In a horrifying act of neglect, a judge released a dangerous criminal back onto the streets against the recommendation of law enforcement. Now police say he’s responsible for the shooting that just left three people in critical condition — including a child.

The suspect  should have been in jail during the time when he allegedly committed the violent act, but court records show that Wayne County Judge Bruce Morrow ignored a strict recommendation from the Michigan Department of Corrections that requested the suspect be incarcerated for 90 days after violating his probation.

ABC 7 News in Detroit reported that even before the probation violation, the suspect had continuously been involved with the law due to his criminal behavior including criminal sexual conduct as well as a number assault and rape charges. 

A number of judges failed to dish out appropriate punishments for the obviously dangerous man. (Adobe Stock)


Police say that throughout his involvement in the criminal justice system, the suspect was repeatedly handed low bonds from judges and often skipped court appearances. He obviously wasn’t sorry for his offenses and made a mockery of the system.

So now the legal system has rewarded the man yet again, keeping him out of jail and giving him the ability to commit a horrific crime. How and why do judges continue to release dangerous criminals back onto the street, especially when the people directly involved with the individual make such a strong recommendation against it?

The blood of these three victims is on the hands of Judge Morrow. 



Chief James Craig said in an interview, “It just seems like the system has continuously failed to properly address this person. This individual was released, very low bond, a danger to the community,” Chief Craig continued, “and he does what one can expect. His violence escalates.”

ABC 7’s report noted that court records showed that the suspect was accused of physically assaulting his wife and even a young child in just a matter of four years.

Members of law enforcement say the court system failed to properly deal with the suspect time and time again. (Pixabay)


Let’s go back to 2015, where the suspect was arrested and accused of beating and raping his estranged wife. The report says that ‘in an interview with police, the man insisted the sex was consensual, but admitted to beating her, saying that sometimes “he has to strike her to calm her down.” He was charged with strangulation and assault in the third degree, but skipped out on his court date and never faced a judge.

The status of his charges in Connecticut is not clear. Reached today by phone, a Stamford Police official said they were reviewing the case.’

Reviewing the case? It’s been four years. How did the system let him evade justice again?



It gets worse. ABC 7 goes on to lay out the next set of charges that came about in 2017.

‘The man was again accused again of attacking his wife, then sexually assaulting her. This time, said the Wayne County prosecutor, he “pointed (a) knife at her face and told her to ‘come here,’” then raped her. He pleaded no contest to criminal sexual conduct in the 2nd degree and was sentenced to a year in jail by Judge Bruce Morrow along with 3 years probation and referred to a domestic violence training program.’

Then again in March of 2019 the suspect was arrested and charged with felonious assault after allegedly attacking the same woman with a glass bottle. Judge Dalton Roberson let him walk free after posting just $250.

Judge Morrow. (ABC 7 Detroit Broadcast)


But guess what? That wasn’t it! 

In April the man was back in action. Prosecutors say he attacked his estranged wife for at least the fourth time (on record). He allegedly broke into the woman’s home, punched her and held a knife to her throat.

He was charged with home invasion, felonious assault, domestic violence and child abuse. After posting a $25,000 10% bond and laying down the $250 yet again, he walked free.

The Michigan Department of Corrections tried to get him off the streets and formally filed a probation violation report, asking Judge Morrow to lock him up.

But he didn’t listen.

Chief Craig says the actions of the judge are reckless.

“Putting someone back out in the community who is a clear threat,” Craig said, “that is a problem.

On July 9, police arrested the suspect yet again after they say he shot three people, including an 8-year-old boy the very same woman who had begged for help from the legal system previously. 

Had the judge followed the recommendation to lock up this criminal, “he would still be in jail today and we wouldn’t have three victims of a shooting and a a fourth victim, a child, who was beaten,” Craig finished.

Judge Morrow has previously been placed on an unpaid 60-day suspension. Back in 2014, Morrow was accused of “continually doing what he wanted regardless of the law.”

The suspect has not yet been formally charged. Let’s hope they don’t mess it up again.