Sen. Cruz introduces bill to put migrant processing centers where Dems “host their cocktail parties”


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TEXAS – Senator Ted Cruz introduced a bill earlier in October that calls processing centers of illegal immigrants to take place where the “Democrat elites host their cocktail parties”, according to reports.

Senator Cruz’s new bill, dubbed the Stop the Surge of Unsafe Rio Grande Encampments (SURGE) Act, seems to be a vehicle for exposing what some view as Democrats’ hypocrisy on the issue of illegal immigration.

Senator Cruz chastised President Biden and his administration for having “willingly surrendered the United States’ southern border to dangerous criminal cartels” without giving any consideration to “South Texas border communities like McAllen and Del Rio,” who are bearing the burden of the issue along the southern border:

“That’s why today I am introducing this crucial legislation to alleviate the massive overload at the southern border by establishing new ports of entry in Democrat-led communities such as North Hero, Vermont, where Bernie Sanders spends his summers, and Martha’s Vineyard, where Democrat elites host their cocktail parties.”

If D.C. Democrats had to go through even a fraction of what families, ranchers, and small businesses in South Texas go through, the senator said, “immigration laws would be enforced, the wall would be built, and the Remain in Mexico policy would be re-implemented.”

Senator Cruz also asked his colleagues on both sides of the political aisle to stop avoiding the suffering of South Texas residents and to take immediate action to address the humanitarian catastrophe:

“My Democrat colleagues have hosted hearing after hearing on amnesty and federalizing elections while completely ignoring the crisis at our southern border.

From my time this year on the ground in Laredo and Del Rio, it is abundantly clear that President Biden has all but abandoned our border patrol agents and processing facilities, and left Texas communities to fend for themselves.”

The senator added that “President Biden and Democrats need to step up to defend our southern border and support our heroic Customs and Border Protection officials.”

The Stop the SURGE Act would establish 13 additional immigration processing facilities throughout the nation, including Martha’s Vineyard, New York’s Governor’s Island, and Palo Alto, California.

On top of the newly established processing facilities, the bill would also “mandate that all illegal aliens encountered at Border Patrol Sectors in Texas be transferred to these new ports for processing” and “require insulated communities to help shoulder the burdens of their preferred open-border policies”, pre the press release from Senator Cruz.

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Border Patrol documents reveal 160K illegal immigrants have been released into U.S. interior since March alone

(Originally published October 14th, 2021)

According to reports, leaked Border Patrol documents obtained by Fox News show that at least 160,000 illegal immigrants have been released into the country’s interior by the Biden administration, with often little or no supervision since March of 2021.

Furthermore, documents also note that over 30,000 illegal immigrants were granted limited parole authorities since this past August – making them eligible for work permits within the United States.

The recently obtained documents provide a glimpse into how the Biden administration has been letting massive numbers of migrants into the United States, sometimes with little to no oversight or threat of deportation for those crossing in illegally.

At least 94,570 illegal immigrants have been released into the United States with Notices to Report since March 20th. Those who get such a notice need simply check in with an ICE office when they arrive at their ultimate destination, which may be anywhere in the United States. Those who check in are neither deported nor held in detention while their immigration cases are being processed.

Meanwhile, since August 6th, the government has allowed approximately 32,000 immigrants into the United States through parole, which provides migrants with legal status and allows them to potentially obtain work permits.

According to federal law, parole power may only be utilized for “urgent humanitarian purposes” and “significant public benefit” on a case-by-case basis. Officials typically approve just a few instances of parole, but the Biden administration has been utilizing it more widely, notably in the parole of tens of thousands of Afghans into the U.S. as part of Operation Allies Welcome.

After reviewing the papers, former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott, who served under President Biden, said that he thinks the government is exceeding its parole authority:

“By law and regulation a parole shall only be granted on a case by case basis and only for significant humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit. Neither of these appear to apply to the current situation.”

Recalling his experience, Scott noted the stark contrast between parole practices now versus his time as a field chief:

“As a field chief, I don’t believe I ever approved more than 5 or 10 paroles in a year. When I did, I ensured that the alien was monitored continuously and was detained or removed as soon as the circumstances allowed.”

