NYC District Attorney won’t prosecute man arrested for vandalizing St. Patrick’s Cathedral and other crimes


NEW YORK, NY – Turns out that vandalism is no longer a prosecuted crime in New York City.

Yadir Avila Rosas, the 26-year-old Queens man arrested for spray painting graffiti on the walls and steps of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, was released form jail after the Manhattan District Attorney’s office declined to prosecute him. 

Rosas was arrested at 5:30 am on Saturday. He was scheduled to be arraigned Saturday afternoon, but that hearing never happened. 

As reported by the New York Post

“Police charged Rosas with criminal mischief in the third degree and making graffiti, alleging that he was the ‘getaway driver’ for two women who tagged the famous house of worship with spray-painted slogans on May 30.

“The graffiti on one wall at Fifth Avenue and 51st Street read ‘F–k F–k’ in red letters. On an adjacent wall, vandals scrawled ‘BLM — for Black Lives Matter — along with ‘NYPDK’ in red letters and ‘No justice no peace’ in black letters.

“One of the stairs was spray-painted with ‘George Floyd’ in black letters.”

NYPD is still searching for the females seen in the video. 

But it isn’t just the desecrator of a church that’s being cut loose.

Cyrus Vance, Jr. announced the he will not prosecute misdemeanor arrests for unlawful assembly or disorderly conduct. 

“’The prosecution of protesters charged with these low-level offenses undermines critical bonds between law enforcement and the communities we serve,’ Vance said in a June 5 statement.

‘Our office has a moral imperative to enact public policies which assure all New Yorkers that in our justice system and our society, black lives matter and police violence is a crime.

“‘We commend the thousands of our fellow New Yorkers who have peacefully assembled to demand these achievable aims, and our door is open to any New Yorker who wishes to be heard.

If evidence emerges that any individuals personally participated in violence against police officers, destruction or looting, such individuals will be charged with appropriate crimes,’ according to Vance’s office.”

According to AMNY, “under New York penal law, disorderly conduct and unlawful assembly are Class B misdemeanors. Those convicted on either charge face maximum penalties of up to 3 months in prison or one year of probation, and are subject to a fine of up to $500.”

Vance’s office originally provided arrested protesters with adjournment in contemplation of dismissal. 

In other words, people arrested for unlawful assembly or disorderly conduct would get a suspended sentence, and all charges would be dropped if they stayed out of trouble for six months. 

Keep in mind, this is happening in a state where the following items are considered disorderly conduct: obstructing vehicular or pedestrian traffic; refusing to comply with a police order to disperse; or creating a hazardous or physically offensive condition.

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio’s daughter was arrested on the charge for standing in the street blocking traffic. 

Manhattan state Senator Brad Hoylman wrote a letter to each of the city’s five district attorneys, asking them not to prosecute these charges, saying, “protesting injustice is not a crime.”

“Systemic reform has to include our treatment of prisoners. There’s nothing unlawful about a New Yorker exercising their First Amendment rights,” Hoylman said in a June 1 statement. “Protesting injustice is not a crime. In New York City, prosecutors shouldn’t treat it as one.”

The Senator is correct. Protesting injustice is not a crime. But breaking the law while protesting is. None of the arrests made to date in New York City were made on the charges of lawful assembly and peaceful protesting. 

But, what do we expect from a city that plans to defund the police department, which will result in fewer cops on the streets and to greater levels of lawlessness. Graffiti on a church will be the least of the problems the Big Apple will be facing. 

The NYPD employs roughly 36,000 officers and 19,000 civilian employees. 36,000 to protect, serve and assist the nearly 9 million residents in the city, and the 62.8 million tourists the city welcomes every year. And let’s not forget how additional people commute into the city everyday for work, which is 1.6 million more. 

And now the budget for that department is unethical? This is the department that tragically lost 23 officers on 9/11 and 241 since then from 9/11 related injuries or illnesses. 

