All charges dropped against Democrat Kentucky state representative, friends who were arrested during riots


LOUISVILLE, KY- After being arrested in September for participating in violent riots that led to property damage, a Kentucky politician has been cleared of all charges. 

State Representative Attica Scott faced both felony and misdemeanor charges for her role in the Breonna Taylor rioting that occurred in Louisville on September 24. Protesters gathered in the streets after a grand jury decided to press charges on only one of three officers that were involved in Taylor’s death. The “peaceful protest” quickly turned to rioting that left the city in shambles.

The Democratic representative took to the streets of Louisville to protest the grand jury’s decision and demand justice for Breonna Taylor. After the protests turned violent, local law enforcement were forced to arrest at least 24 other rioters.

Among the apprehended rioters was Rep. Scott, who was charged with felony rioting as well as two misdemeanors for unlawful assembly and failure to disperse.

In early October, the felony rioting charge levied against Scott was dismissed and the representative turned to Twitter to celebrate.

In a tweet October 6, Scott proclaimed that, while the felony charges against rioters were dropped, the misdemeanor charges remained.

Scott said:

FELONY CHARGES have been dropped against all of us!

MISDEMEANOR CHARGES are still pending.


Now, Scott is celebrating again. On November 16, the radical representative took to Twitter once again to announce that all charges against her had been dropped. Scott also extended a thank you to community members who campaigned for her release.

Scott wrote:


Thank you to all of our justice seekers, people who called, emailed and tagged the County Attorney on social media. You got it done!

Our work continues as we seek justice for Breonna Taylor.”

Scott’s attorney, Ted Shouse, claimed that the county attorney acknowledged that the arrests were unwarranted. 

Shouse stated:

“I think there’s no other way to interpret it as these arrests are not warranted. There’s no other way to see this other than a recognition by the county attorney’s office that these arrests never should have been made.”

But, despite all charges against her, and 17 other rioters, being thrown out, Scott still isn’t happy. The representative is now claiming that she should have never been arrested in the first place. In fact, Scott called the charges against her “bogus” and ruled her arrested to be an act of “political retaliation.”

The Democrat representative arrogantly claimed that police “knew exactly who they were arresting” and chose to press charges over her proposed legislation:

“They knew exactly who they were arresting, that they had several of the folks who have been providing leadership at (Jefferson) Square, that they had the primary sponsor of Breonna’s Law for Kentucky,” 

Scott is correct that there were sponsors of Breonna’s Law, a proposal to end no-knock warrants, in the crowd of rioters in September. Scott is also, again, putting her arrogance on full display as she herself is the “primary sponsor” of the law. The representative proposed the legislation back in August.

According to the Courier Journal, Scott also proclaimed that the charges against 500 other “comrades” needs to be dropped as well.

Scott stated:

“We also have 500 of our comrades who are still facing bogus, unnecessary charges so we’ve got to make sure we get those charges dropped as well,”

It is clear that the radical representative is focused on ensuring the charges placed on violent rioters are dismissed regardless of their validity. This is illustrated perfectly by her fight to clear Louisville protesters of their crimes. 

On the night Scott was arrested, rioters broke the windows of a local restaurant and caused damage to several other businesses. 

Protesters also caused extensive damage to a city library and threw flares into the building.

Despite this, Scott is insistent that rioters did no wrong. The state representative has made it clear that she will continue defending, and participating, in protests that lead to property damage and violent confrontations.

Just last week, we reported on the fallout after a Democrat State Senator was arrested on similar charges:

PORTSMOUTH, VA – Portsmouth Police Chief Angela Greene was terminated Monday morning after being suspended from her position as Police Chief approximately two months ago. 

All charges dropped against Democrat Kentucky state representative, friends who were arrested during riots
Screenshot courtesy of WAVY-TV Portsmouth

Chief Green was suspended on September 4th by the former city manager, just weeks after she brought felony charges against Democrat State Senator Louise Lucas and others in relation to protests and monument destruction that occurred June 8th. 

Senator Lucas was caught on video instructing Portsmouth Police officers to stand down during the protests.


