Democrat ends campaign, blames ‘right-wing clickbait’ after what she did at sleepover for little girls comes back to bite her


OKLAHOMA — Abby Broyles, a candidate for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District, has ended her campaign.

On Thursday, a press release from Broyles’ team announced she was withdrawing her candidacy for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District due to several factors.

KSWO reported what the reasons were:

“In a press release, Broyles’ campaign said after she announced her candidacy for the House seat representing parts of the Oklahoma City area, the Republican legislature in Oklahoma ‘gerrymandered’ the district which ‘prevents any democrat from winning.’

“They said, along with recent events in her personal life which turned Broyles into ‘salacious right-wing clickbait’ led them to the decision to end her campaign.”

The Western Journal noted:

“Broyles was a former reporter for KFOR-TV and a lawyer. She’d been the Democratic nominee in a 2020 election against GOP Sen. James Inhofe — which wasn’t even close, nor could it have been, but it was a sign she was climbing the political ladder.

“In 2022, she was tipped to be the nominee for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District, which could plausibly be considered a swing seat given the GOP only won it by four points in 2020.”

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In an op-ed posted on Medium, Broyles indicated that while she is out for now, there might be a future run:

“Today, I am ending my campaign for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District to focus on myself and my happiness. This decision hasn’t been easy to make; I got into politics because I wanted to help people.

“To give every Oklahoman a fair shot and a decent life. To my family, friends, and supporters who’ve stood by me and believed in me when I was on top of my game and when I fell from grace, thank you.

“I checked myself into rehab a couple weeks ago and am already making dramatic progress. I’ve gone the longest I’ve ever gone without a drink in more than a decade.

“I look at the scar across my forehead, and now it reminds me that on the surface I may be scarred, but underneath, I’m a survivor and a fighter.

“I’ve spent years fighting for women, working families, advocating for better healthcare, quality public education for every child no matter their zip code; the list goes on and on.

“But now’s the time to take on my own fight that I’ve been running from for 20 years: facing my mental health challenges head on.

“I don’t know what the journey ahead for me looks like, but I’m grateful to be alive with a fighting spirit and keep my promise — I’m not done yet.”

Last month, Broyles was criticized for her alleged verbal abuse and behavior toward several pre-teen girls who were at a sleepover.

The incident unfolded on Feb. 11 when Broyles allegedly became intoxicated and aggressive while at a friend’s house where the sleepover was taking place.

The Western Journal reported:

“In February, reports emerged that she visited a friend’s house while said friend was hosting a sleepover.

“She then proceeded to get so intoxicated, she threw up in a clothes hamper and verbally abused the girls in attendance, calling them names like “Hispanic f*****,” “acne f*****” and “judgy f*****.”

“She blamed it on taking an unknown sleeping pill, which had been offered to her.”

KSWO reported that while Broyles admitted she made a mistake, she also blamed an unnamed mother for making false accusations against her.

Broyles allegedly said through a statement:

“Last month, I made a mistake I deeply regret. As I admitted, I mixed alcohol and a medication I’d never taken before while under the same roof as a group of young women who looked up to me, and for that, I apologize from the bottom of my heart.

“A mother whom I’ve never met, went to Twitter and the media 5 days later to make accusations that not only go against my core values and beliefs, but are falsely accusatory.

“The moment the news became public, I received countless repulsive messages, right-wing social media attacks, and death threats that have led to me feeling unsafe in my own home. 

“On the morning of March 2nd, I made the attempt to take my life, but thankfully, God had greater plans for me. I am currently undergoing mental health treatment for severe anxiety and dependency on alcohol to cope.

“For too long, I was committed to being a great political figure and representative for the people of Oklahoma rather than taking the time to work on the most important part – myself.

“I want to thank my family, friends, supporters and donors who have reached out and lifted me up.

“Once I work through my mental health challenges, I will be back to fight and protect our democracy, working alongside all of you – women, girls and working families alike. I’m making this promise to you: I will be back stronger than ever.”

On Feb. 22, Broyles tweeted:

“The things I’m accused of saying are not who I am, nor do they depict the entirety of the situation that occurred. They are not a reflection of my beliefs.

“This has been a painful attack on my character from the accusations themselves to the overwhelming amount of politically-charged threats, malicious emails, calls and messages I’ve received. 

“Like all of us, I’m not perfect. We all make mistakes and I’m sure I’m not the only Oklahoman who’s ever had one too many on a Friday night.

“Being in the public eye for an intense three years in a tumultuous political climate has been the most stressful time of my life.

“While I’m committed to service, I’m taking some time to focus on my mental health and recharging so I can feel 100% again.”

NONDOC, a left-leaning Oklahoma news outlet, reported:

“Sarah Matthews, whose daughter attended the party, outlined some of Broyles’ alleged behavior in a Twitter thread Wednesday that tagged Broyles’ account.

“Matthews was not present but was told of the alleged events by her daughter and the mother who hosted the party.

“Both Matthews and her 12-year-old daughter discussed the situation thoroughly with NonDoc.

“Another parent, who asked not to be named, corroborated the story based on details provided by her daughter after the party.

“Text messages from the homeowner outlining and apologizing for Broyles’ actions were also provided to NonDoc by multiple people. In a phone conversation, the homeowner also confirmed to NonDoc that Broyles had caused an incident ‘of magnitude’ at her home.

“NonDoc also obtained two photographs of Broyles: A picture of her drinking wine in a kitchen next to two girls, and a screenshot of her in a TikTok video posing with four girls, three of whom are wearing matching pink pajama outfits adorned with hearts.

“Matthews said she is still shocked by her daughter’s account of what happened.”

NONDOC also reported that Broyles had originally denied the mother’s allegations, even going so far as to say she was not even at the house where the slumber party was taking place:

“Broyles flatly denied the allegations and said she was not at the house that evening. She eventually said she was out of town.

“‘I saw the tweets. I have been out of town on a fundraising trip, and they are awful and offensive and false,’ Broyles said. ‘I mean, I get trolled on Twitter all the time, but I don’t know these women and I don’t know what is behind this, but it’s just not true.’

“Asked if she had even gone to the house where the slumber party occurred, Broyles said, ‘No.’

“‘I don’t want to talk about — I mean, this is ridiculous that this is becoming a thing,’ Broyles said. ‘This didn’t happen.’”

Matthews expressed frustration after being told that Broyles denied the incident had occurred, telling NONDOC: 

“I find it grotesque. She was 100 percent there, these children were 100 percent abused by her verbally and emotionally.

“The fact that she is trying to hide it or act like it is no big deal is disgusting, particularly for someone in her position who tries to present herself as so pro-woman.”

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