His daughter was killed in the Parkland school shooting. Now he’s got a solution to save kids lives.


“Seconds save lives.”

This is from Andrew Pollack of Parkland, Florida.  He understands this concept all too well: Andrew’s daughter, Meadow, was one of the 17 people murdered by a gunman at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018.

Like many other schools across the country, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, in Broward County, is a “gun-free zone,” which means the bad guy was the only one armed that day. 

And armed he was- with a semi-automatic rifle.  Meadow died bravely, putting herself between the gunman and another student.

Astonishingly, police took 43-minutes to get to Meadow’s body, which was on the 3rd floor of the school.

 “Every second can be another gunshot, could mean another life.  It means so much to me to cut down response time.”

So what can we do about it?  The left is doing everything they can to continue this blockade of firearms in schools and other areas.  It’s time to start thinking outside the box.

Which is where Andrew Pollack comes in

Andrew, through the grief of losing his beautiful young daughter, decided to take a stand and find ways to ensure no other family has to go through what his family went through that awful February day in 2018. 

He found a company, IntraLogic Solutions, whose product he believes in, and he’s dedicated to getting the technology into every school in America.

To activate the technology, one would simply push a button or dial 911.  When one of those two things happen, command centers (usually dispatch computers) will automatically open an interactive floor plan map and photos of classrooms.

Within 5-10 seconds, dispatchers can view live footage of the school.  This allows them to lead the officers to the shooter in the quickest route possible.  This also cuts down the response time once inside the building, which is what Andrew was hoping for.

Part of the problem from the Parkland shooting was the school’s cameras.  Police didn’t find out for around 30 minutes that the cameras were on a 20-minute delay.  So while they were searching for the suspect where he was seen on the cameras, the shooter was long gone drinking a soda at the local Walmart.

IntraLogic Solutions is already in over 2,000 schools in over 150 school districts nationwide.  They use a software called ALERT, or Active Law Enforcement Response Technology, which connects the schools to law enforcement agencies and dispatch centers. 

The program allows school doors to be locked and unlocked at the push of a button, and also allows dispatchers to use the school’s PA system to communicate with possible victims as well as the gunman. 

Andrew has spent the time since his daughter’s death researching and meeting with companies with similar technology, and he has found the IntraLogic Solutions was the best option. 

Andrew has started an organization, SchoolSafetyGrant.org, whose mission states, “From our losses, we light a change to armor our schools with awareness, technology and preparation to save lives when seconds matter most.”

“It would have saved everyone, at least on the third floor,” Andrew said.  “As soon as the first 911 call came in, we’d know where the shooter would have been in the building. They could have spoken to him on the second floor.”

And Meadow, along with the student she tried to save, and 4 others would still be alive today, according to a comparison analysis.

IntraLogic Solution’s CEO Lee Mandel went to Parkland following the massacre and met with parents regarding the school’s bad policies, miscommunication, and lack of appropriate and potentially life saving technology.

“The dispatchers,” Lee said, “while the cops are on their way, are looking at the cameras, they’re seeing where the shooter is so they can guide them when they get to the door and apprehend the person quickly.  And with the PA system, if they can speak to the shooter before they get on the scene and tell the shooter that the cops are in the building or on their way, that’s typically when the shooter kills themselves or stops the carnage.”

Andrew’s group, SchoolSafetyGrant.org, is offering grants to schools to purchase the technology.  The cost is $40,000 for police departments and $20,000 for the schools or other buildings, like movie theaters, malls, churches, etc.

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Lee said the program creates a virtual link to connect the police computers to the systems already in the schools, which means existing cameras in the schools will work. “It’s in a cloud somewhere,” Lee said.

“You can’t expect the schools to go spend a half-million dollars. Police get control and benefit of the system and the schools don’t have to spend the money. It’s a brilliant concept. It’s Andy’s concept.”

The updated program is set to be released by the end of February, at which point SchoolSafetyGrant.org will donate $20 million to police departments who are interested.

“On my committee,” Andrew said, “we have victims from a lot of these school shootings across the country, in Sandy Hook, Santa Fe, Colorado, etc. that will all decide who gets these grants.”

Let’s hope he’s successful in getting the technology into all schools across the nation.  Because like he said, “Seconds save lives.”

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