BATON ROUGE, La. – Yes, it’s as crazy as it sounds.

On May 13th, 19-year-old Anneisha Speed was ‘hanging out’ with a male acquaintance. He invited her into his apartment, and things quickly started getting hot and heavy between the two.

The probable cause affidavit notes that while they were hooking up, Speed reportedly asked the man to perform oral sex on her. When he declined, things got ugly.

After the male refused to do what she asked, Speed pulled out a .40 caliber handgun and “demanded oral sex again stating if he declined she would shoot him.”

The 19-year-old female faces multiple felony charges. (Baton Rouge PD)


Freaking out at the escalation of the situation, the male subject tried to grab Speed’s wrist, which caused the gun to fire.

Deciding he’d had enough of the situation and that he’d rather bail out of his own apartment than deal with the crazy situation unfolding in front of him, he saw an escape and took it.

The report said that the victim “jumped from the second floor balcony to avoid getting shot at again,” an investigator reported. “The victim stated that while he was fleeing, he heard another shot fired.”

Neither round that was discharged from the firearm hit anyone. Police were dispatched to the area and the man identified Speed as the woman who was involved in the altercation. 

Officers searched the area and located a .40 caliber casing as well as a live round.

The probable cause affidavit. (Baton Rouge Court)


Speed was read her rights and then placed under arrest. During police questioning on site, Speed reportedly admitted to taking a Mossberg shotgun and a Playstation video game console from the man’s apartment. The items were recovered at a nearby residence.

After Speed had been arrested, police found two live .40 caliber rounds and a spent shell casing on her person. 

The affidavit said that “the Defendant admitted to picking up the spent casing because it had her DNA on it.”

The 19-year-old now faces multiple felony charges including second-degree attempted murder, illegal discharge of a firearm, and gun theft.

Speed was booked at East Baton Rouge Parish Prison and then released on $17,000 bond.

Who says romance is dead?