36,000 men and women who need to be properly trained, equipped and supported. 

The PD also has to maintain all of the precinct buildings as well as the vehicle fleet of 9600 cars, 11 boats and eight helicopters. 

So sure, Congresswoman, we agree that $6B spent on the NYPD is unethical. It should probably be be closer to $10B. 

As the war on law enforcement across America intensifies, so does the pandering from political leaders.

And as New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio – who has long been no friend to police – promises to begin defunding the NYPD, there are rumblings that some of the “top cops” are considering throwing in the towel.

More on that in a minute.

But first – on Sunday, de Blasio said that he will partially defund the NYPD and will divert that money to provide support to youth and social services.

Mayor de Blasio also stated that he was putting an immediate end to the city’s 8 pm curfew, which was the first curfew the city had seen since 1943. The ending of that curfew was no cataclysmic action as the it only ended one day ahead of schedule. 

“We are committed to shifting resources,” de Blasio said,” according to a report by WPIX-11. “The investments in our youth are foundational.”

The defunding, the mayor claims, will not create an issue with increased safety risks to New Yorkers. Apparently less money being spent on salaries, training and equipment equates, which leads to fewer cops on the street, using outdated equipment and not being adequately trained, equates to safer citizens. 

And of course the push to pander to rioters and pull funds from police will no doubt lead to increased tension.

The Jewish Press reported:

“Defunding police has been one of the key demands of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) demonstrators in cities across the United States as they pressure mayors to reduce the funds allocated to law enforcement in favor of social services and youth.

In New York City it’s an especially touchy issue; three police officers were shot and stabbed this past Wednesday night.”

If you own a cell phone, laptop, tablet or TV, you undoubtedly know that these nationwide  protests began as an effort to condemn the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer who knelt on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine straight minutes as three other police officers stood alongside.

Floyd had been in prison 5 times, primarily for drug related offenses. 

He was seen in surveillance video dropping a bag as he was confronted by police just prior to his arrest. His autopsy revealed that he was positive for COVID-19 and had multiple drugs in his system, to include methamphetamines and Fentanyl. 

All four officers have been arrested and charged with various degrees of murder. 

Unfortunately, the prompt response by Minnesota and federal justice officials seemed to have little impact on those across the country who have continued the protests, claiming that they are now marching in protest of “systemic racism” that has supposedly permeated every last police department, sheriff’s office and federal law enforcement agency in the country, leading to rampant police brutality aimed only at people of color. 

The statistics and facts behind “legal intervention” deaths does not agree with that assumptive claim. 

The facts of policing and the brutality that does exist (in rare occasions) have been completely lost on those protesting and the people who take protesting a step further, committing acts of violence, looting, arson and assault/murder. 

According to the Jewish Press:

“On Friday at a memorial held for George Floyd at Cadman Plaza in New York, led by the victim’s brother, Terrence Floyd and various other leaders in the black community, thousands upon thousands of demonstrators crushed into the site – packing it as far as the eye could see.

And yet, despite all New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio had done to try to protect the right of the demonstrators to carry on their protests peacefully each day, he was booed the second he took to the podium.


Because he had finally been forced to agree with police in setting a curfew with teeth in order to protect the rest of the city from the vicious looting of the anarchists who had nearly destroyed commerce in the ‘city that never sleeps.’

After a single night of violence and havoc with an 11 pm curfew, de Blasio had finally been persuaded to dial the curfew back to 8 pm for the rest of the week, and to offer some verbal support to his law enforcement personnel.”

It was the latter of those actions de Blasio “was heckled, cursed and castigated roundly by Black Lives Matter, told to ‘shut up’ and finally harassed till he left the stage.”

“We will make peaceful change in this city,” he told the crowd.

“He still has to get the City Council to agree – and the unions,” said an NYPD family member who requested anonymity told “Not happening.”

There have been more than 30 members of the NYPD injured to go along with almost 50 police vehicles damaged since the start of the riots almost 2 weeks ago.

