Democrats are now pushing a bill to send taxpayer-funded ‘relief checks’ to illegal immigrants


SANTA ANA, CA – Leave it to the progressive left to try and use American tax dollars to provide relief to illegal immigrants.

On April 3rd, three Democratic members of Congress introduced what was called the “Leave No Taxpayer Behind Act.”

I guess they called it that since it sounds more palatable than “Illegals Immigrants Want Money Too.”

The three responsible for crafting this proposed act are Lou Correa, Judy Chu, and Raúl Grijalva.

From what the press release says of this proposed amendment to the CAREs Act, it aims to correct “an egregious error” present in the current iteration of the relief act.

That “egregious error” cited is the fact that relief checks are only going to be sent to American citizens. Call me crazy, but I don’t think that was an “error” in drafting, I’m pretty sure that was intentional.

The crafty little piece of legislation refers to illegal immigrants as “ITIN taxpayers,” to imply that they’re somehow being robbed of what’s due to them. While people here illegally and employed using an ITIN are paying taxes, that doesn’t mean the federal government should reward one’s illegal presence.

Rep. Correa stated the following about his proposed act:

“I was appalled to learn hardworking, taxpaying immigrants were left out of the $2 trillion CARES Act. These taxpayers work in critical sectors of our economy, like agriculture, and contribute greatly to our country.”

Apparently, Rep. Correa forgot the word “illegal” before immigrants.

The congressman’s statement went on to attempt to evoke a false equivalency in his justification:

“The coronavirus doesn’t care about a person’s wealth, job, or immigration status.”

Well, anyone can tell that a virus doesn’t regard any of the aforementioned.

However, every established country does care about someone’s “immigration status.”

In Canada, people illegally entering the country can get up to two years in prison. In Finland, they can land one year. Heck, even France will lock someone up for a year the first time, and three years on the second offense.

Yet, Democrats want the U.S. to hook up those illegally in our country with $1,200.

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Rep. Chu had the following to note about the proposed act:

“The CARES Act is meant to help our whole economy survive this crisis. You cannot do that by excluding entire segments of the population.”

That’s odd, but when I was reading through the CAREs Act section called “Subtitle B—Rebates and Other Individual Provisions”, the word “economy” came up zero times.

That’s because that section, which listed the $1,200 relief details, had nothing to do with economic mobility. It had everything to do with Americans putting food on the table and Americans not missing their rent in April.

Furthermore, while portions of the entire CAREs Act do relate to the economy, the economy as a whole isn’t going to be damaged because illegal immigrants didn’t get a relief check.

Here’s perhaps the best zinger from this introduced act by Democrats. Rep. Grijalva chimed in with this gem:

“Immigrants—regardless of their status—are taxpayers who are working in some of the most important jobs keeping our economy running during this difficult time.”

That is some snazzy word-play involved there, lumping lawful immigrants in with illegal ones and saying they are keeping things going stateside.

Here’s the thing, not ALL illegal immigrants are paying taxes – even if they have an ITIN.

An ITIN is just used to report legal income earned, even if someone is illegally present in the country. All someone has to do is fill out a W7 form, and they’ll get an ITIN.

Color us shocked when we learned that some of the bill’s sponsors also happened to be members of The Squad. Some of the usual suspects, that often clamor about illegal immigrants, were Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar.

Doling out checks to persons illegally inhabiting a country is a preposterous position. You likely wouldn’t find another country that would even consider that notion either.

It’s time to end incentives for illegal behaviors. Period.

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