today with the immigrants who built the United States. While this may pull on the heartstrings of the population, there is a darker reason for the immigration stance.

Democrats want votes to continue holding onto their political power. Immigrants from Central and South America widely vote Democratic. By allowing millions of immigrants to enter the country, and give them paths to citizenship, Democrats are counting votes.

Democrats are scared. They fear that the people may figure out what they are doing, so they are protecting themselves from what they view as the enemy, and that enemy is you. John Brennan, Former CIA Director, admitted as much when he called “domestic violent extremists” as more dangerous than al Qaeda:

“And this threat from domestic violence extremists is much more challenging, I believe, than it was in terms of going after foreign terrorists. The domestic violent extremists are much more pervasive, their numbers are much larger.

When we’re going after al Qaeda or other types of terrorist group cells in the United States, their numbers were in the single digits of dozens and were finding needles in a haystack. Here, there are a lot of haystacks with a lot of needles in them.

They have the wherewithal, they already have the weapons that if they so choose to use them, they can, in fact, carry out these deadly attacks.”

Tucker Carlson used Brennan’s words when describing what the Democrats view as the real threat:

“So many problems in this country, evident to anyone who is paying attention, but John Brennan, the former CIA Director, has isolated the real problem. The real problem is you.

“According to Brennan, anyone who disagrees with say, Susan Rice is worse than Osama bin Laden and more dangerous. These people meaning you, quote, ‘Have the weapons,’ these terrorists.

By terrorists, Brennan means tens of millions of American citizens who might have a firearm at home and didn’t vote for Joe Biden. They’re the threat and we need to hunt them as we hunted al Qaeda.”

The Democrats want you to believe that the government needs to protect itself from you. You are the terrorist. The Department of Homeland Security said as much in its National Terrorism Alert issued last week. The message from the alert is that anyone speaking out against the Democratic agenda is a Domestic Violent Extremists (DVE).

Although the alert claims to be a warning to people regarding their safety from terrorist threats, the truth is the alert warns the government about citizens who “object to the exercise of government authority.” In other words, those that question the government:

Information suggests that some ideologically-motivated violent extremists with objections to the exercise of governmental authority and the presidential transition, as well as other perceived grievances fueled by false narratives, could continue to mobilize to incite or commit violence.”

The alert defines DVE as those angered by the following:

  1. Anger over COVID-19 restrictions.
  2. Upset about the 2020 election results.
  3. Anger over police use of force.
  4. Racial and ethnic tensions.
  5. Opposition to immigration.

Democrats are saying that anyone who has felt any of the above concerns is a terrorist and a threat to the nation. What they mean is a threat to their power.

The last piece of the power-grab puzzle is control of the press. In today’s world, the “press” which is most influential to the population is social media. Using the attack on the Capitol as an example, Democrats are calling for the reigning in of social media platforms.

Democratic Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-VA) said after the attacks that social media has gone too far, allowing Trump supporters to spread “disinformation”:

“This is going to come back and bite ‘em (Social Media) because Congress, in a bipartisan way, is going to come back with a vengeance.”

Democrats have been pushing the Biden administration to go after social media for allowing communication of anti-Biden, pro-Trump messaging. They claim that social media platforms allowed too much disinformation to spread and allowed extremists to organize the Capitol attack.

Democratic Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-NJ) said after the attack:

“Congress was attacked yesterday by a mob that was radicalized in an echo chamber that Facebook and other big platforms created.”

The United States is headed down a rabbit hole it may not be able to climb out of, just as the Germans did over half a century ago. While the Democrats are not the Nazis, their power grab has been seen before.

We are living in a country that has transformed into a place where police officers are the enemy, free speech is offensive, and political dissent is outlawed. The United States is in trouble, and I do not offer the answer. However, the first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is a problem.

In America today, there is a problem.

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