CT House Speaker takes to social media to say people deserve to catch coronavirus


HARTFORD, CT – Interesting times we are living in. Prisoners are getting released from jail out on the streets to commit more crime, while business owners are being arrested for having the audacity to try and make a living.

There are a great many people who realize that while the coronavirus is a serious health issue for “selected” demographics, people also need to be able to make a living. A large number of people want to get our country back to work, before we suffer irreparable harm.

Those people have been holding peaceful demonstrations to support those who want to get back to work. However, some politicians are having none of it.

Let’s introduce you to Connecticut State Rep. Joe Aresimowicz.

Aresimowicz, who currently serves as the Speaker of the House in the Connecticut legislature is mad. He doesn’t think that people who are pushing back against the constitution-skirting “executive orders” have the right to do so.

In fact, Aresimowicz is hoping they contract the coronavirus.

In a since-deleted Facebook post (because Aresimowicz is as gutless as he is ignorant, apparently), here is what Aresimowicz thinks of his constituents:

“All of the people at the Save CT Rally” today at the Capitol should stand really close together, don’t wear masks, maybe even drink from the same water bottles. I’ll see you all in 21 days after you get sick and then remain quarantined for the “Let’s make responsible decisions Rally.”

I’ll hold our signs also because you will probably still be a little weak. They usually teach us in elementary school not to make emotional decisions!”

Apparently, the illustrious speaker got some push back, so he decided his original post was probably a bad idea. That doesn’t take away from the fact that he said it, however. He later posted the following:

“This morning I posted about the terrible idea of a rally at the Capitol. I tried to make it as ridiculous as the thought of having a rally in my opinion.

I did it very poorly and took it down. This post isn’t about damage control I’m not running for any elected office again, but rather because it wasn’t appropriate. I apologize. Please stay home and stay safe.”

Here is a screen shot of the post:

CT House Speaker takes to social media to say people deserve to catch coronavirus

Actually regarding Mr. Aresimowicz, while it was really nice of him to apologize because he was likely dressed down by some in his party, words mean things. What he said came from not only his head, but his heart. He likely meant every word he said.

While he said  that his mea culpa wasn’t “about damage control,” the damage was done. In the best interests of that percentage of constituents whom he obviously does not represent, it would probably be a good idea to resign now.

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Have you noticed that most of these politicians who are criticizing people who are pushing back are Democrats in blue states? That should really tell you all you need to know.

Democrats have spent the past three plus years saying that President Trump is acting “like a dictator,” however when push came to shove, who are the ones actually fulfilling that role? Democratic governors.

Take Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer (please). She is having none of it. In fact, she said that if it continues, she’s just going to extend the stay-at-home order longer.

She’s going to take her pail and her shovel and dammit people will comply!

“The fact of the matter is, these protests—in a perverse way—make it likelier that we are going to have to stay in a stay-at-home posture,” she said on ABC’s cackle-fest “The View” last month.


Take that, peasants!

Then there is New Jersey’s Gov. Phil Murphy. You know, the guy who had gym owners cited, then when they continued to defy his orders, their sewer system “mysteriously” backed up. How weird is that??!!??

Let’s not forget New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Last month, he lashed out at people fighting the loss of millions of jobs and the closure of tens of thousands of business, a majority permanently. His advice for those who had a problem with it?

“You want to go to work? Go take a job as an essential worker. Do it tomorrow,” he said.

Ironically, as a large number of COVID-19 deaths in New York are attributed to Cuomo’s order for nursing homes to accept COVID patients, in an interview with his brother, Chris “Fredo” Cuomo on CNN, he was of course asked about that, correct?

Nope. Cuomo and his brother joked back and forth about a swab that Cuomo would have ostensibly have had to use, with Chris Cuomo insinuating his brother the governor needed a larger swab due to the size of his nose.


So, they were joking back and forth as New Yorkers were trying to come to terms with their loved ones being taken from them due to an irresponsible decision by Gov. Cuomo.

So sit in the corner peasants. The politicians are in charge. Do as you’re told and like it. 

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