And let’s flash back to just a week or so before the riots started, shall we?  Do you remember when Mayor De Blasio said that swimmers will be taken right out of water at closed beaches…by NYPD?

In case you missed it… here’s that story… from just days before Memorial Day.

NEW YORK, NY – New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has been criticized for poor reactions to the Coronavirus pandemic, including releasing prisoners into the streets and strict social distancing measures. 

This week, he ordered all beaches to be shut down, the installation of fences to block potential swimmers from entering and the pull-back of all city beach lifeguards.

Joshua Caplan of Breitbart reported on de Blasio’s latest controversial policy and follow-up comments.

De Blasio made several bold statements, putting NYPD in a precarious position, claiming that people would be plucked out of the water if caught swimming.

The Mayor said:

“Anyone tries to get in the water, they’ll be taken right out of the water. It’s a dangerous situation to ever go in the water if there are no lifeguards present.”

So what police find themselves asking is: How does he intend on following through with that?

Is he planning on sending police into the water after swimmers to take them “right out?”

All the beaches in the five boroughs of New York City are closed for Memorial Day weekend, one of the biggest times of the year for the area for recreation and tourism. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo wasn’t nearly as restrictive, allowing beaches in other parts of the state to open, along with state, county, and city parks.  Neighboring states are fully opening their beaches, so New Jersey, Connecticut, and Delaware residents can enjoy the surf and sun. 

De Blasio told reporters in a press conference:

“There’s a whole lot of things that will not be allowed at any beach in the state, but you know we’re holding out the hope that at some point we could open up, and we’re training the lifeguards, and we’ll be ready.

“No swimming, no sports, no gatherings, no parties. Just common sense, observe social distancing. If you walk on the beach, do it for a limited period of time, get back home like everybody else.”

Several serious questions must be posed with the mayor’s looming orders and policies.  It is naturally assumed that the NYPD will be made out to be the bad guys during this entire debacle, enforcing the mayor’s closed beaches, which some would say is overly restrictive.

How does the city and police department plan on following through with this?

One can only imagine the revolts, riots, and protests involved in this series of orders, with the city’s police force expected to enforce what will be a very unpopular notion. 

So, in addition to dealing with a lot of really pissed off New Yorkers, many of whom already have edgy attitudes that the area is known for, the police force will be the focal point of their rage – likely not de Blasio in his armed-guard protected mansion. 

There are going to be some really angry people for police to deal with once the riots start. These people have been locked up for weeks and months, with lots of pent-up rage and frustration from being subjected to unusual “distancing” measures, losing their jobs or drawing partial unemployment benefits, or losing their small businesses…and de Blasio orders that they can’t go swimming, even on a remote section of a beach.  

There’s another aspect to this.  In order to enforce these orders, citations and arrests will result.  Those people will have to pay fines when they’re already broke and go to jail when they haven’t broken a real law. 

All the while, hundreds and thousands of real criminals have been released from jail in order to protect them from a virus, but unleashing them on communities, which are facing a two-front war:  protect your families from a virus, and protect your families from criminals.  And of course, the police are now caught in that disastrous scenario, as well.

What position does this leave police in?

As illustrated above, the police are in a horrible position, no matter how you look at it.  They’ll be enforcing a policy that’s sure to result in violent objections, and while they’re seeing criminals they arrested released onto the streets, they’re having to lock up Bill and Sue, the owners of the local hardware store who wanted to take their grandkids to the beach.

What will this declaration lead to?

Riots, protests, looting, fires, burglaries, you name it.  Imagine a city of 20 million, where a large portion of them take to the streets and riot.  That is a possibility, as they have nothing better to do with their holiday weekend – since they can’t go to the beach or Coney Island.

The police department as a whole will be hated and vilified, and simply for doing their job and following orders of their chain of command.

How do the unions/rank and file officers feel about this?

