Democrats hire former gang banger who in January called Capitol police “white supremacists”


The following article contains editorial content written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

WASHINGTON, DC- Remember last summer, when House Democrats referred to police officers as storm troopers, Nazis, Gestapo, and insisted they were a bunch of killers whose intention when they began their shift was to hunt down black men and gun them down?

We do.

Democrats however have zero problem hiring former real life gang members for key positions in their party.

You know, people that actually killed other people. On purpose. For the fun of it. 

Want a little bit more recent history? How about hiring a real life gang member who in January referred to Capitol police officers as “white supremacists” after the Capitol incident on Jan. 6, and who condoned the looting after George Floyd died? 

The New York Post reports that House Democrats have hired such a person, an ex-gang banger for a top leadership position in the party.

The Post tells us that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), which is headed by New York Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (who obviously gives Irish-Americans a bad name), appointed Dyjuan Tatro as a “senior adviser for diversity and inclusion.”

It isn’t known if the sub-title of his official position is also “senior adviser for shooting and slashing victims,” as he was accused of in 2002.

Tatro is apparently a media star as well, having been the focus of a taxpayer-funded program on PBS called “College Behind Bars,” which focused on a group of inmates who were earning their college degrees through an initiative of the New York state correctional system.

Through that program, Tatro earned his bachelor’s degree while serving a six-year sentence for racketeering. So that was his first and only offense, right? Not so much.

When he was convicted of that crime in 2011, he was already doing time for the shooting of two rival gang members in 2006. Perhaps he can double as the Democrats’ gun-control adviser, since he apparently has vast experience in that area.

Tatro was the so-called “triggerman” for a street gang that terrorized New York’s capital city of Albany, the Original Gangsta Killas. Tatro confessed to the shootings, as well as the slashing of another victim in 2002 and, oh yeah…he was also a drug dealer. Sounds like the perfect addition to the Democrat team. Maybe he can hook up Hunter Biden. 

Tatro said that he had made at least $12,000 a month dealing drugs, while conspiring to traffic over 50 grams of crack cocaine.

Remember in January when Democrats discovered a new-found “love” for police officers when it was a politically advantageous way to attack former President Donald Trump? Well apparently, Tatro didn’t get the message. 

Fox News is reporting that before joining the DCCC earlier this month, Tatro had a lot to say about the Capitol attack. 

In a Twitter post, Tatro said:

“The answer to white supremacists storming the Capitol is not to give more money to a different group of white supremacists who’s [sic] job it is to uphold white supremacy.” Sounds like a great guy and perfect fit for anti-cop Democrats. 

Two earlier tweets were deleted, however Fox News had a screen grab wherein he complained about the Capitol Police budget. 

Democrats hire former gang banger who in January called Capitol police "white supremacists"
Dyjuan Tatro, hired by the DCCC had a lot to say about cops back in January-YouTube screenclip

In August, Tatro expressed support for violent looting and riots, characterizing them as “protests against systemic racism.” 

Tatro also suggested that reforming the police was akin to reviving Nazism:

“To all those people who want to reform the police because all cops aren’t bad, should we just go ahead and revive Nazism because all Nazis weren’t bad? I didn’t think so. Case closed,” he wrote on Twitter in June.  That tweet was since deleted…wonder why? 

The hiring of Tatro only reinforces the perception that Democrats are soft on crime, as if we didn’t know that after last summer, when they looked the other way as criminals were destroying American cities. This basically confirms what we already thought. Republicans agree.

“It’s certainly on-brand for criminal-coddling Democrats, but the rest of America will find it disturbing that a murderous gang member is holding a prominent position with the DCCC,” said New York State Republican Party Chairman Nick Langworthy.

“Second chances are one thing, but I would have to question Congressman Maloney’s judgment to put someone with such a violent past at the top of their organization.”

However, Maloney and the DCCC see no problem with hiring a former gang member who shot two people. They think it’s a “success” story.

“Dyjuan is a formerly incarcerated person who has worked hard to change the trajectory of his life through education and service to his community,” a DCCC spokesperson said.

“He has served his time for the crimes he committed and is now a national leader in the bipartisan movement to reform our criminal justice system and bring meaningful improvement to the education system in American prisons.