Greene stated during an interview with WAVY-TV of Portsmouth/Hampton Roads, VA:

“I believe I was wrongfully terminated for upholding the law, and [I’m] being retaliated against for sticking to my sworn oath; that I swore to serve and protect my citizens, community and keeping my officers safe.”

Greene worked with Richmond Police for 15 years before joining the Portsmouth department as  assistant chief in 2016.

At the last city council meeting, the city manager told council members that Greene had been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into her personnel file. Greene was appointed Chief of Police in March 2019.  

On June 10, 2020,  protestors gathered around monuments in Portsmouth and spray painted several statues.  

As the demonstration wore on, police were told by Senator Lucas that they couldn’t arrest protestors. She claimed she wasn’t directing the protestors but directing the police.

She stated on video:

“I’m not telling them to do anything. I’m telling you, you can’t arrest them.”

Later that evening, protestors damaged four statues.  One fell on a bystander as it toppled, seriously injuring the man.

After an investigation by Portsmouth Police, Chief Greene announced charges to be filed. Greene announced that charges had been brought against 14 people, including Senator Lucas, NAACP members, a school board member, and several public defenders. 

Senator Lucas has continually proclaimed that the police had no right to move or stop her and the people assembled to destroy the statue.

All 14 were charged with “felony injury to a monument.” Additionally, eight were charged with conspiracy. Most of the charges levied by Greene were dismissed as she was formally terminated. 

The commonwealth’s attorney and city manager said they didn’t know police were filing charges.

A few days after the announcement of charges, the city manager sent out an email. In it, he stated  that Portsmouth Police were supposed to drop the investigation due to a conflict of interest. There was no further explanation.

Chief Greene has said that she tried to have an outside agency investigate because of the potential conflict involved.  After “all efforts were exhausted,” Greene had her department to do it. 

Greene added Monday:

“You get knocked down but you don’t stay down.  Going forward, it is going to be a long, dark journey.”

Chief Angela Greene holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Pre-Law and Political Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University located in Madison, New Jersey. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with University Honors, Political Science Honors and a member of Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society. 

She served first as an officer, and then sergeant in Richmond, VA, where she supervised the Personnel & Recruitment Unit, Cadet Program, and Training Academy.


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LET Unity

Police chief charges state senator, black leaders with felonies. The vice mayor wants her fired… because her mommy is the senator.

August 24, 2020

PORTSMOUTH, VA – Two top offices in Portsmouth, Virginia appear to be in a public showdown again. It’s the latest twist in city level drama that’s hit national headlines all summer.

Some residents tell local TV station WAVY they want the vice mayor, Lisa Lucas-Burke, arrested.

Meanwhile, Lucas-Burke wants Police Chief Angela Greene fired.

The women, along with many other public officials in the city of about 100,000 people, have been tangled in scandal since June.

It all started with the destruction of a Confederate monuments.

Earlier this summer a group toppled a statue made up of four Confederate soldiers.

One of the soldiers fell on a man who was reportedly part of the demonstration but did not take part in the actual destruction of the monument. His wife told 13 News Now that her husband was so seriously injured that he flatlined in the ambulance and doctors later put him into a medically induced coma.

Following his injury, police launched an investigation.

Last week, Police Chief Greene announced felony charges against fourteen people, including high profile Black leaders in the area and State Senator Louise Lucas.

Sen. Lucas is facing charges for conspiracy to commit a felony and injury to a monument in excess of $1,000.

Following the charges, Sen. Lucas has reportedly said only, “I will be vindicated.”

In a statement to WAVY, her attorney spoke about police and the arrest of his client:

“Consequently, they’re doing what they always do which is they weaponize the criminal justice system against black leadership and that’s what they’re doing. This time we’re going to fight it vehemently, we’re going to fight it vigorously.”

Now, here’s where it starts to get complicated.

Sen. Lucas is the mother of Portsmouth Vice Mayor Lucas-Burke.

In the days since Chief Greene announced the charges, Vice Mayor Lucas-Burke has called for her termination.