Upper management or administration of most police departments have paid their dues and get paid well to handle a tough job. 

Imagine a no-win scenario:  You can’t keep the mayor happy because your cops will revolt after being put in this bad situation.  You can’t make your supervisor happy because you can’t force your cops to cite and arrest beachgoers. 

The union will back the officers, and then city hall (as a whole) will hang the union and ranking officers out to dry for not having a simultaneous bleeding heart to be concerned about the community’s health and an iron fist to enforce ridiculous rules like a bunch of Brown Shirts.

In the long run, the damage done to the city, its five boroughs, major businesses, small businesses, and its citizens will have repercussions felt throughout the Northeast and the entire country.

Would you want to open a business or relocate your family to New York after seeing all of this transpire?

More on de Blasio:

He’s regularly blasted by the NYPD.  Now it’s the FDNY that’s calling out Mayor Bill de Blasio.

This after he suggested that there would potentially be cuts to frontline workers soon.  It’s arguably a political move as he pushes for Congress to send funding in the next round of coronavirus relief. 

And it’s exactly why they’re accusing him of using first responders as a “political pawn”.

FDNY Firefighter’s Association President Gerard Fitzgerald blasted him on Fox News on Wednesday:

“He’s using us a political pawn to get back at [Sen. Mitch] McConnell or [President] Trump and get them to include New York in the stimulus package which I have no problem with.  Obviously New York is in need like everywhere else, but I don’t think he needed to use the livelihoods of first responders as a political pawn.”

A number of Republican lawmakers, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, suggested they’d be willing to let the states dive into bankruptcy instead of making taxpayers bail out states that have been “making poor fiscal decisions”.

De Blasio – a Democrat who regularly slams the president – called Trump a “hypocrite” who “seems to enjoy stabbing his home town in the back”.

He also said frontline workers would be among the economic casualties if New York doesn’t get the money.

“How are we going to support these people who we need if we don’t have any money? I’ve lost $7.4 billion already and my economy can’t come back until I get that stimulus,” the mayor said.  His comments were made at a press conference on Wednesday.

Fitzgerald referred to it as a game that was “deplorable”.

He also said it’s an attempt for de Blasio to grab the attention of lawmakers.  This, as pressure grows to pass the next round of multibillion-dollar relief.

“In the middle of this pandemic, when we are the first link in the health care chain going out and putting ourselves in danger and putting our families in danger when we go home, the last thing we need is to be told that some of our members could lose their job somewhere down the line,” Fitzgerald said.

He’s disgusted by feeling like they’re being used.

“I think they’re frustrated that we’d be used in that way. Because we are the best at what we do. because we are world-renowned, FDNY being the bravest and NYPD being the finest — everybody recognizes us, so Washington’s no different,” he added.

The union president said more than 2,000 FDNY firefighters have been diagnosed with the virus, and that nearly 700 of them are still out.

Notably, De Blasio provided no details on the state’s proposed budget or immediate plans on cuts to frontline workers, which as we know include firefighters, police officers and medical personnel.

“One of the key missions of the New York City government is to keep New York City residents safe. We are part of that — the police and the fire department — that’s what we do. When it comes down to cutting that, you’re messing with people’s lives,” Fitzgerald added.

It is pretty safe to say that there is no love lost between members of the New York City Police Department and the mayor of the city, Bill de Blasio.

From de Blasio’s constantly throwing down for criminals, advocating for the release of prisoners from Rikers Island to his initial support of bail reform laws that taxes the resources of the department, this is not a love-hate relationship…it is strictly hate-hate.

After de Blasio sent out a tweet threatening to sic the police on the Jewish community, the president of one of the police department’s unions referred to de Blasio as “an idiot.”

“The truth of the matter is the guy’s an idiot. He has no idea what he’s doing,” said Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeant’s Benevolent Association (SBA), which represents approximately 13,000 active and retired sergeants.

“He’s embarrassed and he thinks he’s taken a hardcore approach.”

