Violent illegal immigrants who assaulted women, children demand prison release to “protect them from the virus”


BRISTOL COUNTY, MA – Reports have surfaced that illegal immigrants detained in ICE facilities in Massachusetts are asking to be released due to fears over COVID-19. Of the many named, ten of them have serious criminal pasts that include violent acts against women and children.

Now, a federal judge based out of Bristol County will have to hear the case of why violent illegal immigrants should be placed back on the streets.

U.S. District Judge William G. Young may very well release 10 dangerous illegal aliens, all to appease those lobbying for the release of detainees during the ongoing pandemic. Their previous charges, outside of immigration violations, range from sexual assault to violent crimes against children.

One of the most notorious of those criminal aliens listed is Gerardo Portillo from El Salvador. Since 2007, Portillo has managed to accumulate 30 arraignments within Massachusetts. He’s managed to have two women file a restraining order against him after they claimed he would abuse them.

In those cases, one woman stated that Portillo would often choke and beat her, while threatening to kill her. In the second restraining order against him, a woman alleged that Portillo would choke and beat her, too.

I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

Portillo was even convicted of assault and battery on a child after he threw a chair at his seven-year-old sister’s head.

Then, in July of 2016, Portillo was charged with a violent sexual assault of a 25-year-old woman. In that case, the victim alleged that Portillo, who she did not know, pulled over his car and beat her so badly that she suffered a broken nose and orbital bone. Apparently, it had all stemmed from her refusing his curbside advances.  

Here’s a breakdown of the other violent illegal aliens looking to be freed over COVID-19 fears:

-Marvin Arreaga, from Guatemala, was arrested in February of last year for assault & battery, along with enticing a child under the age of 16. Arreaga also carries a previous conviction of disorderly conduct and carrying a dangerous weapon due to him using a knife to threaten someone outside of a store.

-Jose Alejandro Beltran-Araujo, from Honduras, was charged with three counts of risk of injury to a child and one count of second degree assault in September of 2019. In that case, Beltran-Araujo allegedly beat his girlfriend over the head with a beer bottle until people were able to intervene and restrain him.

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

-Juan Pablo Rojas Ceballos, from Colombia, carries an arrest in October of 2019 for various drug charges, risk of injury to a child, and for manufacturing drugs inside of his home.

-Thembelihle Bengu Blocker, from South Africa, allegedly stabbed her ex-boyfriend with a steak knife and was charged with second-degree assault.

-Carlos Enrique Carangui, from Ecuador, was arrested for stalking a woman earlier this year in February. Apparently Carangui followed a woman, who said she did not know Carangui, while she went to work. In one instance, he even left a faux rose on her car on Valentine’s Day.

-Thandokuhle Zawa Masimula, from South Africa, has been formally charged with stalking, intimidation, simple domestic assault, and breach of bail. As it stands, Masimula has already been ordered to deport from the United States.

-Carlos Gutierrez-Deleon, from Guatemala, has a previous conviction of driving on a suspended license and has plead guilty to operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol in 2018.

-Ranferi Ramirez-Maldonaldo, from Guatemala, reportedly has several arrests linked to operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. What’s even crazier is that Ramirez-Maldonaldo has reported zero underlying medical issues to ICE, making him extremely low-risk for COVID-19.

-Kevin Eduardo Corleto, from El Salvador, was convicted just last year in July for cocaine trafficking. Corleto was handed down a 10-year prison sentence for the crime.

These are exactly the kind of people that no one wants in their community, and they certainly have no business being in the country since they’re here illegally.

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