Democrat lawmaker charged with sexually abusing little boys released from jail on bond


PHOENIX, AZ – An Arizona Democrat lawmaker who was arrested earlier in August under charges of allegedly sexually abusing two boys back in 2019 has since made bond, according to reports.

However, the gravity of the charges the man faces has spawned calls from both Democrats and Republicans for him to resign from the state senate.

On August 5th, 35-year-old Arizona State Senator Otoniel “Tony” Navarrete was arrested under multiple charges including sexual contact with a minor, child molestation and attempted sexual contact with a minor.

Phoenix Police Sgt. Andy Williams confirmed the charges, which stem from alleged criminal conduct dating back to around 2019 that involved two underage victims.

According to reports, a now-16-year-old boy told police on August 4th that he had been sexually abused by Navarrete on multiple occasions, with the abuse first starting when he was around 12 and continued on until he was 15.

Navarrete allegedly had placed his hand down the victim’s pants and inappropriately fondle him on more than five occasions.

Court documents also allege that Navarrete had touched the victim’s 13-year-old brother on his upper leg, but the 13-year-old child reportedly hit Navarrete’s hand away during the incident.

On August 5th, a phone call was recorded between the now-16-year-old victim and Navarrete, where police say that the victim discussed the alleged sexual abuse during the call and that Navarrete apologized to the victim on the phone, with Navarrete reportedly saying, “of course I regret any bad actions that I did, absolutely wishing everything could be different.”

These instances of alleged sexual abuse occurred when Navarrete was living with the victim.

It’s unclear as of this writing what sort of relationship existed between the victim and Navarrete that would afford context as to why the victim lived with the defendant during the period of alleged abuse.

If Navarrete is convicted on all counts, he reportedly faces a minimum of 49 years in prison.

During a court appearance on August 6th, Maricopa County Superior Court Commissioner Steve McCarthy set Navarrete’s bond at $50,000 along with restrictions that included the surrender his passport, staying away from minors, and electronic monitoring.

Navarrete posted bond and was released from jail on August 7th.

Arizona Senate Democrats released a statement regarding Navarrete’s arrest and charges, noting that they “are deeply disturbed” by the charges and that they are “closely monitoring the situation and are anxious for the facts of this ongoing investigation to be revealed.”

House Democrats shared a similar statement on the matter, saying they are “deeply alarmed by the arrest of Senator Tony Navarrete, and these are obviously very serious and disturbing allegations.”

A joint statement that was later released by Arizona House and Senate Democrats concluded that it is in the best interest that Navarrete should “resign immediately”:

“The circumstances and serious nature of the felony charges faced by Senator Navarrete provide an untenable distraction from his role as an elected official and public servant for District 30. Abuse of this kind is intolerable and our hearts go out to the victims. He should do the right thing for all involved and immediately resign from the legislature.”

Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs also shared a post on Twitter calling for Navarrete’s resignation:

“These are incredibly disturbing allegations. Senator Navarrete should resign immediately.”

Those same sentiments were shared by Democrat Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman, who wrote:

“These are deeply disturbing charges, and while everyone is innocent until proven guilty, Senator Navarrete needs to resign. We must hold our elected leaders to the highest standards.”

Republican Governor Doug Ducey is also among those saying that Navarrete should resign, calling the allegations against the state senator “abhorrent”:

“Sen. Navarrete should resign immediately. These allegations are abhorrent. My prayers are with the young victims and their loved ones during this traumatic time.”

This is an ongoing investigation.

Please follow Law Enforcement Today as we continue to gather further insight into this developing case.

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Back in July, we at Law Enforcement Today shared a report of another elected official facing charges out of New York, that being the mayor of Rochester. 

Here’s that previous report. 


ROCHESTER, NY – According to a recently unsealed indictment, Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren and her husband, Timothy Granison, have now been charged with criminal possession of a firearm, among other charges, related to a search warrant executed on her home back in May.

Back in May, New York State Police executed a search warrant at Mayor Lovely’s home in connection to a months-long investigation in what officials referred to as a mid-level drug operation that initially led to Granison facing several charges.

Reportedly several addresses were the subject of search warrants executed back in May where authorities discovered 2 kilos of powdered and crack cocaine and several firearms from these various search warrants.

