Crazed BLM supporter wants to bail out lunatic who killed, dismembered her white landlord


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CHICAGO, IL- Don’t even know where to start with this one except at the beginning. According to Fox 32 Chicago, a city woman who was accused of killing and then dismembering her 63-year-old landlord, then stuffing her body parts in the freezer of a North Side boarding home was denied bail last week in a Chicago courtroom.

Despite the gruesome details of the case, a Black Lives Matter activist from the Windy City thought it prudent to post a tweet asking, “Where’s the bail fund, I wanna donate” in a since-deleted tweet. More on that shortly.

In court last week, prosecutors laid out the gruesome details of the case. Authorities allege the suspect, 36-year-old Sandra Kolalou, used “large butcher knives” to dismember the body of her landlord, Frances Walker, and then storing the remains in a freezer. Walker was the owner and landlord of a home where Kolalou rented a room, authorities said.

Kolalou was one of five tenants renting rooms in the home, where there were three tenants on the second floor, Kolalou and Walker had rooms on the first floor, and an additional tenant rented a room in the basement. Kolalou had moved into her first-floor bedroom just this past July.

Police said on Oct. 7, Walker changed the locks on two doors of the residence after receiving complaints from the other tenants about Kolalou. The locks were installed to prevent her from going into the basement room of the tenant living down there.

Two days later, on Oct. 9 due to the ongoing conflict between the defendant and other tenants in the home, Walker posted an eviction notice on Kolalou’s door. At around 11 p.m., the two women got into a shouting match about the eviction.

At around 2:30 a.m. Monday, the other tenants in the home heard the defendant and victim arguing on the first floor, then heard a few loud bands, the defendant screaming, and what appeared to be a dish hitting the floor, prosecutors said.

According to the tenant who lived in the basement, she heard Walker attempting to calm down Kolalou, which was the final time she heard the victim. At around the same time, the upstairs tenant heard the two women arguing, and texted Walker to make sure she was ok. She never responded to the text and the tenant did not hear Walker’s voice after that.

Early in the morning, the upstairs tenant said she heard what sounded like furniture being moved around on the first floor, then between 3:30 and 5:30 a.m. heard what appeared to be scratching noises in the common area on the first floor and the sounds of what appeared to be one person pacing around.

Things got stranger at around 6:00 a.m., when the other tenants in the home began receiving text messages from Walker’s phone, telling them to allow Kolalou to care for her dog and give the defendant their keys if they moved out, Fox 32 said.

Since that appeared to be far off from the issues between the two women earlier, along with the eviction notice, none of this made sense, which led the basement tenant to contact the police at around 12 noon on Monday Oct. 10.

On arrival, police officers spoke to both Kolalou and the basement tenant, then left the area. At 5:40 p.m., another resident of the home filed a missing person’s report.

Police responded to the home, however Kolalou wasn’t there. At some point, she contacted a tow truck to take her to Foster Beach where her vehicle was parked. She was stopped as she exited her residence a short time later with a large plastic garbage bag. Kolalou gave officers consent to search her bedroom.

She accompanied the officers to the back of the home, leaving the black garbage bag behind. A witness on scene looked inside the black bag and saw paper, greeting cards and several white tied garbage bags inside.

The witness said she reached inside the bag and felt something heavy, like sand, prosecutors said. Upon searching Kolalou’s bedroom, officers could find nothing incriminating.

Fast forward and when Kolalou was driven to get her car, black bag in tow. On arrival at her vehicle, the tow truck driver saw her move the black garbage bag to a nearby trash can. He had been in communication with someone at the home and spoke to one of them on the phone and related what he had witnessed. The mechanic then took Kolalou and her vehicle to a mechanical shop.

Three witnesses drove to where Kolalou and the tow truck drive had been and waited for them to pull away. They opened the trash can and found multiple white garbage bags, with one of the people recognizing them as being the same white bags he had seen inside the offender’s black garbage bag at the residence.

Police were contacted, and on arrival recovered the bags which contained paper, greeting cards, pooled blood and blood-soaked rags inside.