On Tuesday, de Blasio sent out a tweet in which he threatened to arrest members of the Jewish and other communities who gather in large groups during the current coronavirus epidemic.

In his Tuesday night tweet, de Blasio was criticizing Orthodox Jews who were attending a funeral at a synagogue in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.

Pictures of the gathering showed that an overwhelming number of attendees were wearing face coverings or masks, with only a handful not doing so. That wasn’t good enough for de Blasio apparently.

In his tweet, de Blasio noted that while he understood the instinct to come together for the purposes of mourning the loss of a loved one, he said that “large gatherings will only lead to more deaths + more families in mourning,” then adding that he “instructed the NYPD to proceed immediately to summons or even arrest those who gather in large groups. This is about stopping this disease and saving lives. Period”

The portion of the tweet that garnered the most attention was the fact that it was specifically addressed to “the Jewish community,” which was called out by name.

The SBA sent out a tweet criticizing de Blasio’s threat:

“Mayor de Blasio, YOU cannot instruct they NYPD to violate people’s rights! This event was a funeral this community will NOT leave bodies in their homes for you.”

“The grand rabbi from Williamsburg passed away. The community followed all guidance & wore masks,” a second tweet said. “The Shomrim was there giving out masks if they saw somebody on the street without a mask. They did an excellent job. The only issue is you’re incompetent and targeted people of faith.”

Mullins, who has been a member of the NYPD for over 38 years, noted that the Jewish community regularly holds large gatherings and “what occurred last night is not new. This happens all the time. What occurred last night was different because the community was giving out masks. They were trying to keep things organized.”

Mullins said he was shocked and angered by de Blasio’s response, especially his hardline stand, especially given the fact that the Jews in attendance were mourning the loss of a religious leader.

“Whatever treated him to go out and take a stance, he did it at a funeral for people of faith and I question what he’s doing by doing that, “Mullins said.

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Colorado woman uses red flag law against officer who shot and killed her knife-wielding son

Mullins also questioned the apparent contrast in how de Blasio treated the Jewish gathering in comparison to when the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels conducted a fly-over of the city to honor and show solidarity with essential workers.

He noted that there hadn’t been any type of enforcement order issued in dealing with crowds gathered for that event.

“So why did you target people of faith at a funeral? Ironically, there’s a video of a woman. She had her husband’s body, I believe it was, in an apartment for several days. So, what do you expect people to do? The city’s not responding.

“We have people who are sick, go to hospitals, they have no family members, they’re dying alone, some of them are doctors and nurses, and they’re being buried with really no funerals,” Mullins said.

Mullins continued:

“So you have a community that’s doing what they always do. They’re in their own community. They didn’t have a problem with it. I wasn’t at the funeral. I wasn’t infected myself with anything, but I just looked at photos and they’re wearing masks.

“So, this is what your biggest complaint is that you felt it necessary to get out of bed and go yell at people from a funeral? You took away Easter Sunday church from us. I’m Catholic, I didn’t get to go to mass on Easter Sunday. How much ore of this can you expect people to take?”

Mullins was not done there either. He slammed de Blasio for his earlier response to the coronavirus where he encouraged people to “visit Chinatown, and go for walks, go out to dinner.”

In a news conference on Wednesday, de Blasio attempted to justify his comments, saying that he was “trying to protect police and those gathering. I spoke last night out of passion. I could not believe my eyes, it was deeply distressing.” However Mullins was not convinced.

“We’ve had cops killed under him, cops injured under him, cops abused under him,” Mullins said. “So don’t tell me you’re trying to keep police safe and it puts us in harm’s way.”

As Law Enforcement Today reported back in January, New York City, as well as its suburbs has been the scene of a substantial increase in anti-Semitic crimes, including a machete attack in Monsey, located in Rockland County north of the city. One of the victims of the attack, Josef Neumann, 72, died of his injuries last month.

