Court camera catches child abuser going berserk at sentencing


LAS VEGAS – A Nevada court camera caught a convicted child abuser going berserk once he learned of his prison sentence. The hearing descended into chaos last week when the man convicted of felony crimes attacked prosecutors after learning how long he’d be spending behind bars.

The incident, caught on video, shows Terhain Woods in a Las Vegas courtroom after his conviction for beating a 13-month-old boy in March 2017. A judge tells Woods he’d be sentenced to between nine to 23 years in prison, which Woods doesn’t seem to understand, reported Fox5 Las Vegas.

“So how many years is that?” Woods could be heard saying off-camera.

“Eight to 20 plus a one to three,” the judge answered. That’s nine to 23 years total for child abuse.

After he learned of his fate, Woods then can be seen lunging at prosecutors at the counsel table in the courtroom before being restrained by several officers.

“You hear a woman shrieking, that was Mr. Wood’s mother,” his criminal defense attorney Michael Troiano said. “And then obviously all hell broke loose at that point.”

court camera
Terhain Woods sent the courtroom into chaos with his berserk outburst when he learned of his prison sentence for child abuse. (Screenshot Fox 5 Las Vegas)

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson told FOX5, Woods went after his team.

“This was a violent outburst,” Wolfson said. “This was an attack. He tried to physically hurt my prosecutors.”

“My prosecutors were a little shook up,” declared Wolfson. “One of my prosecutors had a chair bang up against him.”

Yet Woods behavior did not occur without warning.

The now convicted child abuser had acted out during trial. As a result, a contingent of corrections officers were required to attend his sentencing, according to the news agency.

Troiano, told FOX5, his client suffers from mental health issues and wouldn’t have hurt anyone in the courtroom.

“He just had a freak out and just wanted to cause havoc,” he said.

Wolfson told FOX5 he doesn’t think Woods will face any more charges for the outburst since he already has a lengthy prison sentence.

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