At Mayor Warren’s home, authorities reportedly found a handgun and a rifle, which court documents described the handgun being as an unregistered Keltec P40 caliber Smith & Wesson.

Shortly after the execution of the search warrant at the Rochester mayor’s home, Granison was charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance and criminal possession of a firearm and is also embroiled in federal charges in connection to the case as well.

Yet, Mayor Warren managed to steer clear of charges connected to the search warrant executed on her home back in May – until now.

On July 16th, a Monroe County grand jury indicted Mayor Warren and her husband with criminal possession of a firearm, two counts of endangering the welfare of a child, and two counts of failure to secure firearms.

The charges revolving around child endangerment and failure to secure firearms relates directly to the couple’s 10-year-old child that was left alone in the home when the search warrant was executed back in May.

Joe Damelio, Mayor Warren’s attorney, has stated that the mayor intends to plead not guilty to the charges.

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We at Law Enforcement Today have reported extensively on the Rochester mayor’s legal troubles, as she was charged with campaign finance violations back in 2020, as well as her recent loss for the primaries to be reelected. 

Here’s our previous report from June. 


ROCHESTER, NY – Mayor Lovely Warren, the Democratic mayor of Rochester who has been the subject of numerous controversies and even criminally charged herself, has reportedly lost in the primaries for her reelection campaign

According to reports, Mayor Warren will also not be trying to run as a third-party candidate, effectively bringing an end to her role as mayor once her second term is completed. 

In news that is hardly surprising, Mayor Warren lost in the Democratic primary for reelection to opponent Rochester Councilman Malik Evans earlier in June. 

Councilman Evans joined the race for mayor in January of 2021, gunning for winning the Democratic ticket in the primaries for Rochester mayor.

Seeing that there’s no Republican challenger on the ballot for November, Councilman Evans is pretty much guaranteed to become to new mayor of Rochester once Mayor Warren’s term wraps up.  

On June 22nd when Councilman Evans was announced the winner of the primaries, he made the following statement: 

“Tonight is the true beginning of our journey together to put Rochester in the upper echelon of U.S. cities where it belongs.”

During his campaign for the primary ticket, Councilman Evans ran on a platform for restoring trust in elected officials and affording more government transparency. 

The platform seemed like an appropriate move, as Mayor Warren faced accusations of trying to cover up a March 2020 in-custody death of Daniel Prude. 

In a report from ABC News, it was found that Mayor Warren had flat-out lied during a press briefing held in September of 2020 alleging that she hadn’t even heard of Prude’s in-custody death (that was ruled a homicide) until August of that year.

Turns out, she’d spoken to former Rochester Police Chief La’Ron Singletary on March 23rd, 2020 about Prude’s death – which was the same day that he died. 

Numerous others, such as the former Rochester Police chief, were also alleged to have tried their best to suppress key details about Prude’s death. 

Councilman Evans said that Mayor Warren’s handling of Prude’s death had “torn the city apart”.

But police-custody deaths that proved to attract controversy wasn’t all that Mayor Warren has been dealing with that has tarnished her image to the point of non-electability. 

In October of 2020, Mayor Warren was indicted on felony campaign finance violations

Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley announced on October 2nd that a grand jury indicted Mayor Warren and two others with one count of scheme to defraud and one count of violation of election law, both Class E felonies. 

Class E felonies that are non-violent could result in a sentence ranging from no jail with probation, to up to four years in prison. 

When District Attorney Doorley addressed the press back in October, she noted that the case would not be a exercise in trial by media: 

“We are here this afternoon to update the community on the conclusion of an investigation that has had much speculation over the years. We are here to be transparent and up-front with the people of Monroe County.”

“We are not here to conduct a trial in the media.”

A trial date for Mayor Warren has yet to be set for the charges she’s facing. 

But in other court-related debacles, Mayor Warren’s husband, Timothy Granison, was arrested back in May of 2021 after a search warrant of their home reportedly turned up a rifle and an unregistered firearm in connection to a drug ring investigation. 

With the swirling controversies and legal troubles of both her and her husband, Mayor Warren’s defeat at the primaries simply does not come as a shock to anyone closely monitoring the race. 

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