The attack was part of a spike in such attacks, with anti-Semitic hate crimes increasing by 26 percent in 2019, which in turn led to an increase of police presence in Brooklyn neighborhoods with reported incidents.

“Let’s eliminate the virus, let’s just eliminate that. Look at the hate crimes that have occurred in the last two years in the Jewish community. I mean it’s been nonstop.

“And the truth is, it’s always been an issue, but it’s been nonstop the last two years. And you’re the Mayor of this city, you’re keeping out all these things, this isn’t gonna happen on your watch.

Well, it’s happening. So what do you expect people to do? They’re not following your direction,” Mullins said.

“It’s just amazing that he even went out and took a position on this. I mean just him taking a position is significant, but at a funeral for people of faith?

“And it’s no secret, the Jewish community is a faithful community, so to sit there and be like ‘this is it.’ You’re making provisions for everything else, maybe you should make provisions of look, if this is gonna happen, this is how we should do it. And at least accommodate people to that degree.”

You’ve got to give de Blasio credit…he has an impeccable sense of timing. This incident occurred only days after de Blasio was seen walking through Prospect Park in Brooklyn with his wife Chirlane McCray, in apparent disregard of his admonitions for New Yorkers to remain at home. Not only that, but the park is 11 miles away from his home in Manhattan.

Finally, contrast de Blasio’s threat to the Jewish community with a tweet he sent exactly one week ago. On April 23, in a tweet to the Muslim community, de Blasio said:

“To the Muslim New Yorkers beginning their celebrations tonight who heed halal meals, we have them across 400+ grab and go meal sites, and are bringing hundreds of thousands more to the 32 (emphasis added) sites most frequented by our Muslim communities. Go to for more.”

So let’s see, quick math here they are bringing “hundreds of thousands of meals” of halal meals to “32 sites.” Hmmm, Mr. Mayor…seems like that would be a little bit of excessive social gathering at those 32 locations, no?

God forbid de Blasio single out the Muslim community. The Jewish community? Not so much apparently.

And in case you want just a little more… here’s an op-ed written late last year about King de Blasio himself.

NYPD officer letter to Mayor: “We’re done with your lies and abuse.”

Dear Mayor de Blasio,

I just wanted to take a minute to say, “ENOUGH!”

You can publicly deny the allegations all you want, but I might just have a bad back from moving your daughter’s furniture out of her apartment and I know which gas stations are at which exits between Manhattan and Yale. So, let me tell you what you can do with your denials.

I went to the academy. I learned a lot of things while I was there.

I qualified on my weapon. I learned how to de-escalate volatile situation. I know the penal code.

slow-motion collapse
(Photo courtesy SoFuego)

I have spent time in multiple units, doing several years in traffic, moving to investigations as a detective. I have been undercover. I have been a patrolman and a sergeant. I have been a supervisor.

And in all those roles, I have read and understood the job description. And nowhere does it state that I am responsible for moving your daughter’s furniture or chauffeuring your son back and forth to New Haven, CT, because he didn’t want to take the train.

NYC District Attorney won't prosecute man arrested for vandalizing St. Patrick's Cathedral and other crimes
Bill de Blasio with his family in 2012. (Wikipedia)

Yet, here are some of the things that you deny doing.

About driving your son, you said:

“I never ordered anyone to do anything.”

I beg to differ. None of us volunteered to do it.

The drive from downtown New York City up to New Haven, Connecticut doesn’t take more than a few hours, but it’s a frustrating drive – especially considering the hefty amount of traffic running along I-95. But it’s not the mileage that’s the issue — it’s an abuse of power.

New York cops traveling

Sources close to the you told Daily News that you absolutely ordered us to drive his son back and forth between the city and Yale University during his first years at the school.

In fact, the Department of Investigation is looking into whether the allegations might be true.

“I think that story is just unfair and inaccurate in so many ways,” you continued.

You think that because your son is, well…your son, that he has a greater potential of becoming a target. 

