Cop’s Wife Responds to Georgia Gym Owner

August 10, 2017

Jim Chambers, owner of EVA Gym;

Let me tell you who I am. I am the proud wife of a cop and an Air Force veteran, that you so vulgarly banned from your gym. Let me make this clear, they don’t want to be there anyway, but to feed into the rhetoric that is being tossed around is foolish. Obviously you have had some difficulties with law enforcement, and the military or maybe your parents just didn’t raise you with respect, but the two groups you have “banned” simply because of their occupation shows your ignorance. 


The claim is that it makes minorities feel uncomfortable, SERIOUSLY? Do you realize that there are minorities that serve in the military, and on the police force? Probably not, since you appear to live under a rock. You stated that you don’t need to make police officers stronger so they can hurt more people, let me tell you what, they do not need your gym to be strong. Cops and Vets are stronger mentally and physically than you can ever be. They have more integrity, honor, and discipline than you too!

When was the last time your significant other had to wash the blood of an abused child out of your clothes? When was the last time you walked out the door and kissed your kids, not knowing if you were coming home because people hate you for wearing your uniform? When was the last time that you had to hold a teenager dying in your arms after a car crash, then deliver the devastating news to their parents? When was the last time you had to face someone with a gun threatening to hurt themselves? When was the last time you had to revive an addict because the drug? When was the last time you had stand in the pouring rain, snow, heat, etc. while holding a scene? Never right? 

Many cops and vets enjoy utilizing gyms for the same reason everyone else does. They want to be mentally and physically healthy, and its a great stress reducer. Yea, sometimes they have to physically hurt someone, but that person usually has brought it upon themselves through their actions. Cops typically do not walk around just beating people, contrary to the statements that you have made. Honestly if it means my husband comes home every day to me and my children, then yea, I hope he does whatever is necessary to make it happen, and I’m certain many other spouses and loved ones feel the same way. 

Your comments are beyond appalling, and the offense taken by supporters of our great men and women in uniform is immense. These men and women sacrifice much more than their life to make sure people like you have the ability to utter nonsense. They sacrifice time with their families, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions, regularly. This isn’t a job to many of them, its a calling, and one that they willingly answer. 

Maybe instead of “banning” the police and military you should invite them in. Be a proactive part of the solution not the problem. Be grateful, be humble, and know that no matter what you have to say about them, THEY will be there to help if you need it, I wish they wouldn’t, but luckily for people like you they have more honor and dedication to do what’s right, and help those in need regardless of their views. 

I would welcome the opportunity to help you understand that they deserve respect, not segregation and condemnation.

Marissa Cullen – Police spouse, Air Force Vet wife, Stay at home mom of 2 boys. Graduate of University of New Haven. Outspoken supporter of the military and Law Enforcement.