Such critical work breaks cycles of recidivism by making sure more people leave prison with the skills to hold down a hob and contribute to their communities.”

In fairness to Tatro, if a Democratic representative who had a sexual affair with a Chinese spy is still on the Nancy Pelosi-appointed House Intelligence Committee, we suppose a former gang member fits right in with the Democrats. He’s probably less of a threat than the aforementioned representative, Eric Swalwell of California.

Tatro has worked on Maloney’s congressional campaigns and issued the following statement upon being hired:

“This past election cycle has emphasized how electoral politics affects the daily lives of each and every American as well as the centrality of the African American vote to winning elections. I am honored to be joining the DCCC to work on a number of issues at the nexus of politics, diversity, and equity & inclusion.”

He added, “I want to thank Chairman Sean Patrick Maloney for his commitment to assembling talented & diverse DCCC teams.”

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Back in December, we reported on Rep. Swallwell’s bang bang with Fang Fang. For more on that, we invite you to:


TEXAS – We at Law Enforcement Today recently reported on the unveiled controversy revolving around Rep. Eric Swalwell was reportedly involved with a suspected Chinese spy some years back. 

While the controversy surrounding that matter is a story all on it’s own (more on that below), Senator Ted Cruz seemingly couldn’t help himself from making a bit of a pun regarding the debacle. 

And by pun, Senator Cruz decided to speculate on the nature of the Communist Chinese spy and Swalwell’s intermingling: 

“More than once, I’ve said “screw the Chinese communists.” Little did I know how closely Swalwell was listening.”

Now, in the interest of reporting verifiable facts, it is unclear whether Swalwell was involved romantically with the alleged espionage operative known as Christine Fang.

But, what can be said is that Swalwell’s own camp admitted that he and Fang knew each other since around 2012 – before he ever held public office. Fang even helped raise funds for Swalwell’s 2014 reelection efforts. 

And Fang even had helped place one intern into Swalwell’s office and mingled with the Representative up until around 2015. 

Plus, pictures of Fang show that she wasn’t exactly unattractive by conventional standards – in fact, most would likely agree that she’d rather easy on the eyes. 

And Swalwell didn’t get married to his current wife until 2016, after the FBI informed him of their concerns over Fang. 

 From there, one would have to speculate on what an attractive young woman – with an alleged agenda for the CCP to gather intel – and a young man might do when harboring said entanglements. 

But with Cruz’s joking speculation came some criticism, which is not all that surprising. 

One commenter responded to Cruz’s post, writing: 

“You sound more and more like Trump every day. To think I used to be so naïve as to believe you were one of the classier ones. You were right when you said he was evil, and now you’re acting just like him, maybe even worse.”

To which a particular writer from LET responded with: 

“Jokes aside, Swalwell managed to be entangled with Fang before he got into office, let her raise funds for him in 2014 and took in a staffer she suggested – all before he got married in 2016. I’m pretty dang sure he was tapping it as well, let’s be adults and cognizant here.”

As for Swalwell, he recently hinted at The White House possibly airing out his proverbial dirty laundry from years back.

The reason being is that he noted he’s been a vocal critic of President Trump when responding to the criticism over the essentially hushed debacle: 

“I’ve been a critic of the president. I’ve spoken out against him. I was on both committees that worked to impeach him. The timing feels like that should be looked at.”

But the timeline is a little skewed, as Swalwell has been critical of Trump far before the failed impeachment. In fact, he even appeared on MSNBC nearly two years ago accusing of President Trump’s son meeting with a “Russian spy”. 

One cannot but help notice the irony in those accusation, as Swalwell knew at the time of that interview that he’d courted in some fashion or another a literal Chinese spy for years

As mentioned earlier, there’s an awful lot of backstory to this Chinese Spy debacle – and it is well worth the read. 


WASHINGTON,D.C.-We at Law Enforcement Today recently reported on how the FBI had briefed Eric Swalwell about him getting a little too close to a suspected Chinese spy back in 2015

During a recent appearance on Fox News, a retired CIA Senior Clandestine Services Officer said that this likely isn’t an isolated matter and suspects there are more Chinese espionage operatives trying to hone in on up-and-coming political figures here in America.

