Couple accused of beating, sexually assaulting man in brutal 22 minute bar attack: ‘Most savage beating..ever’


HOUSTON, TX – A Houston couple is facing some serious charges, after police say that the two attacked a man inside of a bar for over 20 minutes – and even sexually assaulted the victim in the process of the beating. 

The incident occurred at approximately 2:00 a.m. on February 17th at the Fountainhead bar in north Houston off FM 1960 and Ella Boulevard. 

According to Chief Prosecutor and ADA Chris Condon of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, suspects Felix Vale and Ariel Cordoba had some sort of a verbal spat with a male patron inside of the bar:

“They’re talking to each other. At some point there appears to be a bit of verbal altercation. The suspects exit the bar.”

Felix Vale - Harris County Jail
Felix Vale – Harris County Jail

Roughly 10 minutes after the aforementioned altercation, Condon said that the suspects returned to the bar and launched an attack on the victim they’d argued with earlier: 

“From what we understand, they forced entry back into the bar and then began to assault the complainant with multiple instruments.”

Ariel Cordoba - Harris County Jail
Ariel Cordoba – Harris County Jail

The victim was reportedly knocked unconscious within about five seconds of the attack starting, and Condon says that the suspects continued to beat the victim for about 22 minutes. 

Reports regarding the incident allege that the attack was so brutal, Cordoba and Vale were seen slipping and falling onto the victim due to the amount of blood spilt onto the ground

Condon described the beating of the victim as, “the most savage,” he’d ever seen in his career: 

“It’s, I would say, the most savage beating I’ve ever witnessed.”

Some of the weapons allegedly used against the victim were reportedly a firearm and a barstool – but it wasn’t implied that the firearm was discharged, likely meaning it was only used as a blunt instrument. 

The alleged attack continued until police arrived on the scene and were able to detain the suspects. Condon alleges that the male victim was also robbed during the attack and sexual assault. 

Vale and Cordoba are currently in custody, with their bail having been set at $180,000 a piece. 

As for the unidentified victim, he has reportedly undergone several surgeries related to the attack and is currently recovering. Condon says that what was most troubling in this alleged assault was that is essentially came out of nowhere: 

“A typical bar fight you see escalation, you see it getting out of hand, and then everything kind of goes down. That’s not what happened here.”

“That’s part of the thing that makes this so scary. There is no motivation. There was nothing that set them off.”

Both of the suspects have been charged with aggravated sexual assault, aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and are due back in court some time in May. 

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In other cases stemming from Houston, police are still searching for the suspect caught on video opening fire on a couple inside of their vehicle that was surrounded by an angry mob. 

Here’s that previous report from January of this year. 


HOUSTON, TX – During the early morning hours of January 25th, a couple in West Houston was simply trying to drive home when calamity that could’ve ended their lives struck them.

This couple, along with their dog, had just so happened to encounter what can be described as a “street takeover” of miscreants blocking an intersection and using their vehicles to do the likes of donuts in the illegally blocked off area.

Video captured the moments of when this menacing crowd then decided to hone in on this couple’s vehicle, which resulted in one man from the crowd firing two shots at their vehicle as they sped away from the hostile mob.

The man who was driving the vehicle that was shot at, which hosted his fiancée and dog inside, did not identify himself by name when speaking to media outlets but described the scene that he encountered at the intersection of Enclave Parkway in Forkland Drive:

“People getting out of their cars everywhere… It was just surreal just to stop and not be able to do anything just a complete street takeover.”

While this couple were at said intersection, they realized that due to numerous vehicles being double parked along the area they were unable to turn their vehicle around and go the other way.

In a sense, they were just stuck; unable to turn around and unable to move forward due to the crowd that amassed at the intersection.

At some point while being stuck in this blockage, the driver of the vehicle said that someone holding a megaphone had noticed their vehicle and began to have the crowd surround the car due to it not being part and parcel with the street takeover:

“The crowd figured out it was a Tesla and had cameras, and this was going to capture everything that was going on around them, and on top of that, they realized that we were calling the police.”

“Sure enough, we did. And they were going to take it out on us; and weren’t going to let us through.”

Video shows the tense moments that transpired once the crowd descended upon the vehicle, showing numerous people hitting the car door windows while the small dog in the back seat was barking and the driver of the vehicle seemed to be staring straight ahead.

The driver said in those moments both he and his fiancée were wondering if they were going to get killed by the crowd:

“I was seriously wondering if we were going to get killed that night.”

And then, as also seen on the video, an opening presented itself at the intersection and the driver of the vehicle floored the gas and got out of there.

It was in that instance where the driver made a break for it, that video captured a male in a baseball cap shooting at the couple’s vehicle two times:

“That was frightening, just scary… Just to see that for no reason whatsoever, for him to just shoot at us as we were trying to get out of the way; just literally get out of there.”

Houston police are reportedly aggressively working this case and are trying to identify and catch the gunman featured in the video, which officials believe that the man will be facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon upon his arrest.

Anyone with information on this case is urged to call The Houston Crimestoppers at 713-521-4600.


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