Democrat senator tells President Trump :’Don’t think about sending troops to Chicago’


Chicago IL –The City of Chicago has seen a drastic increase of violent crime, up by 50% since this time last year.

On July 21st alone, Chicago saw 14 people shot while attending the funeral of a man who had been killed in another drive by shooting last week.  These 14 shootings follow another bloody weekend, in which the city had 63 people who were shot, 12 of those died from their injuries. 

Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot took to twitter saying:

“Far too many have suffered.  Far too many have attended funerals and tried to start the process of healing entire communities following another senseless tragedy.  When a person picks up a gun, we suffer as a city.  This cannot be who we are.  We cannot give shelter to killers.  People know who are responsible.” 

After reading that statement, it would be logical that any help and assistance offered would be gladly received. 

However, Democratic Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth has a message for President Trump:

“don’t even think about it.” 

Duckworth told CNN:

“My answer to him is don’t even think about it.  This is disgusting, and it is the further politicization of our institutions, which should be nonpartisan.  He did it with the military when he sent National Guard troops against peaceful protesters in Lafayette Square [in Washington, DC], and now he’s done it in Portland and he’s coming to Chicago.  Don’t even think about it.” 

Lightfoot also does not believe that sending in federal police to help stop the violence will be helpful. 

In a video on her Twitter account, in response to President’s promise to send police there, she is quoted as saying:

“that’s not democracy.  That’s what we call tyranny, and dictatorship, and we are not having it in Chicago.” 

Apparently, the idea that Federal Police that are coming in to mop up the mess that the leadership of that city has allowed to flourish, makes President Trump a dictator. 


Duckworth believes that the only help the President should provide is working on gun safety proposals from the Democrats.  Their desire is to have stronger background checks, and work towards the illegal buying of firearms for those not licensed.  

Chicago has some of the more stricter gun laws in the country, requiring that anyone wishing to purchase any type of firearm must have a license or permit to do so.  They also, like many other states, have a waiting period built in to any legal firearm sale.

According to NPR, The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, a group which keeps tabs on gun laws, gave Illinois a solid B+.  Therefore, if putting an end to the gun violence in Chicago can be done by enacting more gun laws, why is the gun violence so high there?

Although Duckworth’s intensions to address gun laws may or may not help the city of Chicago in the future, that will not stop the current chaos taking place in the streets right now. The denial of President Trumps assistance is counterproductive for the city, and is just a ploy to allow the violence to continue. 

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Here is more on the Democrats push for gun laws that Law Enforcement Today brought you.

WASHINGTON DC – As anarchy spreads across the United States and with politicians doing their best to foment the unrest, Americans would typically turn to the police to protect them.

However, politicians, in bowing to the mob, are trying to emasculate the police, defund the police, and in the case of Minneapolis, disband the police.

What happens if you call 911 and nobody comes? All of this ties into the upcoming national election, as Biden’s plans for gun control could possibly remove Americans’ last line of defense against the criminal mob that threatens our country’s existence as it is.

So, what if nobody answered a call to 911? Sadly, that is the case in many parts of the country, as police are being outnumbered, outmaneuvered, and overworked dealing with cities that are out of control.

From New York to Chicago to Portland, our police officers are being pushed to the point of sheer exhaustion. Many are tiring of the constant day after day battles with a group of terrorist thugs that have been empowered by feckless leaders, overwhelmingly Democrats who are putting the November 3rd election ahead of their constituents.

Has one Democrat anywhere spoken out against the violence? Well, they are happy to speak out against the police whenever they are given the opportunity. Hell, the spineless mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler is suggesting that the police are the ones causing the issues, as his city burns for a 50th consecutive night.

Where is Joe Biden? Does he even know our country is being destroyed from within while he cowers in his basement? If he has spoken out against the violence, we have not heard it.

So, what happens when police are unable to protect citizens? Fortunately, in this country, we have the Second Amendment which gives us the right to keep and bear arms. Americans are noticing that while the current riots or “peaceful protests” as they are referred to by Democrats, are primarily happening in our cities, how long before they move to the suburbs?

