California Democrat leader calls out other liberal Democrats on the hypocrisy of Martha’s Vineyard


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SACRAMENTO, CA: A popular California Democrat is calling out ‘hypocrite’ democrats and supporting and defending Florida Governor Ron DeSantis after he was widely criticized by opponents for sending immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard.

California Democrat leader calls out other liberal Democrats on the hypocrisy of Martha's Vineyard
Gov. Ron DeSantis suggests sending illegals to Delaware, Martha’s Vineyard-YouTube screenshot

Gloria Romero, a Latina democrat, and former Majority Leader of the California state senate, has publicly defended and supported Gov. DeSantis by calling out and blasting her democratic peers as ‘hypocrites.’

Romero was sparked by the hypocrisy, citing a liberal ‘elitism’.

In an interview on Fox News, Romero stated:

“Think about the irony. It’s the beginning of Hispanic heritage month. And here we are with a border that has not been secure for quite some time. Over 2 million migrants coming through,”

She continued:

“[and] it took only 50 brown people showing up in one of the most exclusive Democratic enclaves, without leaf blowers and without mops, for it to be declared a national emergency, and to get the media focused on this.”

California Democrat leader calls out other liberal Democrats on the hypocrisy of Martha's Vineyard
Screenshot image taken from Fox News YouTube channel


California Gov. Newsom Speaks Out

One of the first attacks aimed at Gov. DeSantis came from the uninspiring California governor, Gavin Newsom, who criticized DeSantis for sending 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. Newsom called on the Department of Justice to investigate claims of kidnapping.

His claims were absurd, baseless and a desperate attempt to get back into the limelight after barely surviving a recall election.

Gavin Newsom
screen shot taken from:

Gloria Romero also caught wind of Newsom’s hopeless attempt, and wasn’t afraid to call him, and other hypocrite Democrats out for the stance on the migrant transportation issue.

In her Fox News appearance, she stated:

“It is absolutely hypocritical. And maybe Latinos like myself, we consider ourselves democrats, but we are completely disaffected, disenchanted with how we have been treated. And how this issue is not been properly addressed by [the] democratic party overall.”

Over the last several weeks, numerous Democrat leaders have criticized Texas for busing migrants to their self-proclaimed sanctuary. In an ironic twist, these same leaders have been complaining over the unexpected arrival of countless migrants to their communities.

Bus drops off migrants in front of Harris' home - suddenly Biden asking for Mexico to stop border crossings
Migrant bus lands at VPs house. Screenshot image of Fox Business YouTube Channel.

These Democrats, like Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and New York Mayor Adams claimed that it was a strain on their resources, they’re unprepared and requested outside assistance.

Which is also in stark contrast to the purpose of a sanctuary city.

Then there is Marth’s Vineyard; an affluent, financially well-off community reserved for the Democratic elite.

And Democrat Gloria Romero continued to voice her opinion on the matter to Fox News, where she stated:

“That is why so many Latinos and Democrats within the party are just sick and tired of this. We have seen across the country, people like [Representative] Myra Flores and Democratic strongholds, historically winning.”

She continued in her Fox News interview:

“More and more Latinos such as myself are willing to say, yes we are Democrats, but we are not bound to the party. We are Americans first, we want border security, we believe in citizenship. We are a patriotic community, and we want respect and fair, comprehensive, immigration reform.”

It is clear that the only reason the latest drop off at Martha’s Vineyard is a hot topic is due to its wealthy, popular summer destination.

The local politicians responsible for the Martha’s Vineyard publicly bragged about their handling of the 50 migrants. They claimed the migrants were well fed, offered medical care and treated well overall.

Martha's Vineyard claims no jobs for illegals sent by DeSantis...the local paper shows over 50 job openings.
Martha’s Vineyard ships out illegals, claiming no jobs despite classified ads advertising for no less than 50 jobs

But soon after, the Massachusetts’ National Guard were deployed to scoop them up and take them to a military base nearby.

Romero went on to tell Fox News more about the hypocrisy, she stated:

“Calling out the hypocrisy that has been exposed by Martha’s Vineyard and their so-called treatment of ‘all lives matter’, it is a bunch of bs unless you have a leaf blower, and a mop in hand it appears.”

The Fox News commentator followed up with:

“That’s exactly right. Unless you’re there to work in their homes, and trim their hedges, they do not want you on Martha’s Vineyard. That is very clear.”

