DeliverFund Is Targeting Human Traffickers


DeliverFund Is Targeting Human Traffickers

We love irony., the former international ad site that notoriously helped run an online brothel in the form of human sex trafficking, may soon have their previous office space occupied by none other than DeliverFund, the agency that took them down earlier this year.

We’ve told you about DeliverFund before. This team of former Special Operations Veterans, NSA analysts, members of Delta Force, CIA, FBI and Navy SEALs has its sights set on destroying human trafficking rings. These are the men and women that are rescuing innocent victims and devastating markets on a daily basis.

In January of 2017, was found guilty of not just hosting ads for trafficked women, but actually coaching traffickers on how to creatively re-word the ads in order to keep law enforcement from picking up their trail.

Here’s the issue. Our government has agencies to combat narcotics, firearms, smuggling, and a host of major problems in our country. Yet it’s 2018 and we still don’t have a dedicated department going after sex traffickers. See the problem?

Human trafficking is a crime that should concern everyone. (Lembagai KITA)

Enter DeliverFund.

You may have seen founder and CEO Nic McKinley in Vice’s recent episode, ‘The Real Jack Ryan’. This former CIA and special operations vet brings his expertise to helping train police departments how to track and take down traffickers. But now their agency might be on the move.“We’re trying to move our headquarters from Albuquerque to here,” says co-founder and senior vice president Jeremy Mahugh. Mahugh has been working closely with a real estate broker to seal the deal.

Relocating to Dallas would be a key move for DeliverFund, considering the high percentage of cases they’ve dealt with in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area.

“Dallas has a great hub of people who care about doing good in the world and have the financial capacity to do it,” notes Mahugh. “There’s a large problem, but also significant capability to solve it. … Plus, we have a massive amount of law enforcement in this area who want to be part of the program, so having headquarters here lets us get many more officers trained for much less than it would cost them to get to Albuquerque for seven to 10 days. There’d be a lot more options we could provide.”

operation throat punch
Sex slavery globally is a $150 billion dollar industry, according to (Photo courtesy Ira Gelb)

Eric Bauer, a lawyer who helped represent multiple victims against had this to say. “The two major criminal industries in this country are drug trafficking and sex trafficking. For drugs, we have the DEA. For sex trafficking, we have DeliverFund.

If you want to make a direct impact in the take down of human traffickers, you can support DeliverFund right here.

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