According to the Financial Times, a record 3.9 million firearm background checks were conducted in June, according to the FBI. What does that equate to? According to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System, firearm background checks conducted in June blew away those from last year, increasing by 71% compared to the same period in 2019. The previous monthly record was just set this past March, when 3.7 million checks were conducted.

The Times said that the FBI database doesn’t indicate how many total guns were sold, however an analysis they conducted shows an estimated 2.4 million firearms were sold in June, a year-over-year increase of 146 percent.

What does all of this have to do with Biden? As it stands, quite a bit.

Remember earlier this year when Biden got into a famous back and forth with an auto worker in Detroit? The worker had accused Biden of trying to “take away our guns.”

And don’t forget, after receiving Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke’s endorsement, Biden said that O’Rourke would be in charge of his administration’s gun policy, were he elected. O’Rourke you may recall said he was “coming after” so-called assault weapons.

Biden’s gun control plans? Well it starts with a ban on the manufacture and sale of those so-called assault weapons, with Biden looking to regulate them pursuant to the National Firearms Act of 1934.

The current law applies to machine guns, silencers and short-barreled rifles, however under Biden’s plan, that would be extended to anything considered to be an “assault weapon,” meaning semiautomatic rifles, pistols and shotguns with interchangeable magazines that fire intermediate cartridges (think AR-15, the most popular rifle in the country).

It would also include “high capacity” magazines, which under the 1994 assault weapons ban meant a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds.

Biden’s plan would require people already owning those firearms to either participate in a federal buyback program or register each of the qualifying weapons and magazines under the NFA—at a cost of $200 plus fees. Of course, the purpose of a $200 fee is to make it cost prohibitive for a majority of people to register the weapons.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Democratic bill without draconian punishment for those who do not comply. How does 10 years  in federal prison and a potential $10,000 fine sound? Biden’s plan would also prohibit online sales of firearms and ammunition, as well as gun parts and parts kits which people use to manufacture firearms at home.

As noted in the Washington Post, such a proposal would unfairly punish poor and working-class people, taking away from them the ability to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Of course, the Hollywood elites and beautiful people who support Biden don’t care because they can either afford their own private security, or they can afford to pay whatever costs and fees a Biden administration would impose.

The writer in the Post notes that Biden’s plan amounts to a “war on guns,” much like previous “wars” such as those on poverty, crime, and terror. The writer claims the “targets” in those “wars” were primarily “black and brown” people, which seems a bit of a stretch, although in the case of the “war on crime” much of those brought down were minority communities because, as statistics have shown, those communities offend at a higher rate than non-minority communities.

Democrats like to pigeon-hole gun owners as “right wing extremists,” however a majority of those who own firearms do not fit into that demographic.

As seen during the current Black Lives Matter and Antifa protests, some citizens have taken to arms in order to protect themselves or their property. Unfortunately, in probably the most visible case in St. Louis, an overzealous Circuit Attorney decided that people who are being threatened do not have the right to defend themselves.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Washington Post article without the writer going totally off the rails. While ignoring left-wing extremists armed with weapons, she rails against so-called “white supremacists” and “right wing extremists.”

She claims that those on the other side “don’t want to be left empty-handed” when those people come into their community. Not for nothing but it doesn’t appear that there are too many “right wing extremists” committing anarchy daily on the streets of cities such as Portland.

The author then complains that Biden’s plan doesn’t do anything about handguns, doesn’t expand mental health services, and then going completely off the rails she complains it doesn’t “disarm the police,” whom she wrongly accuses of being “responsible for an unconscionable amount of gun deaths.”

Statistics show that is a lie.

The writer wants to provide weapons to what she calls the “working class” and take guns away from “only the well-heeled (and the agents of the state who defend them) [who] will be able to hoard stockpiles of highly efficient weaponry.”

It appears there is much not to like in Biden’s plan. Patriots who want only the best for the country and who want to defend their lives, their families lives, and their homes won’t like it. And apparently far-left people who want the Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs to be able to obtain guns don’t like it either.

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