DALLAS – The Dallas Police Department has identified the officer who fatally shot a man inside his own apartment Thursday night as Amber Guyger, reported NBCDFW.

According to the agency, Guyger has been with the department for four years and is currently assigned to the Southeast Patrol Division.

The tragic accident occurred when Guyger shot Botham Jean as she returned from work Thursday night and entered his apartment believing it was her own.

Guyger was involved in an on-duty shooting in 2017 after a suspect took her Taser from her during a struggle. Her actions in that shooting were determined to be legally justified.

The investigation into the homicide continues and there has been no action taken against Guyger at this point.


Police Chief U. Renee Hall speaking to the press. (Screenshot NBCDFW broadcast)

Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall said the decision not to issue a warrant came from the Texas Rangers, who are handling the investigation.

“The Texas Rangers had the opportunity to interview the officer,” Hall said. “Based on that interview, they asked us to hold off on the warrant until they had an opportunity to investigate some of the information that was provided during that interview.”

Lee Merritt, the Jean family’s attorney, said the officer should be arrested.

“Everyone that we’ve spoken to today has presented enough evidence that there was at least enough evidence for a charge of manslaughter,” Merritt said.