On this Mother’s Day, we owe a debt of gratitude to all moms across America.  We also owe them an apology.

Here’s the thing.  They raised their children to be selfless.  Loving. Caring.


They turned them into people who wouldn’t just make their families proud – but would go on to make an entire country proud.

As a parent, I can only hope that one day my wife and I are so successful in the raising of our children that they go on in some way, shape or form to live a life of helping others.

Also as a parent, I can’t begin to imagine the pain that a police mom must feel in what’s happening in the mainstream and social media these days.

Their kids already put a target on their backs when they put on that blue uniform.  And now they are under attack everywhere you look thanks to an anti-police narrative clogging our newsfeeds.

And so police moms – this one is for you.

I’m sorry that putting on that uniform and being a protector has somehow apparently turned your kid into a bad person.  They are not.

I’m sorry about the disrespect your kids encounter on the streets.  I remember when parents taught kids to respect the law.  Then again, I remember when kids respected their parents as well.  Those were the kids who turned into our Sheepdog.

I remember when wearing a badge made you admired.  Now it makes you a target.  I’m sorry.  Every day, my family prays for the protection of yours.

I’m so sorry that your kid who wears blue doesn’t just have to worry about going home safe to their family… they now have to worry that people will attack their families while they’re at work.  We will watch their six.

I’m sorry that social media now convicts your kid in the court of public opinion for simply doing their job, thanks to a seven-second cell phone clip that’s taken out of context and then replayed millions of times over in the media.  We at LET will fight to give them a voice.

I’m sorry that they have to — even for a second — consider the implications of having to respond quickly and decisively, knowing that even saving a life could mean their career is over.  Our family at LET is in their corner and will go to war for them.

I’m sorry that people talk about the American flag as a symbol of oppression, and I’m sorry that it’s not acceptable for your kids to publicly tell those people to kiss their American ass.  Unfortunately, when they put on that uniform, they also surrendered the full extent of their first amendment right.  We at LET will be their voice when they are forced to be silent.

I’m sorry that your kids will deal with the loss of their fellow brothers and sisters who take their own lives because of the stress and anxiety of the job … only to see people spit on their graves.  We will help fight against the stigmas of post-traumatic stress and let your kids know that it’s ok to talk about the pain they are experiencing.

Police have bureaucrats who have never stepped foot on a beat now telling them how to do their job and cutting their pay and benefits and resources so we can instead use that money for entitlement programs for people who don’t want to work for a living that your kids spend every day trying to save from themselves.  I’m so sorry.  We at LET will continue to apply pressure and demand their accountability.

I’m ashamed that we have people like the Mayor of New York who are more concerned with protesting President Donald Trump than he is concerned about honoring murdered officers.  I’m sick about it and I’m so sorry.

Everyone has an opinion over how your kids should do their jobs.  How they should respond in a life-or-death situation.  How they should or shouldn’t respond to a guy high on PCP beating his wife, a maniac wielding a knife, or a threat to other Americans.  Apparently having a social media account has turned everyone into a criminal justice attorney.

I’m sorry about them.

I’m sorry that your children who became officers are used as pawns … play pieces that can balance budgets and receive accolades when the lawmakers who use them need some positive PR from the media.

I’m sorry that your Blue kids are attacked for not being able to solve cold cases by the same people who, when being interviewed, will say “I didn’t see nothin’.”  Why?  Because it’s not cool to “be a snitch” — even when you can save the life of children or friends or family.  But, you know, screw the police.

I’m sorry that when your kid is wearing your uniform and walks past a kid, that kid’s mom or dad will tell their child “watch out or that cop will arrest you.” I’m sorry they create such fear that their child will run into the arms of a child molester or a murderer instead of a protector in blue.  And I’m sorry that the parents are so focused teaching hate that they forget to teach their child the difference between right and wrong.

Dear police moms, I’m sorry about America.  Our family at Law Enforcement Today sends prayers of thanks for you and your family every single day.

Your children are the protectors … but there are many of us who are very quietly their protectors. 

We’ve got your six, blue.

Police moms… Happy Mother’s Day.  God bless you all.