Democrat-controlled Milwaukee: Four homicides, three overdose deaths in 24-hour period as violence spreads


MILWAUKEE, WI – In another city that appears to be competing in the “most crime and violence” game with other Democrat-run cities, the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner was called to four homicides and three probable overdose deaths in just 24 hours this week.

The first murder occurred early Thanksgiving morning when a 17-year-old boy was shot and killed near 15th Place and West Arthur Avenue in Southeast Milwaukee.

Around 2:00 p.m., officers were called to the scene of a car crash and shooting near North 13th Street and West Hope Avenue on Milwaukee’s north side. A 34-year-old Milwaukee man was pronounced dead at the scene.

The final fatal shooting happened around 5:40 p.m. when officers were called to the scene near Lancaster Avenue and 106th Street on the northwest side. This shooting was the result of a domestic incident and a suspect was brought into custody.

The final fatal episode for the 24-hour period on Thanksgiving was the death of an infant, who was delivered at 22 weeks after the 14-year-old mother was shot earlier this week.

The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner announced that three people died of drug overdoses in the same 24-hour period.

These recent homicides are shadowed by the recent report of 159 homicides/murders in Milwaukee through the end of October. When the statistics are compiled to include November and December, this year will apparently break the homicide record the city previously held of 165 murders in 1991.

Milwaukee is experiencing an average of two homicides per day based on information obtained from the Milwaukee Police Department. That is a projected final number of 220 for the year. And that is just within the city of Milwaukee itself–in Milwaukee County, the record number was 174 for the year in 1993, and that number has already been surpassed.

Milwaukee, like many democrat-controlled cities, has seen enormous increases in violent crime. Groups have sought to defund and reduce the numbers of the police department amid protests devolving into rioting, looting, arson, and assaults which have occurred as a spinoff from the George Floyd protests.

Just last month, the Milwaukee mayor’s budget proposal included eliminating 120 police officer positions.

The budget from fiscal year 2019 – 2020 had already cut 60 police officer positions, reducing the police force down to approximately 1,800 officers. This new budget would decrease that number by nearly another ten percent.

The 2020 – 2021 budget also decreases the number of firefighters and includes closing at least one fire station.

There is discussion of a separate element being presented to city aldermen to reduce the police budget by another ten percent, or $29 million, effectively reducing another 375 officer positions.

And the shootings and murders continue:

At about 9:20 p.m. on Thursday, a 37-year-old man was shot on the 7400 block of West Beckett Avenue on the city’s north side. Police reported the man received serious gunshot wounds and is in critical condition.

The day before, a 21-year-old man was seriously wounded and a 43-year-old man sustained minor gunshot wounds after an altercation on the 2600 block of North 20th Street.

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Homicide rates in Democrat-run Milwaukee break 1991 record, surpassing 165 murders

November 16, 2020


MILWAUKEE, WI – Violence in Milwaukee is increasing, and this week, the “Cream City” surpassed a long-standing homicide record.

As of November 6, Milwaukee tied the 1991 homicide rate with having 165 murders. The next day, the homicide rate had surpassed the 1991 record as two additional murders occurred.

Common Council President Cavalier Johnson commented on the disturbing trend, likening the roads he passes by as being reminiscent of a graveyard:

“It’s painful to drive around, walk around some of our neighborhoods to see these makeshift memorials on roadsides, it’s like driving through a cemetery.”

Johnson said that this is not an issue police can solely alleviate, but that communities need to “step up” as well to address and curb the violence:

“Obviously you can’t have a police officer on every block, certainly can’t have one in every house. We need people in our community to step up, we need people in our community to say this is inappropriate behavior.”

When it pertains to preventing violence, Johnson says that it all starts with life at home. Johnson stressed that families need to concentrate on cultivating an environment that promotes both employment and education:

“When folks have that, it creates stability in their lives, in their children lives, which spills out into the streets, it creates stability in our neighborhoods making them safer.”

Johnson pointed out that when conflict turns to violence, particularly in fatal instances, there is more than just one victim being affected. The Common Council president explained that real-world violence affects all those who knew and loved the victim:

“You’re not just hurting, potentially killing the person you are beefing with, you’re killing that person’s mom a little bit, you’re killing that person’s sister or brother.”

Johnson hopes that friends and families can begin having discussions regarding violence prevention:

“We need the people around them to do that, we need friends to do that including their moms and dads.”

Vanessa Maldanado is among those who can identify with the sentiments expressed by Johnson. On September 22, Maldanado’s brother, Jason Cleereman, was shot and killed following an altercation with a man on a bike along Holton Street and Brady Street.

Maldanado noted that she cannot process the grief over her brother’s killing, citing just how pointless his death was:

“I am so angry still I can’t even get to the point I can grief my brother’s death. It’s just so crazy and so senseless that that’s the first thing people think of is to have a gun and shoot somebody.”

Police have not located Cleereman’s killer. There is currently a $10,000 reward from CrimeStoppers for information leading to an arrest in the case.

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