The Internal Democratic Turmoil

In one hand it is a sigh of relief to hear one Democrat openly criticize other leaders of their own party. On the other hand, politicians on both sides of the isle are known to simply say what people want to hear.

But Romero’s approach does seem genuine as she is a Latina who brings up legitimate issues involving border security, immigration reform and the fact that the Democratic party, as a whole, has been one big hypocrisy.

Let’s just hope other Democrats come to their senses are start making sense, too.

California Democrat leader calls out other liberal Democrats on the hypocrisy of Martha's Vineyard

More internal Democrat turmoil is on the rise.

Former Clinton cabinet official Reich says Democrats should boot Sen. Joe Manchin from party

Posted July 19, 2022

The following contains editorial content which is the opinion of the writer. 

We have to admit, it’s delicious to watch Democrats eat their own. The latest case involves radical leftist, former Clinton labor secretary Robert Reich, who is advocating for Democrats to kick Sen.

Joe Manchin (D-WV) out of the party, claiming they’ve “already lost control over the Senate,” Fox News reports. Reich lamented the fact that despite having the majority in the Senate, they are unable to get anything done.

It should be noted that earlier this year, the unhinged Reich advocated for violence against another moderate Democrat, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ). You can read our prior report on that here.

Aside from his position under Obama, Reich also served on Barack Obama’s economic transition advisory board.

In a column on Substack, Reich said launching Manchin from the party would somehow allow Democrats to claim they didn’t really have control of the Senate when voters head to the voting booth in November, if that makes sense.

Since Democrats have had control of both houses of Congress since January 2021, having Manchin no longer a member of the party for the last four months makes as much sense as running a 78-year-old, cognitively declining man for president. But these are Democrats we’re talking about.

Reich’s latest meltdown came about after Manchin told Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) that he would only support an August reconciliation bill which seeks to lower prescription drug prices and puts in place a two-year extension of subsidies for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), a Democrat briefed on the conversation said.

Manchin however denied the crux of the conversation that he had already ruled out some Democratic priorities in the bill, including tax hikes and climate change subsidies which Democrats have included in the party-line bill.

Manchin said he wanted to wait until the July inflation numbers come out next month before deciding. However with inflation hitting over 9% for June, the chances of those numbers dropping drastically appear slim and none.

For his part, the whiny midget Reich has already acknowledged the Democrats’ plans to totally wreck the economy are probably dead, claiming that the West Virginia senator had put “a final spear through the heart of what remained of Biden’s and the Democrat’s domestic agenda, particularly because he ‘also rejected any tax increases on big corporations or the wealthy’ until inflation is no longer an issue.”

Wow sounds like a pretty measured and sensible approach from Manchin.

“This is rich in every sense of the word. Raising taxes on big American corporations and the wealthy would not fuel inflation. It would slow inflation by reducing demand—and do it in a way that wouldn’t hurt lower-income Americans,” Reich wrote.

“Manchin’s state is one of the poorest in America…but Manchin doesn’t seem to give a cluck [?]. After all, the Democrat’s agenda—which Manchin just obliterated—included pre-K education, free community college, child subsidies, Medicare dental and vision benefits, paid family leave, elder care, and much else—all of enormous value to West Virginia.”

Reich further complained the senator hasn’t “championed anything else Democrats have sought,” and makes the accusation that money is the reason.

“Few if any American-based global corporations or billionaires reside in West Virginia, but lots of money flows to Manchin from corporations and billionaires residing elsewhere.

Manchin has not only taken more campaign contributions from oil, gas, and coal companies than any other senator (as well as dividends from his own coal company), he has one of the largest war chests from all big American corporations,” Reich wrote.

That’s pretty rich coming from Reich, who worked for one of the biggest money whores in American history. Reich also apparently ignores the enormous sums of money pouring into Democrat coffers from the same billionaires (George Soros, for example) and large corporations (Meta, Alphabet) that he condemns Manchin for accepting.

“If the Democratic Party had any capacity to discipline its lawmakers or hold them accountable (if pigs could fly), it would at least revoke Manchin’s chairmanship of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.

To continue to allow this key position to be occupied by the man who has single-handedly blocked one of the last opportunities to save the Earth [talk about a drama queen] is an insult to the universe,” Reich wailed.

“I’m told the Democrats don’t dare take this step for fear Manchin would leave the Democratic Party and switch his allegiance to the Republicans.”

That seemed not to concern little Robert whatsoever, “Why exactly would this be so terrible?”

