PITTSBURGH – A Deadspin writer has taken a shot at a classy move by the Pittsburgh Penguins. The NHL hockey team tweeted a picture of police officers holding a Thin Blue Line flag posing with players before they dropped the puck in a match between opposing teams.

“We’re honored to have Officer Mike Smidga, Chief Scott Schuber, and Officer Anthony Burke join us for tonight’s ceremonial puck drop,” read the tweet.

Following the battle royale experienced by the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police as they went after the Tree of Life Synagogue mass murderer, it’s a nice touch, right?

Not according to Deadspin writer Lauren Theisen:

For those who don’t know, “Blue Lives Matter” is an explicit reaction by law enforcement to the Black Lives Matter movement, which aims to end racial prejudice in policing. It’s a rallying cry used by some of the most empowered workers in America as propaganda against vulnerable people who are simply asking not to be killed or abused by state actors, and its endorsement by the Penguins is a gross slap in the face to some of their most marginalized fans.

Naturally, we believe Theisen is grossly misguided. Was she standing in line prepared to confront the mass murderer? No, we didn’t think so.

Fortunately, defenders of law enforcement showed up in force, even one from a self-identified liberal (scroll down to see final tweet). Here are a few samples that appeared on Twitter:


And the comments continued, but we thought this one might be the best. It’s certainly the most descriptive: