DC acting police chief says charging carjacking teens for death of UberEATS driver is ‘pointless’


WASHINGTON, DC- Who says the criminal justice system is broken? Pretty much anyone who has been a victim of it. We have seen a number of states where the age of accountability to be tried as an adult has been raised from 16 to 18. Previously, teens aged 16 and 17 were treated as adults, not juveniles.

However some “experts” have claimed that teens at that age are not cognitively capable of using proper judgment, therefore the age at which committing a crime escalates from a slap on the wrist to well, a slap on both wrists is now 18. No wonder Democrats want them to get the right to vote.

One of the most disturbing cases involving juveniles came to us last week out of Washington, DC and it shows how broken the juvenile justice and criminal justice systems are.

The case of course involves two teenage girls, 13 and 15 who carjacked a vehicle which resulted in the death of the owner, who was trying to prevent the crime.

In this case, however the chief of the DC Metro Police seems to stray from what most police officers would feel about such an egregious case.

After the incident, people were outraged when the Mayor of Washington, DC, Muriel Bowser allegedly described the incident as a “joyride gone bad.” 

She also gave tips on how to prevent yourself from getting carjacked, which she was eviscerated for. Now, the acting police chief has also raised some eyebrows when he said he didn’t think the females should be prosecuted as adults.

The incident occurred last month near Nationals Park and the Navy Yard Metro station, as reported by WTTG at the time.

Both juveniles were armed with stun guns when they carjacked the victim, 66-year-old Mohammed Anwar.

Cell phone video taken of the incident by a bystander showed Anwar hanging out of his vehicle, screaming for help. He was yelling at the suspects when one of the girls in the vehicle floored the accelerator, fleeing the area with the car’s owner hanging out the driver’s door.

The car sideswiped a metal barrier and light pole with the driver’s side where Anwar was hanging out.


The car went down the block, then went out of view, however the video picked up the sound of a crash, which ended up with the vehicle crashed and flipped over. Anwar was ejected from the vehicle when it crashed and ended up around 15 feet from it.

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The teenage girls? Unconcerned for the victim, one was only concerned about her cell phone which was still in the car. This is the generation we are raising, unconcerned about human life, only worried about material things.

Anwar was married, had children and was also a grandfather and had come to the United States from Pakistan. He was working as an UberEATS driver at the time of the crash.

And for at least one of these teenagers, this wasn’t their first rodeo. WTTG reported that DC Police Commander Ramey Kyle told the outlet that police believed one of them had been involved in a previous carjacking incident.

“We also know that at least one of them had been arrested in something very similar back in January where they were arrested for that as well,” Kyle said. “So it does seem there was a pattern there.”

WTTG noted that it is up to the D.C. Attorney General’s Office and the Metro Police to bring the case before the juvenile intake office. They then go before a judge, who decides if the juveniles should be held while awaiting trial or released.


They were also told that the Office of the Attorney General can petition to have the juvenile transferred to the adult system, which usually occurs at the first hearing. It didn’t appear that happened since the hearings took place in the juvenile system, not the adult system.

Anyone found guilty as a juvenile can only be held up to the age of 21, then must be released.

Here is where the acting chief, Robert Contee went off rails, when asked by WTTG if the 15-year-old should be charged as an adult (NOTE: 13-year-olds cannot be tried as adults).

“The 15-year-old would not be charged as an adult. You know, obviously, this is a tragic case and, you know, charging this person as an adult [who’s] a juvenile…does not bring back the lost loved one in this case.” [emphasis added]

“Does not bring back the lost loved one…?” Is he serious?

He continued, “And certainly again, the 15-year-old would not be eligible as a Title 16 case. You know, and it’s not really pointing fingers at anyone—the courts or anyone.”

Carjackings have been a huge problem across the country, including in the Nation’s Capital. In fact, carjackings have surged in the city by 350 percent this year over 2020. Last year they increased by 150 percent over 2019. That doesn’t seem to be concerning to Contee.

“We have to ask ourselves as a community, is what we’re seeing with responding to how carjackers are being held accountable—is that sufficient? Does that align with the desires of our community?

And I would say that if it does not—that everyone we need to take a look at what we’re going and how we can be more effective in ensuring that these things are fewer and far in between.”

Newsweek reported that for Anwar, he was described as a “beloved husband, father, grandfather uncle and friend” by Lehra Bogino, who said he was her husband’s uncle.

He was “a hard-working Pakistani immigrant who came to the United States to create a better life for him and his family,” Bogino wrote.

“Words cannot describe how our family is feeling currently. Devastation, confusion, shock, anger, heartache, and anguish are just a few that come to mind. We will carry him with us always, but it doesn’t take the pain away of losing him so tragically and so unexpectedly soon.”

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