He claimed that since Manchin “already acts like a Republican” (on financial issues only), it really wouldn’t matter if he changed teams, dismissing concerns Democrats would lose control of the Senate were he to switch sides.

“I have news for Democrats. They already lost control over the Senate,” Reich wrote. “In fact, the way things are right now, Biden and the Democrats have the worst of both worlds, They look like they control the Senate, as well as the House and the presidency. But they can’t get a damn thing done because Manchin (and his intermittent sidekick Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema) won’t let them.”

Reich further moaned that, “Democrats have accomplished almost nothing of what they came to Washington to do” in the nearly two years where they’ve held the majority in both chambers of Congress, and opines that will cost them in the November midterms.

“Democrats will have to go back to voters and say ‘we promised a lot but we delivered squat, so please vote for us again,’” Reich wrote. “This does not strike me as a compelling message.”

That was when Reich suggested Democrats kick Manchin out of the party (can they do that?) saying that would allow Democrats to give a more realistic message to their base:

“’It looked like we had control of the Senate, but we didn’t. Now that you know who the real Democrats are, give us the power and we will get it done.’ Maybe this way they’ll pick up more read Democratic senators, and do it.”

Be careful what you ask for, Tom Thumb.

California Democrat leader calls out other liberal Democrats on the hypocrisy of Martha's Vineyard

For one of our prior pieces about Manchin, we invite you to:


This editorial is brought to you by a staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

WASHINGTON, DC- At least one Democrat appears willing to admit that high gas prices and inflation are not going away anytime soon. At least that’s what Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on the “Situation Room” this past week, Breitbart News reports.

Blitzer asked Manchin about Biden and the administration blaming all the ills currently facing the United States on Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, as if prices were not already increasing prior to that event.

“The president is also blaming the high gas prices right now—and the inflation—he’s blaming Russia, labeling it Putin’s price hike. Can the White House really though, claim Putin is solely responsible? Because prices, as you know, have been rising long before the Russian invasion.”

This appears to be the latest tactic not only of Biden and the administration but the sympathetic mainstream media, who last week almost on cue began coining the term “Putin’s price hike” to describe skyrocketing gas and consumer goods prices.

Manchin agreed with Blitzer’s assertion that inflation was out of control prior to Putin’s invasion.

“Well, no doubt about it, that’s made a great increase, as far as in the price of fuel at the pump. But the inflation is killing all of us. I can tell you; inflation is hurting every West Virginian. And everybody that goes to the store or drives to work or whatever is seeing it directly affecting their decisions they’re making and how they’re providing for their family.”

Manchin noted that inflation amounts to a tax and noted that becoming energy independent would help deal with price fluctuations caused by issues abroad, while noting it is also important to have a workable tax code and to get the high cost of prescription drugs under control.

“And we’ve got to also—we can walk and chew gum with our climate positions in our country by basically making sure that we’re energy independent,” Manchin said. “

We have the cleanest fossil fuels. We produce them cleaner than anybody. And also, we have the ability to invest in the new technology and the cleaner technology that we need for a better climate. We can do it all.”

Blitzer then reminded Manchin that inflation was at a 40-year high, and asked the senator if he believed things were going to get worse before they get better. Manchin said he believed prices would remain high, saying he didn’t “see them regressing at all.”

“I called this a long time ago, last year, with everything that I saw and everybody that I talked to that I believed had the knowhow and the knowledge to explain to me and show me the graphs,” he said.

“We were in uncharted territory, and when everybody was saying it was going to be transitory, it will go away in a month or two, there was no way that I saw [with] what they were showing me that would happen.”

Manchin explained one of the reasons he was hesitant to sign on to the Democrats’ gargantuan multi-trillion dollar spending bill was because of what he saw down the road with inflation, which has since come to pass.

“And I said before we do down the path of a major bill and spend another $3 trillion, let’s take a pause, let’s look at what we’re doing. Because we don’t know what inflation’s going to do, we don’t know what COVID’s going to come back, and we don’t know basically the geopolitical unrest,” Manchin said.

Manchin then noted that all of that had indeed come true in some form.

“Well guess what, inflation came back and it’s now basically here and growing. We’re at 7.9%. And then you have the COVID, we had the Omicron come, that was absolutely devastating. And then, on top of that, we had the geopolitical unrest that turned into a war, an unconscionable war,” Manchin continued.

“Putin’s war on Ukraine and these innocent people, what they’re facing now is just unbelievable. So, we have to basically be stable and make sure we take care of [ourselves], be strong enough to help our friends and neighbors.”

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