Democratic congressional candidate Scott Wallace, who is running in Pennsylvania’s 1st congressional district against Republican representative Brian Fitzpatrick, was captured saying “dogs are smarter than police officers.” This occurred during a conversation with a constituent at a campaign event during the summer, according to audio sent to the Washington Free Beacon.

Wallace has been criticized by Rep. Fitzpatrick’s campaign as being anti-law enforcement. The criticism has been denied by Wallace’s campaign. As a result, the two have sparred over law enforcement in advertisements.

Democratic congressional candidate

Is this an anti-police candidate who was caught with his foot in his mouth? (Scott Wallace campaign)

The audio was recorded by a constituent during a meet-and-greet at an office opening in July in Montgomery County, Pa. However, it wasn’t sent to the Free Beacon until Sunday.

The Pennsylvania resident who possessed the recording desired to remain anonymous. The voter is described as an independent who is not “thrilled with Trump” and was giving Wallace a chance. However, that changed once he made the outlandish comments.

The confidential person has since decided to vote for Fitzpatrick after hearing Wallace make the defamatory statement.

The context of the conversation regarded school shootings. Wallace was allegedly discussing gun control and homicidal shooters with a constituent at the time the audio was recorded, particularly the subject of arming teachers.

Florida School Massacre

On February 14, 2018, a mass shooting occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Tragically, 17 people were killed and 17 more were wounded. (Photo courtesy forulaone)

The resident who recorded the comments claims the constituent speaking to Wallace at the time alluded to how teachers are smarter than police officers, at which point Wallace made the comment that even dogs are smarter than police officers.

Wallace is a liberal millionaire candidate. He has been a member of a controversial private club in South Africa that used to discriminate against Jewish and black people and invited controversial speakers, including former head of the Apartheid chemical and biological warfare program, Fox News reported.

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