Supposedly people around the world are being ‘displaced’ by the consequences of climate change… and so Democrats want to start shipping them into America en masse.

And here’s the thing: they don’t care how it’s going to affect you or your family.

Their new plan is to bring in 50,000 ‘climate refugees’ — every single year. 


“The new program would admit a minimum of 50,000 CDPs, beginning with Fiscal Year 2020, allowing CDPs to access resettlement opportunities,” a statement from Rep. Nydia Velázquez’s office (D-NY).

velazquez bill to bring in climate refugees

Leaders are pushing to bring at least 50,000 CDP’s into the country each year. (KPBS – YouTube/Wikipedia)


But let’s call it what it is: bringing in more votes to keep them in political power and a clear-cut way to increase taxes.

I know what you’re thinking — they’re not citizens, so they can’t possibly be able to lodge their vote for public office. But remember that places across the country are pushing for non-citizens to actually be able to participate in elections.

And those are usually the same cities that want to disarm police officers and take away our ability to protect the public. 

They’re calling it the “Climate Displaced Persons Act” and they’re trying to get as much momentum behind it as they can while no one is paying attention.

The bill would provide a green card to “climate-displaced persons … [who] are individuals who have been forcibly displaced by climate change or climate-induced disruptions, such as sea-level rise, glacial outburst floods, desertification or fires … there could be as many as 200 million CDPs by 2050 globally,” according to Rep. Velázquez.

Okay… so where would we put them all? We already have issues with public housing and homeless populations are skyrocketing across the country. Will our tax dollars then be used to provide a home for each and every one of these individuals?

All it takes is a ride through Portland or San Francisco to realize that there are literally cities being built with tents. SF literally has teams of ‘Poop Police’ that have to scrape human excrement off of sidewalks daily. And don’t even get me started on the drug use and discarded paraphernalia.  


Homeless camps in SF and Portland are out of control (YouTube)


I’m literally encountering these same people on the streets day after day. So many of my guys are spending the better part of their shifts returning to the same camp setups and dealing with the same people and crimes constantly. So why in their right minds would these “leaders” think that helping increase that population would make for a better situation?

I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. 

“America will continue to stand tall as a safe haven for immigrants,” Rep. Velázquez said to back up her new plan. 

Alright, so who exactly are these refugees? Velasquez’s office supplied the following projections.

“Since 2008, catastrophic weather has displaced an average of 24 million people per year, according to data from the Swiss-based nonprofit Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre. That number could climb to anywhere from 140 million to 300 million to 1 billion by 2050. The World Bank estimated last year that climate change effects in just three regions ― sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and Latin America ― could force 143 million people to flee by the middle of the century.”

A BILLION by 2050. To give you some perspective, our current population is somewhere in the range of about 327 million people.

But okay, let’s bail out the rest of the world and flood our nation with hundreds of thousands of people. 

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What happens if this goes through?

Let’s say they go ahead with this. Sure, some of these people would come here and become a prime example of what it means to be an American – hardworking, disciplined; a productive member of the community. But what happens to those that can’t find a job? Where do they turn to provide for themselves or their family members?

We don’t have to look any further than trans-national gangs like MS-13. These groups recruit young immigrants to join their ranks. They’re now one of the deadliest groups in the world. Do we really think that gang populations and crime wouldn’t explode?

San Diego violence soars as police gang unit told it's stopping too many gang members

San Diego violence soars as police gang unit told it’s stopping too many gang members.
(Screenshot: YouTube)


What happens to cops?

Let’s be honest – it’s pretty damn difficult to find anyone who wants to be a cop these days – let along someone who is right for the job. And with the constant changes to our society, more and more good cops are leaving the job every day.

We’re fed up with constantly being the enemy and never having the support of our leaders. We’re tired of being under the ridiculous scrutiny that we’re exposed to. We’re tired of politicians spouting bullshit rhetoric in order to get more votes. We’re tired of being the bad guys.



So now we’re increasing the population by a massive amount and are clearly not going to be able to hire enough members of law enforcement to handle everything. Between medical emergencies and crime – no one will be there when you need us most. 


What happens to you?

When the population goes up, the job market becomes more competitive. When there are less jobs to go around, people work for less money. Do the math – forget getting $15 an hour for flipping patties at Mickey D’s… people will compete for who can do the job for the least amount. And when people don’t have jobs, they’re not spending money. This move could trigger an economic meltdown and launch us back into the Great Depression. 

Increased populations also lead to an increase in rent and housing costs – therefore driving up the population of homeless encampments. 



The New York Times published a piece about immigrants taking up residences in makeshift apartments in New York City – right next to where Velazquez serves. 

“Underneath the borough lives a shadow city of illegal apartments, shielded from the light.

Owners of one- and two-family homes have carved up their basements into makeshift dorms, illicitly constructed with narrow hallways, windowless bedrooms, shaky walls and electrical wiring strung together like knotted shoelaces. There is no accurate count of how many exist, but estimates are in the tens of thousands.

An open secret, the basements are a haven for thousands of people who work in restaurant kitchens, on delivery bikes, in small factories or on construction sites. They live in tiny rooms alone, or share tight spaces with strangers, or even sleep in shifts.

The small, dark room where Amado stays costs $650 a month. His share is $325. His roommate is undocumented, and so is his roommate’s brother, who earlier this year frequently stayed over and shared a twin bed. The brothers slept head-to-toe, back-to-back.”

Can you imagine the kinds of conditions that will become the norm if we allow it to?


Abuse of the system

Our current immigration is already being overrun with fraud. What would make this any different? And what’s to stop these political leaders from changing their original estimate of 50,000 refugees per year? What happens when they decide to double or triple that number?

Current abuse of the system fueled by progressive leaders is making its mark. Lawyers are arguing that people who come here illegally should still be able to get green cards — even if they’ve been convicted of crimes. 


These leaders pretend to care about you. They pretend to be kind and appear to want to make the world a better place. But read between the lines. While everyone is reporting about impeachment, your elected leaders are trying to screw you over.

I’ll tell you what. If this movement gains momentum and actually goes into effect, we’re all in jeopardy. 


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