DC Chief said he is ‘mad as hell’ criminals are being ‘coddled’ by the liberal agenda


WASHINGTON, DC – D.C.’s top cop is speaking out against the liberal agenda of “coddling” criminals that is bringing violence into the streets and handcuffing his officers.

Metropolitan Police Department Chief Robert Contee told reporters on Friday he is “mad as hell” about the city’s broken justice system.

The chief spoke to the press from the scene of Thursday’s shooting at popular hangout Logan Circle, which wounded two men and sent patrons and pedestrians scrambling for cover:

“I’m going to give it to you straight … The justice system that we have right now, it is not functioning the way that it should. The courts are not open. That is a fact. Barely open.

“So, cases from last year that happened during COVID of violent criminals that have not been disposed of, where do you think those individuals are? They’re in the community.”

The chief said that throughout 2020, criminals have not had to answer for their crimes and have been left to roam the streets. He added that liberal calls to defund the police and vilification of officers has made the situation much worse.

In 2020, and continued into 2021, courts across the nation cut operations to a minimum because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and several blue states and localities passed laws allowing the early release of prisoners.

He predicted that the shooters involved in Thursday’s shooting will be people previously known to police:

“The real issue is, we have a vicious cycle of bad actors who do things, no accountability, and they end up back in the community.

“I guarantee you, when we lock up whoever did this, they will be no stranger to us.”

Chief Contee said “enough is enough,” suggesting most people are not aware of how easily criminals are being released back into the streets:

“But I’m gonna (sic) tell you the truth. The real issue is we have a vicious cycle of bad actors who do things, no accountability, and they end up back in (the) community.

“But you cannot coddle violent criminals. You cannot.”

Democrats and liberal activists have called for reducing police funding and diverting those funds to other services for criminals, including job support, mental health services, housing, and more. Chief Contee argues that some people simply need to be removed from the streets and put in jail:

“They might not want a job. They might not. They might not need services.

“What they may require is to be off of our streets because they’re making it unsafe for us. And if that’s what it requires, then that’s what it requires. And we have to own it. We have to own it. Because if not, we see more of this.”

Following his outspoken words, things might become uncomfortable in City Hall when the Chief meets Mayor Muriel Bowser and the liberal City Council.

Although Mayor Bowser initially called for an increase to police funding in 2021, the Council revised the budget plan by cutting $32 million from the MPD. $9.6 million was redirected to “violence interruption.”

Bowser’s budget for 2022, which takes effect in October, cuts the MPD budget by nearly 6 percent while increasing the budget for the Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement by a whopping 172 percent.

If he does not find support in City Hall, the chief can count on support from his own officer’s Police Benevolent Association. The union praised Chief Contee’s words, and agreed that violence will only stop when criminals are held accountable:

“Wow. Chief Robert Contee on a roll, echoing the thoughts of cops across this country. We won’t turn the tide of violence until we start holding criminals accountable again.”

Concluding his remarks, the chief said he hopes people get angry about the current state of the city’s justice system and politics:

“I’m mad as hell about this, and I hope ya’ll (sic) are too.

“I like coming to 14th Street … I don’t want to be afraid for my wife to go there because some knucklehead in the community decided to pull out a gun and fire it at 8:20 in the evening. That is unacceptable.”

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Police-bashing, BLM-backing D.C. mayor suddenly says ‘defunding the police’ is a bad idea after latest shooting

May 21, 2021

WASHINGTON, DC – The mayor of Washington, D.C., Muriel Bowser, criticized the “defund the police” efforts being taken by the D.C. Council on May 19th following a shooting that occurred in the Shaw neighborhood the evening prior that has left a mother and son in critical condition.

On May 18th slightly before 7:00 p.m., a male subject had parked a rental scooter in the middle of the sidewalk along the 1500 block of 10th Street NW in the Shaw neighborhood.

The neighborhood is considered to be one of the more upper-class areas, with the likes of active construction going on around the block for new homes alongside side some pricey properties.

For reasons unknown, this parked scooter had caused some sort of an altercation between the male subject and at least one other adult that was among a group of other adults that had their children outside as well.

Witnesses say that during this altercation, the male subject pulled out a gun and started shooting – striking one woman and her four-year-old son.

No arrests have been made yet in the case, with officials saying that the suspect is a black male that was wearing a ski-mask mask during the shooting and fled the area on foot following the gunfire.  

One of the neighbors, retired U.S. Navy Admiral Roger Gilberton, has stated that he’d heard the gunfire go off and witnessed a group of people running in fear following the shooting:

“We heard about half a dozen shots and then just a few seconds after that there were five or six people running down P Street.”

Authorities say that at least four gunshots were recorded during the incident.

The two gunshot victims, who have not been identified by officials, were last reported as being in critical condition.

Following an event on May 19th, Mayor Bowser informed reporters inquiring about the investigation that police are “doing everything they can to catch the shooter, and to stop things like this from happening in the future by getting the guns out of the hands of people who have shown they are willing to use them.”

However, Mayor Bowser mentioned that the efforts being taken by the D.C. Council to “defund the police” is not helping the matter, pointing to how budget cuts enacted by the Council have impacted the police department’s ability to onboard much-needed officers.

Back in June of 2020, when calls to defund police departments were likely at their highest point, the D.C. Council voted to cut $15 million from the Metropolitan Police Department. 

Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee did convey that the police are actively searching for the at-large suspect:

“The Metropolitan Police is coming for him, he should be ashamed of himself for what he did to this family tonight.

“And he has to be held accountable for his actions. The community demands it, I demand it, he has to be held accountable for his actions, that’s unacceptable.”

This is an ongoing investigation.

Please follow Law Enforcement Today as we continue to gather further insight into this developing case.




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