Democrats Want Sheriff Clarke Removed From Office


MILWAUKEE COUNTY – Three Democrat politicians are calling for the removal of Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark.

State Sen. Chris Larson, State Rep. Jonathan Brostoff, and State Rep. Christine Sinicki are citing four deaths in the Milwaukee County Jail and Clarke’s intimidation via fiery rhetoric as cause for removal from his post, reported local news in Wisconsin. 

Since it is highly unlikely that the longtime Sheriff simply steps aside, the Democratic lawmakers’ call for Gov. Scott Walker to remove Sheriff Clarke. However, that would appear to be a political long shot as well.

Sheriff Clarke is highly respected and revered by most in the profession. He is known as a straight shooter, and is unafraid to challenge left-leaning ideology, which has administered the blueprint primarily responsible for the corrosive nature of big city politics.

Yet the Wisconsin Democrats are apparently ready to challenge him. “It is our duty and moral obligation to echo the sentiments of our constituents and fellow representatives by calling for the immediate resignation of Sheriff David Clarke,” the Democratic lawmakers said in a statement. “Under Clarke’s watch, the downtown jail facility has experienced a dangerous lack of supervision leading to improper intake screening for substance abuse and mental illness, which has contributed to these recent, tragic deaths.”

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