According to the documents, the administration has freed an additional 40,000 illegal immigrants on their own recognizance since August 6th. The records also reveal that 128 single adult illegal immigrants were allowed into the United States on a single day in the Del Rio area without ATD (alternatives to detention) – which usually involves ankle monitoring or cadenced phone contact.

The agency has not published statistics for September, but there were more than 200,000 migrant contacts in both July and August, which were among the highest in twenty years. Migrants have continued to pour in in huge numbers since then. Per the documents, the Rio Grande Valley saw 5,900 migrants in a week, while Del Rio saw more than 2,900 in the same time frame.

Republicans have steadily blamed the ongoing border crisis on the Biden administration’s swift dismantling of Trump-era border safeguards.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, on the other hand, has emphasized that most of the border issues are stemming from problems in Central America, such as poverty, corruption, and violence:

“The downturn in economies, the attendant rise in violence, the downturn in economies made more acute by reason of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the suppression of any humanitarian relief over the past number of years, and the pent-up thirst for relief among many different populations.

I think an accumulation of factors contributes to the rise in migration that we’ve seen.”

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Biden administration orders ICE to end workplace raids targeting illegal immigrants

(Originally published October 14th, 2021)

WASHINGTON, DC – According to reports, the Biden administration announced earlier in October that the practice of enacting mass arrests at worksites where illegal immigrants are present will cease.

The administration says that a renewed law enforcement focus will be directed toward exploitative employers who are the ones hiring illegal immigrants and holding them accountable.

On October 12th, the Biden administration stated that the practice of immigration raids at workplaces, according to Department of Homeland Security released memo:

“Cease mass worksite operations: The deployment of mass worksite operations, sometimes resulting in the simultaneous arrest of hundreds of workers, was not focused on the most pernicious aspect of our country’s unauthorized employment challenge: exploitative employers.

These highly visible operations misallocated enforcement resources while chilling, and even serving as a tool of retaliation for, worker cooperation in workplace standards investigations.

Moreover, such operations are inconsistent with the Department’s September 30, 2021 Guidelines for the Enforcement of Civil Immigration Law and the individualized assessment they require.

Given these concerns, please ensure we no longer conduct mass worksite operations and instead refocus our workplace enforcement efforts to better accomplish the goals outlined above.”

In DHS Secretary Mayorkas’ preface prior to the new outlined policy for immigration enforcement, he wrote in the released memo that the practice of hiring illegal immigrants can be more effectively thwarted by targeting employers who are engaging in the act:

“Our worksite enforcement efforts can have a significant impact on the well-being of individuals and the fairness of the labor market.

Our accomplishments in this area make clear that we can maximize the impact of our efforts by focusing on unscrupulous employers who exploit the vulnerability of undocumented workers.

These employers engage in illegal acts ranging from the payment of substandard wages to imposing unsafe working conditions and facilitating human trafficking and child exploitation. Their culpability compels the intense focus of our enforcement resources.

In addition, unscrupulous employers harm each worker competing for a job. By exploiting undocumented workers and paying them substandard wages, the unscrupulous employers create an unfair labor market. They also unfairly drive down their costs and disadvantage their business competitors who abide by the law.”

The announcement of the new practice is a departure from the Trump administration’s approach to dealing with unauthorized workers.

Back in 2019, Immigration and Customs Enforcement rolled out one of the largest single-state immigration enforcement operations in the country’s history, arresting roughly 680 illegal immigrants working at food processing plants across Mississippi.

Secretary Mayorkas’ approach instead seeks to give “victims of, and witnesses to, labor trafficking and exploitation” a temporary status within the country by way of “deferred action, continued presence, parole, and other available relief for noncitizens who are witnesses to, or victims of, abusive and exploitative labor practices.”

While the move under the Biden administration falls in line with the aspirations of illegal immigrant advocates and the sort, this could serve as another area where congressional Republicans could say the current administration is crafting yet another proverbial welcome mat for illegal immigrants.


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