While this was going on, one of the residents discovered blood in the victim’s bedroom, near the defendant’s bedroom and in the common area, prosecutors allege.

Officers again spoke to Kolalou and again released her. She then tried to pay the two truck driver using the victim’s credit card. As she did so, he noticed she was holding an object with a red handle.

She then insisted he drive her somewhere else, which he refused to do. She then became upset and “aggressively” removed her hands from her pockets, holding a knife with a red handle in her hand.

The driver called out to officers who were still in the area and told them the offender had pulled a knife on him. Kolalou was arrested and officers removed the knife from her.

After officers recovered a large empty garbage bag from the rear of the tow truck, the applied for a search warrant for the victim’s house. In the first floor kitchen freezer, officers discovered the victim’s severed head, dismembered arms and dismembered legs. Police have yet to discover her torso.

Blood was also found in a number of areas in the home, including the common area between the downstairs rooms, the threshold leading to the offender’s room, numerous locations in the victim’s bedroom, the first-floor bathroom sink and closet, on two chef knives round in the first-floor kitchen and on a Lysol bottle in the offender’s bedroom.

Police also recovered Walker’s phone in Kolalou’s bedroom.

Kolalou, who has a record of assault and battery is next scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 31.

Now that you have the back story, let’s talk about our psycho Black Lives Matter activist, Nandini Balial.

Balial is a racist who clearly hates white people but loves herself some communism. Moving to the United States in 2000 from India with her family, she really doesn’t seem to appreciate the country in which she now finds herself.

To show what kind of person Balial is, she recently celebrated the passing of Queen Elizabeth because…something. She also just hates whites. Of course you can no longer read her racist tweets because she protects them all. Gutless racist too.

Here are a few from the archives, courtesy of RedState:

“White women have been on one since the queen kicked the bucket.”

“She’s white. She’s the oppressor. Wish they’d dropped her and stomped her ass.”

“You think my joy is because I’m jealous or inferior? Fuck off white man.”

Balial, who was allowed into our country, also thinks the country owes her something…like free college tuition, for example:

“THERE it is! You work in mortgages. Funnily enough, Biden promised student debt forgiveness on the campaign trail, hasn’t bothered delivering on it, and I’m still stuck with $106k in debt that will prevent me from every purchasing a house.”

Two thoughts…one is who got you “stuck” with $106k in student loan debt to begin with? And two, sorry that whole queer gender theory degree isn’t working out for you. Or is it German Polka History? Oh, it was “cinema studies”…got it! And here you took out $106,000 in student loans for such an in-demand degree. Can’t fix stupid, apparently.

As if the white hate, mad at Biden shtick isn’t enough, she also (obviously) hates police. After all, she is a Black Lives Matter activist. Apparently, she moonlights as some kind of half-assed television show reviewer, and one show in particular she just could not abide was one called Paatal Lok, an Indian cop drama which (sorry) we’ve never heard of.

In her “non-biased” review of the show, our damsel in distress writs, “Cops in every nation on Earth serve to protect the capital of the oppressors,” while also parroting the line that there’s “no such thing” as “a good cop.”

Finally, Balial loves her some baby killing, being a die-hard supporter of jabbing a scalpel into the cerebral cortex of a baby and sucking the life (literally) out of the unborn child. You know, a “woman’s right to choose” (to kill her unborn baby).

But honestly, by the looks of Ms. Balial, we would venture to say needing an abortion is probably not happening for her anytime in this century. Just saying.

All of this therefore makes it totally unsurprising that an evil monster such as this (who really, if she hates America that much should go back the hell where she came from) would celebrate the mutilation of a 63-year-old woman by an unhinged lunatic to the point where she offers to post their bail.

For the Democrats, this is the type of unhinged lunatic who now populates the Democratic Party. No longer is it the party of John F. Kennedy, Thomas “Tip” O’Neil and more recently former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (I-HI), who just quit the party because it has simply gone off the deep end.

It is the party of people such as Nandini Balial, who doesn’t even have the intestinal fortitude to have her tweets available for all to see.

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