Cuomo complains about lack of medical supplies, ignores Remington Arms’ offer to manufacture whatever he needs


NEW YORK- Andrew Cuomo is on television every day giving updates about the impact of COVID-19, the hardest hit state in the country.

Cuomo, suddenly the darling of the far-left media, has been complaining about the lack of resources the state has, implying not so subtly that it is the fault of the federal government, President Trump in particular. He has been begging for supplies. So why did he ignore an offer from a gun manufacturer to build much-needed equipment? 

Clearly, the United States was not prepared for a pandemic of this magnitude. As part of the United States, the individual fifty states were also woefully unprepared for the pandemic. By and large, individual states should prepare for something such as this to make sure their individual states have sufficient supplies and equipment, not to mention sufficient hospital beds and medical assets.

That is the state’s issue…not the federal government.

New York City in particular has been hammered, with 67,551 cases and 2738 deaths in the city alone, as of Monday night, according to the New York Daily News.

A little over a week ago, Remington Arms, one of those “evil” firearms manufacturers, made an offer to build hospital supplies, including ventilators, surgical masks and beds, as did several other private companies in order to fight against the spread of coronavirus.


According to KIRO7, the company offered nearly 1 million square feet of manufacturing space which was not being used at a plant in Illion, New York, according to a letter sent at the time to both Gov. Andrew Cuomo and President Trump, according to the Ithaca Journal.

“The Remington plant in Ilion now has approximately one million square feet of unused and available manufacturing space,” said Ken D’Arcy, chief executive officer of Remington in the March 23 letter.

“Remington products have served in every U.S. military conflict for 200 years. And while the coronavirus is a new type of war, we’re not sitting this one out….we’re standing by ready, willing and able to support in any way we can.”

“It would be an honor for our company to donate space for the manufacture of mission-critical products, such as the production of ventilators, surgical masks, hospital beds or any other products deemed necessary.”

D’Arcy further noted in the letter that ‘ventilators are essential to winning this new kind of war and Remington stands ready to enlist in wartime production.”

It is unclear if either Moms Demand Action, or Everytown U.S.A., gun-grabbing groups funded by Michael Bloomberg, have made a similar offer to assist in the war on COVID-19.

As a matter of fact, some of those hundreds of millions Bloomberg dropped on his failed presidential campaign would buy a lot of ventilators. 

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Cuomo had been complaining in a press briefing last week about the state needing 30,000 ventilators to treat a substantial increase in patients, while the state was reporting it only had some 7,000 available.

The mayor of Ilion, Brian Lamica said that he wasn’t surprised by Remington stepping up. “This is in line with Remington to do something like this. They have always been there to help.”

Lamica noted that the Ilion plant has historically gone beyond producing only firearms, having also produced typewriters, sewing machines, bicycles and fire engines.

“It’s absolutely fantastic that the CEO would do that and reach out and try to help,” he said.

Another person who was strongly supported the offer was State Sen. James Seward.

“The Remington Arms workforce consists of dedicated, skilled men and women and I am working closely with the plant manager in Ilion to get them back on the job,” he said in an email.

“I have discussed this tremendous offer with company officials and pledged my support. Anything we can do to get people back to work in a safe environment, while helping our state recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, has my full endorsement.”

So here we had Cuomo expressing a need, and Remington offering to step up and fill that need. Cuomo immediately reached out to a business that is operating in the state to thank them for their help and accepting the offer, right?

Not quite.

On Friday, Eric Suarez, communications and media manager for Remington told Townhall that as of that date, the state had still not accepted Remington’s offer to help out. Likewise, New York’s Department of Health had not replied to a request from Townhall for a comment.

However, on Friday, Cuomo was still complaining about a lack of supplies, despite ignoring Remington’s offer.

In a tweet, Cuomo said, “We need supplies. We need your help. If you can manufacture PPE, I implore you to do so. NYS will pay a premium. Email [email protected].

Unless you’re a gun manufacturer apparently. Just guessing here Gov. Cuomo but we’re thinking that even the most anti-gun zealot would be more than happy accepting a ventilator or other equipment made by a firearms manufacturer. Time to put aside your petty politics and take help from wherever it is available.

Of course, in the ultimate display of double standards, Cuomo had NO problems accepting donated ventilators from of all places China. You remember China, right? The place where this whole thing started, the place that covered it up for weeks, the place where a doctor who had insider info about the source of the virus suffered a mysterious death. Yeah that China.

According to the Washington Examiner, Cuomo announced that he was accepting a 1000-ventilator donation from China.

He said that China was donating the ventilators to assist with patients diagnosed with COVID-19.

“This is a big deal, and it’s going to make a significant difference for us,” Cuomo said during a press briefing on Saturday.

In addition, Cuomo said that the state of Oregon would also be donating 140 ventilators to the state.

Cuomo said he was thankful to the Chinese government, the Chinese consul general, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, and the others for enabling New York to help provide healthcare for patients.

“We have to figure out why we wound up in this situation, where we don’t have the manufacturing capacity in this country,” Cuomo noted.

The bigger question that remains is this. Why would Cuomo accept ventilators from China, where this whole thing started, while ignoring a bona-fide offer from a company in his state, where state workers could go back to work supporting their families while at the same time helping their neighbors?

Why is Cuomo evidently putting his personal feelings about guns ahead of his constituents, and more importantly, ahead of people who are sick and dying and need this vital equipment?

Who knows?

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