Bodycam, dashcam footage shows the moment a police officer came within a split second of being shot


VILLA HILLS, KY- Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

That is the lesson a convicted felon was taught in Kentucky last month after he pulled a gun on law enforcement officers in Kentucky during a traffic stop and ended up paying with his life, according to The New York Post.  

On Feb. 20, police stopped a truck being driven by Randall Lockaby, 57 on Interstate 75 just outside the town of Villa Hills.

Video footage released last week by Kenton County Commonwealth Attorney Rob Sanders shows the moment Lockaby made the decision that would cost him his life.

Lockaby, a convicted felon in Pennsylvania was stopped for a routine speeding violation.

Villa Hills Officer Sean Dooley asked Lockaby to step out of the truck when Lockaby made his fatal mistake, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.  


“Step right back here man, we’ll just be a second, all right?” Dooley asked Lockaby the video shows.

Bodycam, dashcam footage shows the moment a police officer came within a split second of being shot
Officer Bolton as suspect pulls gun-dashcam video courtesy Kenton County
Bodycam, dashcam footage shows the moment a police officer came within a split second of being shot
Lockaby exits truck bodycam angle video courtesy Kenton County

Lockaby started to exit the truck before he pulled out a gun with his right hand, the footage showed.

Bodycam, dashcam footage shows the moment a police officer came within a split second of being shot
Lockaby pulls gun on Off. Dooley; bodycam video courtesy of Kenton County

“I can’t,” Lockaby said as he brandished the firearm, whereby Dooley sought cover behind the man’s open truck door as a second police officer, identified as Jacob Bolton opened fire, striking Lockaby.

Bodycam, dashcam footage shows the moment a police officer came within a split second of being shot
Officer Bolton shoots suspect; dashcam video courtesy Kenton County

A clearly exasperated Dooley said, “Goddamn it. Dude, he about shot me.”

Lockaby, now of Manchester, Kentucky was transported to St. Elizabeth Hospital Medical Center in Florence, where he was pronounced dead of his wounds.

The Enquirer said that Sanders said last Friday the officers were justified in using deadly physical force against Lockaby.

The entire incident was captured on dashcam video from Bolton’s cruiser, as well as body camera video from both officers.

According to a release prepared by Sanders, he said that Bolton fired his gun after he saw Lockaby point his weapon at Dooley, continuing that Bolton reasonably perceived the need to use deadly force to prevent Lockaby from shooting Dooley.

“The officers’ use of deadly force has been ruled justifiable self-defense and defense of another pursuant to Kentucky law,” Sanders said while releasing the video recording of the shooting.

Sanders said that he did speak with Lockaby’s family.

“They say this is very out of character for him, and our thoughts and prayers are with his family,” Sanders told the Enquirer. “I don’t think this confrontation was anything anyone knew was coming other than Mr. Lockaby.”

Lockaby, as a convicted felon was banned form having a gun, and Sanders believes that Lockaby realized the officers were about to find the multiple guns he had inside his truck.

Police later confiscated four guns and $5,000 in cash inside the vehicle, according to WLWT.

“Viewing these videos, it doesn’t take a prosecutor or even a licensed attorney to figure out this was a very justified use of force by these officers,” Sanders told WLWT. “They have a right to defend their own lives just like anyone else does in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. They are under no duty to retreat or run away.”

Sanders continued to praise the officers for their handling of the incident.

“They acted in self-defense and quite frankly acted heroically in the protection of one another and their own lives,” he told WXIX. “Therefore, Officer Dooley and Officer Bolton have been cleared of any wrongdoing in this incident. As far as I’m concerned, this case is closed.”

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Earlier this month we reported on an officer-involved shooting that occurred during Spring Break in Miami, Florida. For more on that, we invite you to:


MIAMI BEACH, FL– One of the major concerns surrounding the COVID-19 virus is those who may be infected sharing the disease with others, which is why social distancing has been suggested.

Schools shut down, libraries closed, people working from home to avoid contacting others.

And yet, Spring Break must go on, apparently.

Late Saturday evening, Local10 news reporter Roy Ramos was interviewing Miami Beach Police Officer Ernesto Rodriguez regarding the new curfews for the beaches being shut down at 5pm daily until further notice as well as crowd control.

As Officer Rodriguez was about to answer a question, he looks away and visibly turns to business mode, promptly walking away from the camera. The camera shows more police arriving to the area.

Officer Ernesto Rodriguez Miami Beach shooting

We later learned that the officer was hearing a call from dispatch.  Off camera, someone is heard saying that the call was regarding “a guy with a gun.”

Seconds later, Ramos and his camera man, Wade Hughes, can hear gunshots coming from the alley near The Fritz Hotel, kitty corner from where they were standing.

Hughes can be heard saying:

“That’s gunshots! That’s gunshots, dude.”

The two took cover but were still able to catch officers running towards the gunshots down the alley as Spring Break goers ran for their lives from the area.

The camera also caught a man laying on a gurney being loaded into an ambulance and rushing off the scene.

So far the only details reported were that officers responded to a call of a guy with a gun.  Officers located said subject, and shots were fired.  The suspect was shot.

I happened to be on Twitter looking up a different Miami Beach story and saw original reports saying that there were two separate calls.

One original report was the one mentioned here, which was a man with a gun.  Another report was gunshots heard in a nearby area, which raised concerns of a mass or multiple-suspect shooting occurring.

The two, however, ended up being the same incident.

The Miami Beach Police Department said on Twitter:

“UPDATE: An MBPD Officer was flagged down regarding a male with a firearm inside an establishment on Ocean Drive. Contact was made with an armed male resulting in Officers discharging their firearms. The male subject was transported to JMH by MBFD.”

No officers were injured during this incident.

This is a developing story.

Ramos and other reporters were in the area to report on Spring Break essentially being shut down due to concerns over the COVID-19 virus.

It’s surprising that people were even out celebrating a break in the first place given the current concerns, but, hey, partiers gotta party, I guess. (Millennials, am I right?)

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber said:

“To the extent that anyone can declare spring break is over, it is over this year.”

The Mayor reiterated the fact that the current measures of limiting gathering sizes, closing beaches, etc. are all taking place in order to attempt to prevent the spread of the China-native virus.

“It is important people understand what is happening in our city, because there are lots of cities, over 30 in Dade County and hundreds in Florida. We are an economic engine, and it’s important we lead the way on this.”

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