“Dante was a protectee of the NYPD … There have been threats against him. There have been threats against my family,” you also said.

I joined the NYPD to serve and protect the citizens and guests of New York City, not to be your personal assistant.

I am done running your errands.

And just so you don’t think I am simply letting you off the hook for making officers ferry your son to his Ivy League classes, I want to remind you of the fact that you had us come in and move your daughter.

Remember last summer when we were instructed to act as a moving company for your daughter, Chiara? Remember how she had been living in an apartment at 4th Street at 56th in Brooklyn for approximately two years? Remember how the time came to relocate, instead of calling a private company, you called NYPD to do the heavy lifting. You used detectives and department vehicles on city time to move your daughter.


Not only were officers put to work, in a gross abuse of city resources, but two unmarked Sprinter vans that belong at City Hall were used to collect her personal possessions and transport them to Gracie Mansion? And do you also recall how your wife and First Lady, Chirlane McCray, personally directed our crew?

Breaking news, Your Honor. We don’t work for Chirlane.

Oh, by the way, she instructed us to leave a number of Chiara’s belongings abandoned on the city sidewalk. Dumping and littering is a chronic problem in this city.

A supervisor once told me that we cannot question you.

“It’s all just part of the job. We just do it out of respect.”

And by the way, that $400 bullet-proof vest you borrowed back on 2016 for the comedy sketch you did with the cast of The Wire, we are still waiting to get that back. That is a vest we could put on a cop working the streets.

You do not care about members of law enforcement. And now, your actions (or lack thereof) are becoming a danger to the police.

Perhaps you missed it when former NYPD police chief Louis Anemone was interviewed by Fox, but he criticized you for your treatment of those who hold the thin blue line. For your benefit, here is what he said:

“He does not have their back. I firmly believe that he does not have their back.”

He also said the recent blatant disrespect for New York officers regarding the water bucket assaults would have never happened under the watch of former mayor Rudy Giuliani. He not only had a pulse on the city, he also had our backs.

“It’s disgraceful,” Anemone continued. “He’s the chief executive of this city of New York, the largest city in this country. He has not taken the lead for security, for public security, and for supporting the police. He’s been behind, way behind.”

Mr. Mayor, your actions and attitude toward this police force have bred contempt and hostility in the streets. You are partly to blame for the water assaults.

Yet, we will do what we need to do in order to maintain control, regardless of what the public will say afterward.

I wish this was all we had on you; but let me continue.

I want to personally thank you for repeatedly warning your son about the “dangers of police brutality.”

“I have had to have very, very serious talks with my son, Dante, about how to protect himself on the streets of our city and all over our country, including how to deal with the fact that he has to take special caution because there have been too many tragedies between our young men and our police.”

Those were your words Mayor.  

Even with your belief that we all have a proclivity for violence aimed at innocent young men of color, you still put him in the car with us for the numerous drives to and from New Haven. That leads me to ask: do you even care what happens to your son?

And let’s not forget, you skipped out on a dedication for fallen heroes so that you could go to the gym and drink your morning coffee.

Cuomo skips 9/11 hero’s wake to zipline, Blasio blows off funeral to campaign to be president
Cuomo skips 9/11 hero’s wake to zipline, de Blasio blows off funeral to campaign to be president

Then you he missed Luis Alvarez’s wake, a 9/11 hero, in order to focus on your joke of a Presidential campaign.

Just so you don’t think I am alone in that belief, one of your administrative staffers said,

“It’s a joke. I think that he knows that he can’t win. It’s just a lot of eye-rolling … He’s doing it because he’s got a big ego and needs to prove something, and I don’t think he’s going to quietly go away and become an adjunct professor at Hunter.”

I will continue to serve and protect, because I love this city and I love what I do.

But you, I have no respect for you. But if you need me to do something for you and your family, that is actually within my job description, then I will be there.


A former ‘personal assistant’ to Mayor Bill de Blasio

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