Criminals With Violent Histories Respect FEAR

It makes no difference if you have a PhD in psychology, sociology, criminology, or any social engineering field. If you do not have hands-on experience in the field, on the road, working with the miscreants of society, you don’t know . . . Well, you know how that ends.

In my experience, most people will react in a positive, if not a hesitant manner, with logical motivation, especially if you treat them with respect. However, there are those in a minority group of violent, repetitive thugs, criminals, animals that respect one thing, and only one thing. FEAR! You can try to conjole them, placate them into calm, and handle them with kid gloves to no avail. They do understand pepper spray, ASP, PR-24, Taser, and gunshot wounds. If you put fear into their heads, they will react with a certain amount of respect, usually in your favor. Sometimes, though, the only way to protect yourself from these animals is by shooting them in self-defense.

When you have a rapist, pedophile, abusive spouse/parent/sibling/child, armed robber, murderer, it is unlikely, if they have a history of these types of arrests, that they will ever result in a full and positive rehabilitation of their malevolent behavior. They tend to have children who have only that one (or both) miscreant parent(s); and, thus, the children use their parental models to become poorly adjusted and just as bad.

Death Penatly

How do you remove this type of behavior from society, with utmost reliability? There are several ways. They all involve the death of the individual(s). By rifle squad, guillotine, electric chair, toxic injection, or other form of termination (punishment for their actions).

Consequently, does this seem uncivil? Unjustified? Inhuman? NO!

Consider the inhuman treatment that these thugs have inflicted upon their victims, mostly women, children, helpless beings, and innocent ones. Therefore, is that more acceptable than the death of these animals?

Moreover, I believe most people who are first responders, whether law enforcement officers, fire personnel, EMTs, even nurses and doctors, would agree that a sudden loss of incurable lives is better than the loss of all of those victims.

As a result, it seems that the only people who find it worthy to invest in these thugs are inexperienced individuals or attorneys who profit by defending them over and over in appeal after appeal.

Finally, let’s stop the madness. Enforce or reinstate, if your state repealed the death penalty, the elimination of these reprobates.

Roger Bull, sergeant (ret.), Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, author