Far-left CT attorney general wins suit to have illegal immigrants NOT deported if pardoned by state


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HARTFORD, CT- As crime escalates out of control, what does Biden’s Department of Homeland Security do?

According to the New Boston Post, they will stop deporting illegal immigrants on the basis of crimes committed in Connecticut if they qualify for a pardon, Connecticut’s outgoing (thank God) attorney General William Tong announced.

Previously, the Trump administration, which was actually attempting to control the flow of illegals into the country while expediting the exit of the criminal element out of the country, didn’t recognize Connecticut pardons when making deportation decisions of illegals convicted of a crime, arguing pardons in the state are issued by a board not by the elected governor.

Tong, who spends more time coddling criminals than actually prosecuting them, sued the federal government in a move to force federal officials to honor pardons issued by the State of Connecticut.

Last week, Tong announced a settlement of the case with the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Connecticut.

“This agreement affirms, with full force of law, what we have known to be true for well over a century—Connecticut’s pardons are legitimate and lawful. There was no reason for the federal government ever to single out Connecticut and deny our [illegal] residents the second chance we chose to grant to them. I thank the Department of Justice and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for working with us to reach today’s positive resolution,” Tong said in a written statement.

Unlike many states, where the chief executive (governor) issues pardons, that duty is given to the state’s Board of Pardons and Paroles, typically loaded with political hacks from the governing party.

Tong had argued that the system in place in Connecticut is similar to ones in Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, South Carolina, and Utah, noting the Trump administration had accepted pardons from Alabama and Georgia.

Deportation is usually undertaken by federal immigration officials where the illegal is convicted of a crime and receives a sentence of one year or longer in prison.

This follows on a Breitbart report earlier this year that said Biden’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) is deporting far fewer illegal aliens convicted of serious crimes, such as murder, kidnapping, sexual assault, and other felonies, according to Department of Homeland Security data.

Biden issued a so-called “sanctuary country” order that prevents ICE agents from arresting and deporting a majority of illegal aliens, including those with criminal convictions.

DHS data which was secured by the Center for Immigration Studies via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request shows the Biden administration has slashed deportations for illegal alien convicts.

It noted that deportations of such convicts dropped 52 percent in FY 2021, with less than 40,000 being launched from the U.S; in FY 2020 conversely, 104,000 illegal alien convicts were deported.

Moreover fewer illegal aliens convicted of murder were deported by the Biden administration, lower than FY 2019 and FY 2020.

Breitbart reports that deporting illegals saves American taxpayers billions of dollars over the course of a lifetime, with research showing a cost savings of about $622 billion over the course of a lifetime, which indicate deportations are six times less costly than what it costs American taxpayers to subsidize illegal immigration.


Let’s take the time machine back to December 2020, when the federal government actually fulfilled its responsibility of securing the border:


WASHINGTON, DC- The year 2020 has not been good for much, but one thing it was good for is continuing to rid the United States of criminal illegal aliens.

According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the agency deported over 185,000 illegals in FY2020, which included more than 4,200 criminal gang members, according to Breitbart News.

Between October 1, 2019 and September 30, 2020, ICE agents were responsible for ridding the United States of 185,884 illegal aliens, this despite operational disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Of those deported, 64 percent or 118,949 had criminal convictions or criminal charges pending. Over 14,000 of those deported were family units, while just over 4,000 were Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs).

More so, an astounding 92 percent of those deported from the interior states of the US had criminal convictions or pending criminal charges pending against them when they were deported.

Compared to FY2019, criminal deportations dropped by more than 30 percent due to the pandemic, with a 27 percent decrease compared to FY2018.

ICE noted that 4,276 known or suspected gang members were deported this year, as well as 31 who were known or suspected terrorists. ICE said their air travel deportation operation worked to coordinate a record number of charters, 76, to high-risk countries which included Jordan, Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania and Mongolia.

Compared to FY2019, that was a 160 percent increase in the high-risk deportation program. In addition, ICE agents deported more than 350 high-profile illegal aliens, including Bosnian national Saudin Agani, who was convicted of aiding a terrorist organization.

In 2020, ICE placed detainers on 122,233 illegal aliens, which serve as requests by ICE agents to local law enforcement authorities to hold an illegal alien in custody until they can be turned over to ICE for arrest and deportation.

Unfortunately, sanctuary states like California and cities like New York and Los Angeles refuse to honor ICE detainers and often release illegal alien criminal suspects back into the community, where many times they offend again.

