Ever hear of comedian and actress Tiffany Hadish? Yeah, me either. Until she decided to make a fool out of herself over the weekend with her anti-police and bizarrely anti-PETA rant.

She’s apparently the star of “Girls Trip”… whatever the heck that is.

She put up an Instagram selfie video over the weekend, rocking a fur vest that a fan gave her. And she swore she’ll “wear it as much as possible” as a statement about Black Lives Matter.

Yeah. It gets better.

Here’s her commentary with all of it’s cringeworthy grammar:

“I’mma wear it as much as possible. I don’t know if you guys know this about me, but I’m about to start protesting,” she said in her Instagram video. “I’mma wear fur every day until they stop killing black people. When the police stop killing black people, I’ll stop wearing fur. It’s my new protest.”

Well then. Nothing like fighting the man by wearing fur.

Hadish knew she’d draw scorn from PETA, a group which is equally hungry for relevancy and attention.

“So sorry, PETA!” she said. “Don’t be mad at me. Be mad at the police.”

(Author’s note: no – be mad at your parents. They failed.)

“When they stop killing black people, I’ll stop wearing fur… Because people are important, and so are the animals.”

Music producer Russell Simmons, who is a staunch vegan, was clearly triggered by the 39-year-old… but torn between her cause and evil police.

“White supremacy is a disease that takes on many forms and has many symptoms,” he wrote in the comments. “The abuse of other beings will not address that… or heal ourselves. I love you Tiffany but I wish you would reconsider this route of protest.”

Stuff a bacon cheeseburger in it, Simmons. You know what else is a disease that takes on many forms and has many symptoms?


And it seems to be prevalent among overpaid pseudo-celebrities so desperate for attention that they need to wear fur to make factually inaccurate statements about the very police who protect them.

Then of course you have Kendrick Sampson, an actor who called her a “genius”.

“Look at all the people pissed at this that haven’t ever stood up for Black lives,” Sampson said. “Look at the funding behind PETA and other animal rights organizations and how many people will post about a polar bear or a dog before the post about the ongoing centuries’ old epidemic of black/native/brown people being killed and tortured by law enforcement (and others) with impunity.”

What the hell are these people even talking about? This is why we can’t have nice things.

Except fur. We can definitely have fur.

Can we talk for a second about all of these evil cops killing innocent black people?

Is there anyone in America who is actually making that argument and doing so based on ANY evidence whatsoever? Because even FBI data shows that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Ah, truth. Does it even exist anymore? When you have riots over “shootings of unarmed innocent men” that stem from the “hands up don’t shoot” movement… which was rooted in a lie… does truth even matter?

Apparently not as much as Insta-fame.

Congrats, Tiffany Hadish. You’ve just won the award for biggest fool of 2019… and it’s only January 1.

But rock that fur, girl.

In the meantime, I’m going to wear a salty attitude until people stop doing stupid things that get them justifiably shot regardless of the color of their skin.