PALM BEACH, Fla. – A crazy motorist who was apparently filled with rage tried to cut his van into President Trump’s motorcade in Florida Saturday afternoon. In doing so, the driver made obscene gestures as he was pulled over by police.

Crazy Motorist

A White House pool report said the red van “attempted to cut into the motorcade. Local law enforcement pulled over the vehicle, where the driver made obscene gestures and screamed several expletives.”

The incident happened as the president was returning to Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach after a round of golf at the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, reported Fox News.

The Associated Press reported that the president was spotted playing a round with 18-time major champion Jack Nicklaus and Nicklaus’ son Gerry.

Saturday marked the fourth day in a row in which Trump visited one of his golf courses. On Friday, Trump played with Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson and Brad Faxon at another of his courses, in nearby Jupiter.

The president is spending the Thanksgiving holiday in Florida. He is scheduled to return to Washington Sunday evening.

Will This Become a Trend?

Has the anti-Trump crowd gotten this crazy? Apparently this person has. Furthermore, could it be a growing trend?

Moreover, the incident with the crazy motorist driving a van was not the first time Trump’s motorcade has drawn obscene gestures from passers-by. Last month, a Virginia woman flipped off the motorcade as it drove by her. Her gesture was capture in a picture that went viral on social media.

Juli Briskman, 50, was a member of the marketing team at the government contractor Akima LLC. She was on her bicycle on Oct. 28 when Trump’s motorcade drove by her on a northern Virginia road when she expressed her displeasure.

As a result, Briskman was later fired from her job with the government contractor for violating her employer’s code of conduct policy. Yet defiantly, she vowed she would do it all over again if given the chance.

Hence, the photo of her gesture quickly went viral. It showed her raising the middle finger of her left hand in defiance as the motorcade returned from the Trump National Golf Club.

“My finger said what I was feeling,” Briskman, who had been on the job for just over six months, told CNN. “I’m angry and I’m frustrated.”

Consequently, Briskman said she was promptly fired from the government contracting firm and escorted out of the building for violating the “code of conduct policy.”

“They said, ‘We’re separating from you,‘” Briskman told the Huffington Post.  “Basically, you cannot have ‘lewd’ or ‘obscene’ things in your social media. So they were calling flipping him off ‘obscene.’”

(Photo courtesy dbking)