Out of the known gang members arrested in FY2020, 675 were associates of the El Salvador-based MS-13 gang, which traffics recruits through the UAC program, which releases unaccompanied minors into interior United States after they cross the US-Mexican border.

Agani is related to a Bosnian illegal alien, Dzenan Camovic who was indicted this year for an ambush on two New York City police officers in June.

During the attack on the officers, Camovic was shouting the Islamic phrase “Allahu Akbar.” Justice Department officials have alleged that Camovic is a supporter of the Islamic State (ISIS).

While President Trump has made it a mission to tighten up the border and increase immigration enforcement, wanna-be president Joe Biden has promised to halt deportations of illegal aliens, even those who are convicted criminals. The Biden-Sanders “Unity Task Force” recommendations would virtually eliminate all border controls if implemented.

Estimates have shown that deporting illegal aliens is a financial windfall for the United States.

According to research, the taxpayer costs of supporting the estimated 11 to 22 million illegal aliens living across the United States totals around $750 billion over the course of a lifetime.

Meanwhile, deporting illegals costs around $10,900. Seems like a bit of a no-brainer. Based on those estimates, American taxpayers would realize a savings of about $622 billion over a lifetime if every illegal alien was deported.

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In November, Law Enforcement Today reported on legislation being written which would grant amnesty to tens of millions of illegal aliens. For more on that, we invite you to:


WASHINGTON, DC- Well, they sure aren’t wasting any time. According to Breitbart, Democrats in the House haven’t even waited for the election results to be certified amidst numerous lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign and they’re already drafting legislation to give between 11 and 22 million illegal aliens amnesty.

Biden has said repeatedly he was in favor of such a move. Think the Senate races in Georgia aren’t important now?

Politico reported that Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) is leading the charge on such a plan which would be filed as soon as Biden theoretically takes office.

“Still, Democrats say they’re determined to put forth a comprehensive immigration reform bill that Biden can sign off on. Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-Calif.) is drafting a bill that Democrats hope to drop right as Biden enters the White House.”

The radicals aren’t even running the show yet and they’re already showing what their priorities are. Not trying to pass a reasonable COVID-19 relief bill but trying to add more voters to their rolls.

Politico said the “open borders lobby” is pushing Biden to follow through not only on amnesty, but also to put a stop to all deportations for 100 days, as well as to end President Trump’s ban on immigration from terrorist-sanctioned countries.

The ban, which was found to be constitutional, has been an effective tool in preventing the import of terrorism.

Politico reported:

“Tapping Mayorkas, former deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security under Obama is a “conversation starter,” Franco said. But she and other immigrant advocates say staffing is just one piece of it.

They want the former vice president to impose a 100-day moratorium on deportations, rescind many of Trump’s more than 400 executive orders on immigration (like the so-called Muslim ban) and lay the ground work for tougher goals like a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants—all promises he made on the campaign trail.

Privately, multiple Hispanic caucus members said a large number of Democrats would be “severely disappointed” if Biden didn’t push immigration reform early. ‘That’s not going to sit well with a lot of folks,’ said one lawmaker in the caucus.”

Biden told NBC Nightly News on Wednesday that he did indeed plan to send an amnesty plan to the United States Senate for “over 11 million” illegal aliens in the first 100 days.

“I made a commitment, in the first 100 days, I will send an immigration bill to the United States Senate with a pathway to citizenship for over 11 million undocumented people in America,” he told the network.

In an act of pure “genius,” such a move would as over 24.5 million Americans are currently jobless or underemployed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Such an amnesty program would immediately thrust millions of newly legalized Americans into the job market to compete for jobs with those Americans. But hey, this is what tens of millions of Americans voted for. Good move.

In a typical year, the U.S. already awards around 1.2 legal immigrants green cards, while another 1.4 million foreigners are given visas to come to the United States. These numbers are in addition to the hundreds of thousands of illegals who jump the border annually, as well as those who cross the border and then overstay their visas.

The move by Democrats comes even though exit polling after the election showed that voters across all demographics and voter affiliation want less overall immigration into the U.S. Which begs the question…Biden has repeatedly said he’s willing to open the borders to a flood of new illegal aliens, yet tens of millions voted for him?

For example, over 75 percent of voters said it was important to reduce immigration in the midst of continued high unemployment, with more than 62 percent saying that even after unemployment has leveled off, immigration should reman lower than current levels.

Well played, voters.

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