During a press conference, covered by WAVY, she said she wanted answers about the investigation and the police chief’s decision to make the arrests, so she reached out to the city manager. Lucas-Burke said at the press conference:

“I am upset, and it’s not just because it’s my mother, but because I am a member of Portsmouth City Council. I ask the city manager if she knew about the charges, she says she knew nothing about it. The city attorney didn’t know anything. Who is running the goddamn city?”

The backlash has now come full circle.

Some say Lucas-Burke’s comments violated a section of the city charter that says council members cannot call for the firing or resignation of any city employee.

Section 2.33 of the city charter reads:

“Neither the council nor any of its members shall direct or request the appointment of any person to or his removal from any office or employment by the city manager or by any of his subordinates or in any way take part in the appointment or removal of officers and employees of the city except as specifically provided in the Charter.”

Virginia Beach attorney Tim Anderson launched an effort to recall Sen. Lucas from public office after the June protest.

He posted a video to Facebook Friday which includes a clip of the vice mayor speaking at the news conference where she called for the resignation or firing of the police chief. The caption for his video includes charter code which says it’s a class 3 misdemeanor for a member of the council to call for the removal of someone from employment with the city.

Lucas-Burke fired back in front of news cameras:

“I can express my opinion, just like any other citizen, and I am an elected official of this community so I have a responsibility to relay their [the public] concerns.”

High ranking officers appear to be backing their chief.

In an email to city council members written by investigating officer Sergeant Kevin McGee and released by WAVY, Sgt. McGee reportedly praised the police chief and called Lucas-Burke’s criticisms “disgusting” and “repulsive.”

In case you missed it, here’s the original report on the arrest:

PORTSMOUTH, VA – A Virginia state senator faces felony charges in connection with the destruction of a Confederate monument that led to the severe, and likely life-altering, injuries of a protester.

Law Enforcement Today has written numerous articles on the vandalism, desecration and outright destruction of monuments and memorials around this country over the past few months as rioters have taken it upon themselves to create a Utopian society where lawlessness is the new normal and history is forgotten.

Typically, when arrests are made and charges are filed, the story contains a photo of a 20-something white kid still living in the parents’ basement and whose allowance is spent on hair dye and Red Bull.

But that is no longer the only face of the destructive force targeting our monuments and memorials.

Sen. Louise Lucas is now one of those faces. She is a Democrat state senator in Virginia representing parts of Portsmouth. The rest of the city is represented by Republican John Cosgrove.

All charges dropped against Democrat Kentucky state representative, friends who were arrested during riots
Facebook Screenshot

According to her state Senate website, Lucas, a deacon at New Olivet Baptist Church, has been a state senator since 1992. She is a member of numerous committees, including judiciary and rules.  

This past Monday, Portsmouth Police Chief Angela Greene confirmed that Lucas has been charged for her role in the incident that occurred on June 10.

Chief Greene said:

“But what is important to note, is that, of all the incidents that occurred across our nation, our incident was the only incident that resulted in a man being gravely injured.” 

So, what exactly happened in this case?

The Daily Press reported:

“Demonstrators beheaded the four Confederate statues before pulling one down using a tow rope Wednesday night at the Portsmouth Confederate monument as police watched. A protester was injured as the statue fell, hitting him on the head.

Louie Gibbs, vice president of the Portsmouth NAACP, said the man, who was in his 30’s, lost consciousness. The man’s head was cut open, and he was transported to the hospital.”

Chris Green, a husband and father of two, is currently at a rehabilitation hospital in Richmond, according to his wife, where he is learning how to walk and talk again.

He cannot currently do either, but he can drink liquids and responds to prompts from the therapists. He also reportedly flat-lined twice in the ambulance.

It is ironic that Gibbs was involved in the statement above. He, along with two other representatives of the local chapter of the NAACP as well as a school board member, is facing the same charges as Lucas.

The charges being brought against her are conspiracy to commit a felony and injury to a monument in excess of $1,000, according to Fox 8.

Facing only the latter of those charges are three local public defenders.

In all, 15 people are facing one or both of those charges.

More charges could be produced as the investigation continues. Chief Greene asked that anyone with an active warrant against them turn themselves in.

Police are still trying to identify 13 other people. Detectives released the photos of them on Monday but had to take them down after the photographer claimed copyrights on the photos.


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