Daniel Hoffman is the former CIA officer who alleged the aforementioned, saying the following: 

“I can say with a high level of confidence that there are many more of these women out there. China’s MO (modus operandi) is to flood the zone.”

The debacle that was recently unveiled pertained to a woman named Christine Fang, also known as Fang Fang, who was said to have operated stateside from 2011 to 2015, essentially functioning as what one might call a “honey trap”. 

For those unfamiliar with the term “honey trap,” many have likely seen the “honey trap” trope used in the likes of films and espionage fiction novels.

Typically “honey traps” involve some sort of operative zeroing in on a target believed to have information or resources beneficial to their respective group, mission, government, and the ilk. The way these “honey traps” get close often is by feigning a romantic interest or relationship. 

Pretty much one of the most used plot elements in the James Bond film series. 

Intelligence experts reportedly can’t detail an exact number of these sort of espionage operatives currently working to compromise individuals stateside, but experts estimate it could range from the hundreds to thousands. 

Experts say these “honey traps” often blend in at some of the country’s top universities, speak flawless English, and will often begin targeting their marks via Facebook and LinkedIn. 

But experts also say that these sort of operatives aren’t just trying to hone in on the proverbial big fish,  some have also been trained to spot and draw in rising talents. 

That was the case with Swalwell.  His office did admit to him and Fang having met “more than eight years ago,” prior to Swalwell having ever been elected to public office.

Yet in 2013, he’d become elected to the House of Representatives.  Fang was said to have even helped fundraise for his reelection efforts. 

Swalwell was said to have cut the relationship with Fang off after purportedly being informed by the FBI of Fang’s suspected ties with China.

While the exact nature of their relationship wasn’t divulged, apparently it was alarming enough for the FBI to deliver Swalwell a defensive briefing. 

Hoffman further explained what type of information a “honey trap” would be interested in when closing in on someone about to rise into the political ranks in America: 

“The goal is to become a trusted individual with who can share information. The spy here would have wanted to learn everything she could about his personality, every little detail of his leadership style to build a profile.

“The idea here is to latch on to someone like a Swalwell when they are a junior and make contacts. It is much harder to do that when someone is already big and well-known. [Fang] recognized that.”

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From what Hoffman detailed, these sort of espionage operatives will use just about anything they can to compromise and effectively place their targets under their proverbial thumb: 

“The goal is to get the target into a compromising position, usually with photos or video evidence of their indiscretions…Once compromised, they are told to cooperate, or else their actions will be disclosed and they’ll be divorced, lose their government clearance and their job, etc.”

Experts say that operatives are also known to not just only close in on their main targets, but also attempt to befriend individuals like aides, junior staffers, and interns of their respective target to gather a more complete profile on their mark. 

A former U.S. intelligence official conveyed under anonymity that while the practice of employing “honey traps” has been “glamorized” by the Russians, it’s the Chinese that have perfected the tactic: 

“The honey trap technique has been glamorized by the Russians over the years, but the Chinese are the ones who have really been stepping up their game.”

This former U.S. intelligence official noted that the Chinese used to work on entrapping the likes of wealthy businessmen, but have since redirected to targeting politicians: 

“It has only been in more recent years that it has been targeted toward the more political side of the house…And it is much easier trapping a politician than a CEO making millions, who has a lot more that money can buy.”

Jamie Williamson, the CEO of Global Executive Management and a former U.S. military counterintelligence specialist, also explained that the “honey traps” aren’t always acting as a spy on their own terms. 

Williamson said that the Chinese often try to find ways to compromise and compel some of their own into operating in these espionage efforts: 

“We don’t always know if they are just doing it for the money, sometimes their families back in China could be threatened. Or they are being targeted in their own blackmail scheme if they don’t deliver.”

When commenting on the recent unveiling of Swalwell’s intermingling with a suspected Chinese spy, Hoffman said that he should be speaking more publicly about it to create better awareness of these sort of “honey traps”: 

“The Chinese have a very ubiquitous presence here and the only way to prevent it is through education and awareness. Instead of saying ‘No comment,’ Swalwell should be doing a public service announcement – warning others to be vigilant.”


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