Cornell University faculty demands school publish data on the race of professors’ spouses


The following editorial is written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today

ITHACA, NY – “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” – Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

We fought a civil war to achieve Dr. King’s goal, and passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to make that come true. Now, in 2020, there are some who are actively trying to eviscerate the goal of Dr. King. White supremacists? Ku Klux Klan? That would be wrong. Politicians and academia? That would be correct. The latest example comes courtesy of Cornell University.

Under the guise of “social justice,” the Cornell Faculty Coalition is demanding that the university “abolish colorblind recruitment policies.” The coalition is also demanding a racial breakdown of faculty spouses. This of course has a lot to do with the education of our young people, which is what universities are in business to do.

Last week, the coalition published a letter in which they demanded the university address so-called racial injustices committed by the university. Why, you might ask? Well the left-wing professors are claiming that the university owes its success to sitting on land formerly occupied by Native Americans, Breitbart News is reporting.

The letter starts:

“As an institution Cornell aspires to the highest principles of civic duty. Yet every ‘colorblind’ event, mechanism, and process at the university—from new faculty orientations to selection of endowed positions—perpetuates racial disparities and reinforces an unjust status quo.”

The letter continues:

We can no longer ignore the land and the labor at the core of the foundation of Cornell University’s endowment. The Ithaca campus occupies the traditional homelands of the Gayogoho:no’ (the Cayuga Nation) and Cornell’s other campuses and properties are in the traditional territories of likely every Indigenous Nation in the state.”

Not happy with only overturning the university’s hiring practices, the left-wing loons are also demanding that the university provide the racial demographics of faculty spouses to the public. Allegedly, this would ensure that any spouses hired by the university are “diverse.”

The letter continued:

“Abolish colorblind recruitment policies and practices in partner/spousal hiring and replace them with intentionally anti-racist policies and practices. In particular: a) offer partner/spousal hires to all BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) faculty, including assistant professors; b) create a centralized funding pool for partner/spousal hires instead of taking lines from departments; c) make data on racial demographics of partner/spousal hires publicly available; d) provide housing assistance to faculty as is done at Cornell’s peer-institutions.”

To remedy the shortcomings of the university, Fox News said the letter proposes quotas, or as they call them, “benchmarks” as follows:

“Increase representation of Black faculty to 7 percent in 2025 and 10 percent in 2030.

“Increase representation of other faculty of color to 20 percent in 2025 and 25 percent in 2030, in line with the percentage of new PhDs conferred in the US. Create benchmarks for increasing BIPOC [Black, Indigenous, and People of Color] faculty in those departments and disciplines with the most severe underrepresentation.”

They are demanding short-term that the university recruit “clusters” of faculty and students who are Black, indigenous and people of color.

George Washington University Law School Professor Jonathan Turley has suggested that the demand by the Cornell professors is a “reversal of decades of struggle to guarantee colorblind policies, which are now being portrayed as themselves the means of racism.”

Turley continued that this seems to now be something of a “thing,” with the University of Chicago English department announcing that it will not consider applicants “who have any interest other than ‘Black studies.’”

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Professor Turley suggests that such a policy at Cornell in essence eviscerates all such colorblind policies, which he says “took decades to secure to end racial discrimination.”

The new policies would basically require hiring quotas by race, although in this case it would be whites discriminated against rather than minorities. This is akin to taking “one step forward, two steps back.”

Turley took the University of Chicago, of which he is an alum, to task for their new policy banning anyone not pursing a Black studies concentration admission to the university’s English program. While he concedes that it is “well-intended,” it is an “ill-conceived effort as social justice.”

Professor Turley calls it “Orwellian” for the university to deny students diversity in concentrations in order to achieve so-called diversity.

It is clearly unfair, as Turley said, to eliminate otherwise highly qualified students who may be interested in studying other areas of scholarship such as perhaps Asian literature or Greek classics. No matter the brilliance of students, they will not be considered for admission.

As Turley says, students are being told “focus on ‘Black studies’ or go somewhere else.”

Other demands made by the signatories to the letter at Cornell are to stop considering SAT/ACT scores in admittance practices, and “acknowledge the role of standardized testing in exacerbating race/class disparities, especially given the radicalized history of intelligence testing.”

Get ready for it America, because according to the far-left loons among us, there is apparently “no such thing as a nonracist or race-neutral policy,” at least according to Dr. Ibram Kendi, who is the director of Boston University’s Center for Antiracist Research.

His book, “How to Be an Anti-Racist” made that claim, as well as claiming that “every policy in every institution in every community in every nation is producing or sustaining either racial inequity or equity between racial groups.” Kendi claims that the only way to create racial equality is by actually promoting discrimination.

“The defining question is whether the discrimination is creating equity or inequity. If discrimination is creating equity, then it is antiracist. If discrimination is creating inequity, then it is racist…The only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination. The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.”

Have a headache yet? In other words, this academic doofus is suggesting that the only way to make up for so-called “past discrimination” is to now allow discrimination against the race which allegedly previously discriminated against the race we are not going to allow to discriminate.

If that word salad doesn’t have you confused, you’re not alone. It matters not that the people who did the alleged discrimination and the people who were allegedly discriminated against are by and large no longer alive. This is similar to the reparations argument. They want to give reparations to people who were never slaves from people who were never slave holders to make up for the sins of past generations.

Ironically, proposals that Cornell’s faculty is proposing seem to be pretty racist themselves, tying themselves to stereotypes and using race as a qualifier. What they are suggesting is the very essence of racism. 

Sadly, there are a lot of people who are buying this nonsense.

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