TULSA, Okla. – Three Oklahoma law enforcement officers used deadly force against a man carrying butcher knives, and refusing to obey orders, as he walked into a convenience store. There was a mental-health order to bring the man in for treatment, reported KTUL.

Deputies of the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office had tried at least four times to serve a judge-ordered civil mental health pickup of Joshua Barre, 29, over the past week, reported NewsOn6. Each attempt was unsuccessful and became increasingly hostile, leading to Friday’s shooting.

When deputies tried to pick the man up Friday, he walked away to a nearby Super Stop convenience store on MLK and 46th Street North about 10:00 a.m. Investigators say the man was armed with two large knives and refused to listen to officer’s commands, ultimately leading to the use of deadly force, said Leland Ashley of Tulsa Police Department.

Tulsa Police Department released video surveillance from the store. It showed two men inside. They appeared to see the man approach with the knives in hand. They scooted away from the front door for safety. The man then opens the door with what appeared to be two large butcher knives in his right hand. Once he is through the door he falls to the ground, presumably from the gunfire.

It’s not clear how many times Barre was struck. Ashley said authorities are reviewing footage believed to have been recorded by police dashboard and store surveillance cameras. He said an officer’s body camera also might have captured what happened.

Deputies had gone to Barre’s home several times since a civil mental health pickup order was issued May 31, police and the sheriff’s office said Friday night in a joint statement. On June 1 and 7, he made threats about what he would do if they forced their way inside his home and they left since he was no immediate threat to the public, according to the statement. On June 5, they couldn’t find him.

It was different on Friday, when four 911 callers reported seeing Barre walking the streets with two large knives and threatening people, the statement said.

When Barre approached the convenience store, deputies ordered him to stop. A deputy used his Taser on Barre, but it “had no effect,” the statement said. Deputies and a police officer began shooting when Barre opened the door to the store to go inside.

Within minutes of the deadly encounter, about 200 people gathered at the scene. Some swore at police and threw rocks and bottles.

“Let the investigation run its course before you jump to any conclusion,” Ashley said. “A lot of people are screaming, yelling.”

So once again there is tumult in Tulsa.

(Photo: Screenshot of video released by Tulsa Police Department)